Federer vs Del Potro Live Commentary @ ATP Finals 2012

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Roger Federer vs Juan Martin del Potro

6-7 6-4 3-6 SET AND MATCH DEL POTRO! As Federer’s forehand sails long and the Argentine fires an ace, he is two points away from his second group win. Despite netting an easy looking forehand approach, Roger hands him two match points after his 42nd unforced error. He takes it after a superb rally, making the Swiss to come up with a backhand volley error.

6-7 6-4 3-5 Probably the best game for Roger in this set. A delightful drop shot, a volley winner earn him two game points. Finishes off the game with an ace. But he needs a break if he wants to remain in this match. Delpo to serve for it..

6-7 6-4 2-5 Fed takes a 15-0 lead after a well constructed point, finished off with a winner. But Delpo comes right back into the game, not just thank to his big first serves, but also another Federer backhand unforced error. The Swiss shows his anger by screaming out loud. The Argentine is one game away from victory.

6-7 6-4 2-4 The 17 time Grand Slam champion, goes 30-0 up just before his backhand misfires yet again. The backhand has been the problem in this set for him, it has let him down completely so far. One more BH UE and the score is poised at 30-30. Luckily, his serve gets him out of trouble. After firing two aces, the game is his.

6-7 6-4 1-4 After the Argentine opens up the game with an ace, a long rally follows, but it is the Argentine who comes out on top yet again. He subsequently earns himself three game points after luring Fed into the set just before passing him. Delpo holds to love, his third in this set. Yet to lose a point on serve in the decider..

6-7 6-4 1-3 Federer loses the first point of game 4, making it nine in row now. However, he picks himself up as he grabs takes a 40-15 lead with a help of some solid serving. Closes out the game with an ace and reduces Delpo’s lead.

6-7 6-4 0-3 The Argentine consolidates the break. Del Potro is yet to drop a point on his serve in this third set. Federer looks a bit shaken out there.

6-7 6-4 0-2 BREAK! After a great start from Federer and taking a 30-0 lead, the Argentine stages a big comeback not only to force a break point at 40-30 up, but taking the Swiss’ serve on the very first chance as Fed’s backhand sails long.

6-7 6-4 0-1 A good hold for Del Potro, definitely needs a confident start here. He needs to win this set to improve his chances to qualify.

6-7 6-4 An ace gives Federer a 15-0 lead, just before the Argentine unleashes a bullet forehand which Fed is unable to handle. Despite the Swiss showing off his forehand masterpiece to go 30-15, he subsequently produces and unforced error to give the Argentine a small hope. However, this hope is diminished by another forehand winner and an ace, with Federer forcing a decider.

6-7 5-4 After Del Potro taking the first point, the Fed Express hits a stunning forehand down the line winner to get to 15-15. However, the Argentine storms to take the next three points, sealing the game with an ace at the end of it. Federer will be serving for the set.

6-7 5-3 At 15-15, Fed steps into the court just to make Del Potro to miss a passing shot. After the Argentine misfires on the return and the Swiss uses the serve-forehand combination to perfection, he takes a 5-3 lead. Delpo will be serving to stay in the set.

6-7 4-3 A backhand passing shot, a missed return from Roger give the Argentine a 30-0 lead. As he earns himself three game points, Federer manages to reduce his lead to 40-30 just before overhitting a return, handing Delpo the game.

6-7 4-2 As Delpo misses a return and Fed hits a forehand winner, the score is poised at 30-0. The Swiss shows he has got magic hands after coming up with a very delicate drop shot. Closes out the game one point later, holds to love.

6-7 3-2 This time Del Potro storms to take the first two points just before Roger produces a stunning forehand down the line. However, it is too little and too late as the Argentine closes out the game with an overhead, holding to 15.

6-7 3-1 After Federer takes a 40-0 lead, Del Potro comes into the net, making the Swiss to miss a passing shot. This is followed up by a spectacular return winner to reduce the score to 40-30. But Roger wraps up the game with the help of his first serve.

6-7 2-1 Delpo can’t afford to drop another serve if he wants to stay in this set. He makes sure he doesn’t as he allows Fed only one point in the third game, finishing it off with a backhand passing shot.

6-7 2-0 Federer consolidates the break with a confident hold. Seems to be a lot more calm, choosing the rights shots..

