Djokovic vs Berdych Live @ ATP World Tour Finals London

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Novak Djokovic vs Tomas Berdych. RESULT  6-2 7-6(8-6)


So Tomas Berdych just couldn’t close the door on that second set tiebreak  but if you’d seen Djokovic’s returns on those points you’d be harsh to criticise! Great finish from the world number 1 and he can now look forward to the semi finals.

8-6  Good first serve and that’s it!!

7-6  Berdy goes wide. Chances gone a begging! Match point…

6-6  wow! brilliant return

5-6  great serve and forehand

4-6  wide on the return

3-6  ace!

3-5  fantastic return and forehand blows from Nole

2-5  serve out wide

1-5  forehand winner into the corner!

1-4  great return from Djoko but forehand error follows.

1-3  hmm. Double fault.

0-3  great point from both guys! Berdy upping the intensity and draws an error

0-2  and again! Great finishing drop-volley from the Czech

0-1  good pressure, volley dispatched

6-2 6-6  Good forehand from Nole, taking his time on a high bounce, but long with a backhand that gets away from him a bit. 15-15. Djoko chooses to hit a high ball straight at Berdy but it doesn’t work, the Czech with a fine backhand winner. He then misses with a forehand up the line though as the tension levels start to rise, 30-30. A long rally sees Berdy finding the net once more and an ace takes us to a suitable tiebreak.

6-2 5-6  Djokovic goes wide twice and then long and Berdy appears to be putting a bit more zip on the second serve. A good serve – forehand combo sees off the game for another good hold. Djokovic serving to stay in the set next.

6-2 5-5  loose backhand wide from Nole but the first serve takes care of the next couple of points. Berdy winds up the big forehands but they keep coming back and he eventualy hits the tape, 40-15. Good bounce on Djoko’s second serve fools his opponent and it’s even stevens for the set!

6-2 4-5  The Czech has actually played pretty well here this afternoon and looks solid at 30-0 before a bit of sloppiness into the net on the forehand again. A rally ensues with both nailed to the baselines and this time Djoko finds the tape but he makes no mistake with a forehand winner down the line, it’s 40-30. Djokovic slips and shakes his head with a wry smile as Berdy holds once again. Evenly poised this set.

6-2 4-4  This service game even quicker than Djoko’s last! A combination of percentage serving and finesse on the dropshots seals it.

6-2 3-4  The dropshot is short from Djokovic is a tad short and then Berdy puffs out for a big forehand. 30-0. An error from both for 40-15 before the Czech powers a tidy first serve out wide for the game.

6-2 3-3  Great angle found on the forehand from Berdy but as ever, Djoko somehow reaches it and the backhand is enough to take the point. The Serb’s first serve takes care of the other three points. Quick game that!

6-2 2-3  Ace to start, great length on the dropshot from Djoko, 15-15. What a rally! longest rally of the match and some big striking from Berdych does enough. Similar effort follows but a fairly lame forehand into the net from the Czech means it’s 30-30. This game is providing plenty of entertainment but again it’s Berdy’s error on the forehand that eventually brings up the break chance for Nole. Ace! Another good first serve now but Berdy goes long again with the forehand for a second deuce. Serve, forehand crosscourt, volley. Nice tennis there from the Czech. Yep, and again, he’s held.

6-2 2-2  Berdych gets lucky with a net cord on the first point and Novak pushes a forehand long on the second, little sloppy. Fantastic serving rhythm at the moment though from the Serb, back to 15-30. Spectacular tennis! Djoko’s elasticity keeps him in it on the baseline until Berdy charges in for the volley. Two break points…He only needs one, great volley to level up the set.

6-2 2-1  13 out of 16 for the Czech when the first serve goes in. Good going against the world number one! When it doesn’t go in however…couple of errors, 15-30. Dominating the second serve again is Djoko, rifled forehand gives him two break chances…goes long on the first….incredible return from Djoko off a good first serve, return draws the error. Berdy is a set and a BREAK down.

6-2 1-1  I could have done with slow mo replays in that game, that was over quick. Novak says ‘anything you can do I can do better’! Good serving.

6-2 0-1  So I think that means Djoko is now in the semis courtesy of that set. Nevertheless, Berdy must have heard me, couple of big first serves, 30-0. Great pinpoint return up the line from Nole, he punishes those second serves. Berdych’s first serves are a different challenge though when they go in. Berdy’s on the board.

6-2  Nole serving for the set now and a good second serve out wide is followed by a forehand winner with some of Rafa’s topspin on it, 30-0. Berdych pegs a point back with a nice return to Djoko’s feet but the Serb is looking hot at the moment on both sides and wraps up the set in pretty quick time. Berdych might need to up the first serve percentage in the next set but he by no means played badly there.

5-2  The second point sees dominance from the Djokovic but a forehand crosscourt winner from Berdych gives him 30-0. Novak’s getting some joy hitting the returns back down the middle and it’s working, two errors drawn from the Czech, 30-30. Good serving though, that’s the simplest way to hold serve, two big ones!

5-1  Nicely done by Berdych as he finds the corner, stretching his opponent for an easy forehand put away. Novak’s serving boots are definitely on though, three quick points, 40-15. Berdy tries a little dropper but it probably wasn’t the best moment, Djoko reaching it easily to cement the advantage.

4-1  Rasping backhand crosscourt from the Serb opens up the court nicely for an easy put away before Berdy wobbles on his own backhand, 0-30. Good response, crackerjack serve down the middle and sheer power on the forehand side draws it back to 30-30. Great rally! Crosscourt forehand battle ending in another bullet backhand from Nole. Break point…he’s picked the serve, pacey backhand to the baseline and it’s a double BREAK.

3-1  Slow start for Nole, misfiring on a couple of forehands. Gets in the zone though and another ace sees him back at 30-30. Good aggressive return off the Djoko second serve, the Czech has a break back chance…forehand into the net and it’s deuce. Djokovic works his man nicely around the court and draws another two errors to consolidate the break.

2-1  looks like Djokovic wants to test his opponents movement around the court early doors, two netted forehands and it’s 0-30. Great use of backhand slice folowed by a hammer forehand crosscourt, 94mph, from Nole. 3 break points…return is long on the first off a second serve and then again on the second point…and again! Not often you see that from the Serb. The next return is another bullet though so a fourth break chance…a good forehand down the line draws the error from Berdych and that’s the first BREAK of the day!

1-1  Novak’s got his serving boots on too racing to 40-0. An ace does the trick to seal the game to love.

0-1  Solid start for the Czech. Some whispers of a leg injury today but just a point dropped and a good hold.

So just 1 set required for the world number 1 to make it through to the semi finals this afternoon but I can’t imagine that’s on his mind right now as the players warm up. Many combinations of results come into play for Berdych but we don’t have time to go through them! About to start….

The Serb has two group wins in his pocket, having beaten Tsonga and Murray so far. On the other side of the net, Berdych lost to Murray in three sets but prevailed against Tsonga on Wednesday. Everything to play for in this group with all 4 men still capable of making the semis!

Djokovic leads the head to head against Berdych with 10-1.

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