Djokovic vs Del Potro Live @ ATP World Tour Finals 2012

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Novak Djokovic vs Juan Martin del Potro


4-6 6-3 6-2 – Djokovic books his place in the final with an emphatic love hold. Three serves from Djokovic all fail to make their way back into play, two of which were for aces, to bring up three match points. Just one is needed for Djokovic to convincingly end a match where he had actually looked in big danger for long parts.

4-6 6-3 5-2 – BREAK DJOKOVIC – Djokovic gets the insurance break and will now serve for the match at 5-2. He recovers from 30-0 and 40-30 to get to deuce after finishing off an overhead far more convincingly than he had done early in the match. He latches onto a second serve with a great return and eventually the Argentinian goes for the clean winner and hits his forehand way long for a break point. Another outstanding return sets Djokovic up, who hits a cracking cross court forehand into the corner for a clean winner for the break.

4-6 6-3 4-2 – Another comfortable hold for Djokovic who looks in zero danger of dropping his serve at this point in time. A backhand into the net sees him drop a point at 15-0 but it is still straightforward as he wins the next three points to move to just two games away from the final.

4-6 6-3 3-2 – Del Potro ends the run of points at 10 with an ace at 0-15 and manages to hold to stay in touch. A double fault sees him fall 15-30 down but he gets some good fortune for once as a netcord goes his way and confuses Djokovic into making the error on the drop shot. He does however manage to hold on and finish the game off to 30.

4-6 6-3 3-1 – Djokovic races through another service game, holding to love. He has now won nine consecutive points and this match looks almost over, with the Serbian now playing some inspired stuff.

4-6 6-3 2-1 – BREAK DJOKOVIC It could go very quickly away from Del Potro now as he is broken to love. Back-to-back forehand errors, the first down the line and the second cross court both go wide. A deep return leaves Del Potro in trouble as he nets for three break points and 0-40. The first is taken with an excellently angled forehand winner to take control in the match.

4-6 6-3 1-1 – Djokovic responds with an easy hold of his own to 15. Consecutive backhands down the line help him to a hold from 30-15. The first drew the error from Del Potro while the second was a clean winner.

4-6 6-3 0-1 – Del Potro ensures that he isn’t in deep trouble from the start with a love hold but has Djokovic to thank who threw in a very poor return game full of errors. Ace No.4 seals the hold.

Set 2 Stats

Djokovic 9 Winners 9 Unforced Errors

Del Potro 9 Winners 16 Unforced Errors

4-6 6-3 – SET DJOKOVIC – Djokovic holds to force a decider but it was far from convincing. Del Potro had openings at 0-15 and 15-30 but an unreturnable and a Del Potro error bring up set point. The mishit from Del Potro is wild and Djokovic takes the set 6-3.

4-6 5-3 – BREAK DJOKOVIC An error strewn game sees Del Potro broken once more. At 15-30, a tame backhand is netted for two break points. The first saved after a low bounce confuses Djokovic who can only net his backhand. However, Djokovic continues to play to the backhand and is rewarded with yet another backhand error and the break. He will now serve for the set to force a decider.

4-6 4-3 – Djokovic puts the pressure back on Del Potro with another hold to 15. It definitely has to be said that since going a break down in the second set that the Serb’s level has improved.

4-6 3-3 – Del Potro stops the rot with a convincingly hold. He outdoes himself to begin with, this time hammering a 103mph forehand winner past Djokovic. An easy volley put away at the net made it 30-0, Del Potro felt there was a double bounce before he finished the point off but it didn’t matter too much anyway. One game point goes away but the second is saved with a big serve. So far today, Del Potro is serving 65% and has dropped just eight points in eight service games on his first serve.

4-6 3-2 – The most comfortable service game for Djokovic in a while now as he holds to 15. He finishes off with an ace, his fifth of the match, to take a 3-2 lead.

4-6 2-2 – BREAK DJOKOVIC Djokovic finally breaks for the first time in the match. He has excellent chances to get back on serve but fails to convert on two break point opportunities at 15-40. The first is saved with a forehand down the line and the second is saved with an 129mph ace. Djokovic gets a third chance when he forces Del Potro wide to force the error from the Argentinian but Del Potro shows it isn’t just the forehand with tremendous power as a vicious cross court backhand can only be put long by Djokovic. However, Djokovic gets a fourth opportunity and will be back on serve as Del Potro nets.

via @TrudelSteph Rallies won over 10 shots: del Potro 11 Djokovic 6

4-6 1-2 BREAK DEL POTRO An extraordinarily bad game from Djokovic seems him broken to 15. Back-to-back forehands into the net see him down 0-30 and it’s three break points when Del Potro finally finishes off a point with the overhead, but should have won it much earlier. An unreturnable saves the first but Djokovic can do little about the next, Del Potro coming out on top in a 33 shot rally with another venomous forehand that Djokovic could only net.

