Federer vs Ferrer Live Commentary ATP Finals London 2012

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Roger Federer vs David Ferrer: Result 6-4 7-6

Good afternoons work then for the world number 2. You always sense he’s gonna pull through at the end of a tight set. Particularly when he’s playing a man who’s never beaten him! Federer now holds a 14-0 record against Ferrer.


7-5  Great serve! and that’s it!!

6-5  Forehand winner

6-4  First one into the net

6-3  Ace! 3 match points!…

5-3  Good serve

4-3  Fed goes long with a volley

4-2  Ferrer into the net

3-2  Ace!

2-2  Serve, forehand!

1-2  Long rally. Ferrer with a forehand winner

1-1  Ferrer punches wide

0-1  Fed goes long with a volley

6-4 6-6  I love that music banging out at the change of ends. Can’t see it at Wimbledon mind. 0-15 and Ferrer goes wide again for 0-30.  The crowd senses this could be it. A long rally ensues, Fed chnges it up a little but the Spaniard hangs in there and eventually Roger goes long. Great serving at a good moment, back to 40-30. Lovely backhands again from Fed but Ferrer bullets a forehand crosscourt and it’s too much for Federer. Tiebreaker!

6-4 6-5  Beautiful angles again from the Fed keeps his opponent scampering around but a few degrees too many with the forehand on the third point so it’s only 30-15. Couple of good serves out wide and they’re sitting down again.

6-4 5-5  I’d love to see the stats on Federer taking a decisive break to take a set in the 9th or 10th game, must be a decent percentage. Senor Ferrer doesn’t know what I’m going on about though as he dispatches the game with a beautiful approach and volley. Not as quick as the previous game but almost!

6-4 5-4  If you blinked you missed it. Serve, forehand, game.

6-4 4-4  Wild backhand from Ferrer misses even the tram lines. Next point his long one with Fed pushing David around all over the place, eventually the Spaniard goes long, 0-30. Roger puts the single hander a touch wide and then does the same with his forehand, 30-30.Fed’s backhand finds orbit but doesn’t find the court when it comes back down. Big hold from Ferrer.

6-4 4-3  Nice passing shot cross court from the Spaniard but Federer is already at 40 from three lightning quick serve and forehand points. Fed takes the games to 15 as the next return goes long.

6-4 3-3  Magical exchange at the net as Fed reads his opponent like a book. Then it’s Ferrer’s turn to draw his man into the net with the dropper and it works well. He’s swiftly at 40-15 and the Swiss hits the return long to concede the game.

6-4 3-2  Ferrer stretches with his forehand and the ball just hits the line. Nice! Federer looks like he’s seen enough of that though as he storms into the net for a couple of winners and then finds his range with the whipped crosscourt backhand for another. Strong hold.

6-4 2-2  Just occasionally that framed backhand pops up it’s ugly head with Federer but it’s a small price to pay for is one the loveliest one handers in the game. And it certainly looks lovely as it finds the line in the fourth point for Roger, it’s 30-30. Double fault, it’s break point….Good pressure from the Spaniard, keeping his opponent behind the baseline to draw a couple of mistakes. A third backhand error in a row from Fed and that’s the game.

6-4 2-1  Both players seemingly a bit more comfortable on serve now, finding more rhythm. Ferrer harries for a couple of points but the world number 2 using angles to good effect and the game is again pretty quick.

6-4 1-1 The Spaniard packs a fair bit of punch for his size, hammering down forehands and an overhead smash for a very good and very quick hold.

6-4 1-0  He just finds angles that he shouldn’t be able to at times Federer. Still, he goes long with a lob and then Ferrer smack a winner down the line and he’s got two break points….great response from the Swiss, ghosting in on both points to get to deuce. Juan Mata has swapped the Chelsea training ground to come and check out the action, big smile on his face sitting next to Feliciano Lopez. No mata to Federer though as Ferrer finds too many tram lines and it’s a hold.

6-4  Great running forehand up the line from Swiss is followed by his favourite inside out forehand hitting the line for 0-30. A brilliant get on the return forces an error from his opponent and suddenly Ferrer is facing 3 break points!…Federer paints a masterpiece as he smoothly works his man around from side to side, David succumbs and that’s the first SET to the Fed Express!

5-4  I know that David Ferrer forces many a mistake from his opponent but the error count is going up and up! Several ‘loose’ forehands and Fed takes it to 30.

4-4  Lovely dropshot and volley from Roger and we’re quickly at 30-30. The spaniard struggles with his opponent’s pace and hits one long. Break point…. the return is long. No way! Federer works the terrier all around before missing a seemingly simple tap over the net. Weird! Ferrer then sees it out.

4-3  Brilliant! Federer follows up his customary serve out wide with the most sumptuous dropshot from a wide angle. It’s 40-0. Actually it’s game, quick serve and that was over in a flash.

3-3  The crowd are a little quiet at the moment and perhaps this is because there are a few too many errors from the Swiss right now. Into the middle of the net again from Fed, it’s 30-15. Lovely backhand slice from Federer but Ferrer bides his time on the baseline before pummelling a forehand down the line. He sees the game out as Fed’s unforced error count hits 19! Three games in a row for the Spaniard.

3-2  He’s not slowing down either and appears to have got Fed worried as he smashes down a second serve outside of the service line to bring up two break points….lovely worked point from the Spaniard but a cute dropshot hits the tape. But Roger hits a forehand long on the second and that’s the BREAK back!

3-1  The man from Javea has his parents in the crowd and is keen to get on the board and he does just that in pretty quick time. A good combination of dogged forehands and strong serves sees him clinch it in 4 rapid points.

3-0  Fed knocks down the first ace of the day but he’s not doing enough at the net as the Spaniard passes him twice to take the game to deuce. Great serve again down the middle is followed by a double fault. And now the former champ goes long with his forehand, it’s break point… The net is too large for both Ferrer and then Federer, it’s a second break point….nice serve out wide forcing a mistake from the terrier. The game approaches the 10 minute mark at deuce no.5 and Ferrer finds his rhythm to smack a forehand return into the corner. Wow! The third break chance sees Federer find the white line with a crackerjack crosscourt forehand! Love that shot. Nicely worked round the court from the six time champion as he forces a couple of errors and sits down after that 12 minute game!

2-0  One bad decision from Ferrer during these rallies and Federer pounces. Ferrer can also punish you for short length though and it’s trading blows at 30-30. The Spaniard will be frustrated with himself though as he double faults to throw up a break point.  We have an early BREAK as Ferrer goes long.

1-0  A few rallies stop short with errors from Fed for 0-40. Three early break chances….David finds the net himself on the first but textbook approach shot – volley from Federer denies the spaniard before an exquisite backhand down the line brings it back to deuce. The swiss serves out the game. Good save!

Federer to serve….

The players have emerged to applause drowned out by booming music as is customary at this much loved event. Masses of camera flashes going as the Fed walks in, hopefully not too many of them going off during the game today!

So both now in their thirties but there’s no shortage of quality from these two men this afternoon. Federer needs no introduction but David Ferrer seems to be in the form of his life at the moment and there are more than a few people saying Ferrer may extend his winning streak to 12 matches.

Both players have won their first group matches, Federer beating Tipsarevic and Ferrer defeating Del Potro.

The Swiss has an amazing head to head record against the Spaniard, leading 13-0. Their last encounter took place at the 2012 Madrid Masters, with Federer prevailing 6-4 6-4.

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