Federer vs Wawrinka Live Commentary Shanghai Masters 2012

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Roger Federer vs Stanislas Wawrinka 4-6 7-6 (4) 6-0

4-6 7-6 6-0 SET and MATCH FEDERER! Federer closes out the match with some excellence. Another hold to love and he will be playing Marin Cilic in the QFs, who defeated Fernando Verdasco in three sets.

4-6 7-6 5-0 BREAK! Wawrinka shows some frustration now, is missing shots that whe was making with his eyes closed in the first two sets. Federer breaks him to love and will be serving for the match and a place in the Shanghai Masters 2012 quarterfinals.

4-6 7-6 4-0 Federer consolidates the second break of serve as well. He is at the top of his game now as he holds to 30 and is two games away from a sensational achievement. This victory will guarantee him the 300th week at the top of the rankings!!!

4-6 7-6 3-0 It’s starting to fall apart for Wawrinka as he goes down a double break. Stan is trying to come into the net after the serve, with mixed outcome. At 30-40 down, he hits a fairly good forehand approach, but Federer guesses it well and forces him to net volley, taking a 3-0 lead in the decider.

4-6 7-6 2-0 A confident hold as Federer consolidates the break to 15. He has won 12 out of the last 14 points now. Stan will have to spring to life again if he wants to turn this match around.

4-6 7-6 1-0 BREAK! Federer carries the momentum into the third set as he strikes in the very opening game. Wawrinka’s level of tennis has dropped a bit in comparison to the first set and Federer is aware of his chance here as he takes a 40-0 lead, earning himself three break points. He wraps it up with a full stretch forehand down the line passing shot. Simply outstanding!

4-6 7-6

7-4 SET FEDERER! Wawrinka goes wide on his backhand cross court and the match is levelled at one set apiece

6-4 What a spectacular point! Fed hits the top of the net, lures Wawrinka in and Stan hits an oustanding pass

6-3 Fed has got three set points after comfortable holding both serves

4-3 Another mini break for Roger as he passes Wawrinka with a lethal forehand down the line

3-3 Stan comes up with an ace

3-2 Wawrinka gets the mini break back. An ace from the Swiss (his 4th of the match), but a subsequent forehand error make it 3-2

2-1 A mini break for Roger, he is to serve twice now

4-6 6-6 A well executed backhand passing shot gives Fed a 15-0 lead, just before he misses an easy ground stroke and Wawrinka follows up with a stunning volley drop shot. After Federer comes up with a superb forehand winner and Wawrinka double faults, Roger gets to the first set point at 40-30 up. However, Stan saves it with another well struck approach shot. Finds some good serves and we a tiebreak will have to decide the outcome of this set.

4-6 6-5 At 30-30 in the game, Wawrinka shows some good defending, making Federer hit a couple of smashes. The first one comes back, but Roger puts away the second smash. One point later, it is back to Wawrinka having to serve to stay in this set.

4-6 5-5 A fairly confident hold to 30 from Stan. He puts the pressure back onto Federer, who can’t afford any more hesitation if he wants to prevail here.

4-6 5-4 Now then! Wawrinka is so close to breaking the Fed serve and give himself a chance to serve for the match. He forces a 30-0 lead after pushing Fed right behind the baseline with some magnificient hitting but Roger comes back to 30-30. Stan plays an oustanding point to earn himself a break point. Coming into the net and producing a superb pick-up, he makes Fed to miss the forehand pass. But he subsequently nets an easy looking backhand into the net and the score is set at deuce. Fed eventually closes it out and it will be Wawrinka who will have to serve to stay in the set.

4-6 4-4 Wawrinka’s first serve is below 40% in this set, but the good news for him is that he is still in this set. Comes up to the net yet again, playing some exceptional volleys to take a 30-15 lead. But Fed keeps on asking the questions as he unleashes a lethal forehand winner to level the score at 30-30. Suddenly, there is a bit of pressure on Wawrinka and he misses a backhand to hand Roger a break point. However, he saves it with another good approach shot, making Federer to miss the passing shot. Wawrinka eventually holds and is two games away from a spectacular victory.

4-6 4-3 Federer is struggling right now, can’t seem to find his rhythm, 19 unforced errors and just 8 winners…Goes 0-30 down, but his serve gets him out of trouble to level the socre at 30-30. A backhand unforced error from Stan and a bullet backhand winner down the line from Fed secure him this crucial 7th game.