4-6 1-1 – Del Potro shows no let down from failing to break in the first game and holds to 15. He continues to go cross court and forces the error as a Djokovic slice goes wide for two game points. He nets a tame forehand to see the first go but the second is converted when a Djokovic backhand is netted.

4-6 1-0 An exceptional display of lobbing sees Del Potro move to 15-30. The opening point left Djokovic in no mans land while the second lob at 15-15 looked to be going out only to land right on the line, he could do little but an attempted tweener which went nowhere. Two break points for Del Potro after a double fault but both are saved, the second with a forehand volley at the net. He earns another with more punishing forehands but cannot keep the return in play. Djokovic gets a second chance to close out the game after a forehand into the corner. Del Potro looks to have a great opportunity for the backhand down the line but fails to get it over the net and Djokovic holds for a 1-0 lead.

Set 1 Stats

Djokovic 13 Winners 14 Unforced Errors

Del Potro 14 Winners 9 Unforced Errors

4-6 – SET DEL POTRO A convincing hold sees Del Potro move one set away from the final. A forehand down the line sees him to a nice start and ace number two makes it 30-0. A mishit backhand gives Del Potro three set points but only one is needed with an easy backhand putaway down the line, set up by a massive serve. There seems little doubt that Del Potro will take this match if he keeps up this level of play, but whether he will be able to is the big question.

4-5 – BREAK DEL POTRO Del Potro makes no mistake this service game after failing to convert last time round. He gets a massive opening at 15-30 after a forehand down the line on the stretch was executed to perfection. Then, the cross court forehand has too much for Djokovic who can only wildly hit it wide for two break points. He continues to hammer Djokovic forehand who is getting overpowered at times and he hands over the break by netting the forehand. Del Potro will now serve for the set.

4-4 – Del Potro falls 0-15 down but manages to hold relatively comfortably in the end. High quality stuff here right now and Del Potro is definitely matching his more illustrious opponent for the moment.

4-3 – Djokovic is very fortunate to hold in what was a sloppy game from him. Del Potro gets a slight opening at 0-15, but  Djokovic convincingly takes the next three points to get to game points. A backhand into the net sees the first go and a forehand down the line goes just wide to see the second away. Djokovic looks to have the easy putaway smash but he completely fluffs it to give Del Potro break point. A lengthy rally sees Del Potro eventually get the forehand he wanted but he attempts the down the line shot and can only net it. Djokovic earns a third game point but there is too much on the forehand as it goes long. Del Potro then gets another opportunity for the forehand he missed on break point and nets it again to give Djokovic a fourth chance to close out the game, and does so with an inside out forehand.

3-3 – The forehand is most certainly working for Del Potro as he begins with a 99mph forehand down the line on his way to a hold to 30. At 30-15, a backhand pass sees him to two game points, the second of which is taken after a cross court forehand has too much for Djokovic who can only net it.

3-2 – Djokovic continues to look far more comfortable on serve. He has dropped just 1 of 11 points on his first serve in the first three games as he holds to 15.

2-2 – A much better service game from Del Potro this time round as he holds to 15. Both players trade overheads before another unreturnable sees Del Potro to 30-15. Djokovic misses a sitter of a smash at the net as it goes to 40-15. Djokovic retrieves a Del Potro drop shot and rushes the net but can do very little about the Argentinian’s forehand pass to tie it up.

2-1 – Djokovic goes 40-0 up very quickly, and this time there is no let up as he holds to love. At 30-0, a 94mph forehand winner sees him to three game points and his first ace of the day converts it for 2-1.

1-1 – Not the best start for Del Potro but he manages to hold only after saving two break points. The early stages of the game see him struggling to get a first serve in and Djokovic manages to earn himself two break points after forcing the error with a great backhand down the line. The first is saved with a massive serve that Djokovic cannot get back, and the second with one of Del Potro’s trademark forehand. More big serves help him to eventually hold on his second game point. If he is to win today, he needs a high first serve percentage against a great returner like Djokovic.

1-0 – Djokovic opens up with a hold to 40 to begin proceedings. A forehand into the open court and two unreturnable serves seem him go to 40-0 very quickly but sees all three game points go away thanks to some poor errors on the forehand side. He earns himself another game point and makes no mistake this time, forcing Del Potro wide who attempts the forehand down the line which goes long.

Novak Djokovic will serve first.

Live Commentary of the first ATP World Tour 2012 semi-finals match between Djokovic and Del Potro will commence here on Sunday at 2pm London (UK) time.

The Serb qualified for the last 4 after winning his group, whilst the Argentine booked his place in the semis finishing second in his group (with Federer being first).

Djokovic leads the head to head against Del Potro with 6-2, having beaten him in their last encounter at the 2012 US Open.

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