6-7 1-0 BREAK! A superb backhand exchange starts off the second set, with Federer producing a very clever passing shot to take a 15-0 lead. Now the Swiss seems to have stepped up a notch, attacks Delpo again to finish off the point with an overhead. After the Argentine’s forehand finds the net in the very next point, Federer earns himself a tripple break point at 40-0. Takes the very first one with some impressive display. He is on fire right now..

6-7 The Argentine takes the first set after a very average tiebreak from the Swiss. Remember, if Delpo beats Fed in straight sets, he will win the group.


3-6 Two SPs averted, but Delpo to serve now..

1-6 The Argentine earns himself five set points after Federer commiting some more UEs

1-4 Another unforced error from Roger and Delpo will be serving twice now

1-3 The Swiss overhits a forehand long and Delpo grabs the first mini break

1-2 No mini breaks yet, with Federer to serve twice

6-6 The Swiss isn’t able to threaten Delpo in this 12th game, with the Argentine forcing a ‘breaker’ after an easy hold to 15.

6-5 Federer fulfills his duty after a comfortable hold to 15. Now the Argentine will be serving to stay in this set for the second time.

5-5 An ace starts off the game, followed by a successful Fed net approach. The London crowd witnesses the longest rally of the match, with Delpo coming out on top to go 30-15 up. As the Swiss maestro overhits a return and the Argentine comes up with a great serve and backhand winner combination, we are a couple of games away from a tiebreak.

5-4 At 30-15, the players entertain the crowd a bit, with Delpo hitting a tweener just for Fed to put away the volley. However, the Argentine averts both game points to force deuce. When the going gets tough, Fed usually gets going and he holds serve in the crucial 9th game of the set. The Argentine will be serving to stay in it.

4-4 Federer is successful in challenging Delpo’s first serve just before his forehand return lands long. The Argentine seems to be a little far away from the ball in the very next point, which results in him missing a backhand. One more backhand UE and Fed grabs a 30-15 lead. The Swiss steps up a notch, attacks Delpo’s serve and finishes it off at the net – two break points. First one averted with an ace, the second one saved with a forehand bullet from the Argentine. But after Del Potro’s forehand misses the sideline at deuce, Fed gets to his third break point. However, he fails to convert as his forehand misfires. A couple points later, the score is poised at 4-4.

4-3 No problems on serve on either side so far, Fed holds to 15 and one thing is sure: we won’t see too many breaks today. It might come down to a tiebreak if the players continue to dominate on their serves..

3-3 Delpo shows that he can hold serve in an easy manner too. After a couple of quick points, Federer makes him work harder on the third one, just to net a forehand and hand the Argentine three game points. One point later is back to Federer serving…

3-2 The first love game of today’s match. Federer’s serve seems to be working a lot better than against Ferrer

2-2 A couple of big first serves hand Delpo a 30-0 lead. Despite Federer attacking the net and coming up with a forehand volley winner, the Argentine storms to take the next two points to level the score at 2-2.

2-1 Two close calls on both sides, with the players splitting the first two points of the third game. As Federer’s forehand lets him down in the very next rally, Delpo takes a 30-15 lead. A superb first serve followed up by a forehand put away and a subsequent first serve winner hand the Swiss a 40-30 advantage that he converts without any hint of a hesitation.

1-1 A good backhand return from Fed and he forces an error from the Argentine. The Swiss seems to be in full control of the next point as well, but as he tries to lure Del Potro into the net, his drop shot fails him: 15-15. Delpo plays two solid points to earn himself a couple of game points at 40-15 up. Although he hits a forehand unforced error on the first one, he subsequently fires an ace to wrap up the game.

1-0 A long rally opens up the encounter, with the Swiss pulling a forehand cross court just wide. Delpo subsequently misses a return and after Fed comes up with a forehand winner, it’s 30-15. He gives away the first game point at 40-15 as he overhits an easy looking smash, but converts the second one with another forehand winner.

Fed to serve..

Federer has already qualified for the semis, but he needs at least one set against Delpo to win the group..

Players are just starting to warm up..

Federer leads the head to head against Del Potro with 13-3, but it was the Argentine who won their last encounter in this year’s Basel final.

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