4-6 3-3 Wawrinka comes back from a 15-30 down after a good challenge. His serve is called out but after using the hawk-eye, the umpire grants him the point. Some great lenght on the ground strokes from Stan cause Federer all sorts of problems.

4-6 3-2 BREAK! The 17 time Grand Slam champion is unable to consolidate the break after having a chance to close it out at 40-30. A great approach shot from Stan takes the game to deuce, and Roger gets another chance to win this 5th game, but hits a rather casual volley drop shot into the net. Federer pays for his mistake dearly as he comes up with two more unforced errors to let Wawrinka back into the set.

4-6 3-1 BREAK! RF strikes and breaks back! Federer earns himself three break points at 40-0 up, hitting a couple of outstanding forehands on the way. Wawrinka saves the first one with a forehand volley winner, but Fed converts the second one with an inside out forehand, forcing Stan to come up with a backhand error.

4-6 2-1 No problems on serve so far in this set, another clean sheet for the Fed Express as he holds to love. Should he win today’s match, he will be guaranteed to remain at the top of the rankings for another week, making it 300 weeks!!! That would be and AMAZING achievement!

4-6 1-1 Federer tries to attack Wawrinka’s second serve, comes into the net and wins the point. But unfortunately for him, that’s the only point he manages to clinch in the second game…Another easy hold for Stan

4-6 1-0 Federer opens up the second set with a forehand inside out winner, just before Wawrinka pushes him with his backhand right behind the baseline, forcing Fed to put a passing shot long. But one more ace and some high quality forehands from Fed secure him the game and a lead in the second set. The question will be – can Wawrinka keep up the level from the first set?

4-6 SET WAWRINKA! Wawrinka wraps up the set after a hold to 30. Some superb serving and massive ground strokes help him to take a 40-0 lead. Despite Fed manages a little comeback to 30-40 with a stunning forehand winner, Wawrinka fires another serve bullet to take a lead in the match, putting some pressure on Federer. This is only the second time that Stan has won the first set against Fed (and managed to beat him only once in their previous 12 meetings)

4-5 Another 30-30, but this time Federer keeps his composure as Wawrinka becomes a little passive towards the end of the game. Surprising as he had nothing to lose there. Anyway, he will be serving for the set after the change of ends.

3-5 Wawrinka consolidates the break. After taking  a couple more points (making it 10 in a row), he misses and easy backhand volley and Roger hits a stunning backhand down the line to level the score at 30-30. But Stan seems unamazed as he wraps up the game with a bakchand winner. Fed will be serving to stay in the set.

3-4 BREAK! Federer goes down 0-30 as he misses an easy forehand and Wawrinka hits a superb return on the second point to force the error. One more excellent rally from Stan and he earns himself three break points  at 40-0 up. Fed comes into the net and misses a volley, handing Wawrinka the break. 8 points in a row for Stan..

3-3 Wawrinka is generating some good pace even after the second serve, taking control of the points. Shows his friend that he can hold to love too. A serve and volley finish secures him the game.

3-2 A quick hold to love from Fed, who will be hoping to maintain his world no.1 ranking after this tournament, taking him to 300 weeks at the top of the rankings. Amazing!

2-2 The rallies are quite short, Wawrinka produces two ground stroke errors after the Fed return to give  him a 30-15 lead. One more missed backhand cross court and Roger has got the first two break points of the match. First one averted with an ace by Wawrinka, the second one is a history as well as Federer fails to pass Stan. A couple more points later the score is set at 2-2.

2-1 Federer absorbs the pace of Wawrinka’s ground strokes, making him move around the court and come up with an error. However, after a 30-0 lead Fed misses two easy looking shots to let Stan back into the game. Wawrinka can’t do anything with it and the Swiss maestro takes a lead in the match.

1-1 Wawrinka is trying to be aggressive from the very beginning, he knows that is the only way to play against his good friend. Hits some big first serves and after dropping just two points, he levels the score.

1-0 Fed holds to 30 in the last match of tonight’s center court

Federer to serve..

Live Commentary between Roger Federer v Stanislas Wawrinka from the third round of the 2012 Shanghai Masters will commence here as soon as the players start warming up.

Federer leads the head to head against Wawrinka with 11-1, having beaten him at this year’s Cincinnati Masters with a 7-6 (4) 6-3 scoreline.

The Fex Express is fighting to retain the world no.1 ranking. Shoud he lose before the QFs and Djokovic win the tournament, the Serb would reclaim the no.1 spot.

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