Federer vs Del Potro Live Commentary Basel 2012 Final

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Federer vs Del Potro 4-6 7-6 6-7

3-7 Delpo wins!

3-6 Three match points for Delpo! Fed to serve twice

3-5 Big serve winner from the Argentine

3-4 What a volley pick up from Fed! Keeps him in the match..Two serves for Delpo will follow

2-4 First mini break of the ‘breaker’ after the Swiss misses an easy forehand approach

2-3 Yet another return goes astray, two serves for Fed

2-2 An easy second serve return miss from Fed

2-1 An ace, two serves for Delpo now..

1-1 A cracking forehand winner from the Swiss

0-1 Fed’s backhand sails long. Two serves for him

4-6 7-6 6-6 A worrying start for Fed as he goes 15-30 down. Del Potro hits a solid return and catches Fed off guard. But the Swiss responds with two aces to take a 40-30 lead. How often has his serve saved him in this match.. Guess what – another ace and we have got a tiebreak on our hands..

4-6 7-6 5-6 Del Potro can still rely on his steady forehand, steps inside the baseline twice to give himself a 30-0 lead. Although a double fault stops him on his run, Federer is unable to make the most out of it. The Argentine holds to 15 with yet another unreturnable forehand. Federer will be serving to stay in the match for the second time..

4-6 7-6 5-5 A big serve winner from Fed followed by a Delpo forehand bullet (15-15). As the Argentine misses an easy looking forehand and subsequently fails to pass the Swiss with a backhand down the line, we have got two game points for Fed. He takes the very first one..

4-6 7-6 4-5 The Argentine plays a slightly more consistent game. Despite Federer producing a magic backahnd volley drop shot to reduce the score to 15-30, Del Potro earns himself two game points after winning a 10+ shot rally. A net cord helps Roger to come close to deuce, but the Argentine holds to 30 as he comes into the net to hit a backhand volley winner.

4-6 7-6 4-4 Federer stays focused on his own serve, levels the score with yet another easy hold to 15. But he is yet to break Del Potro in this match.

4-6 7-6 3-4 Delpo takes a 15-0 lead, plays a drop shot but fails to lob Federer, who puts away a smash to level the score. An ace from the Argentine and a forehand bullet from the Swiss make it 30-30. Del Potro hits a backhand just long and gives Federer another break point opportunity in the decider. After an intense exchange, Roger mishits a forehand to let Delpo back into the game. The Argentine wraps it up a couple of point later, closes out the game with an ace.

4-6 7-6 3-3 A very solid service game from Federer, wraps up the game to love with the help of his first serve and a couple of unforced errors from Delpo. He has only lost one point on serve in this deciding set.

4-6 7-6 2-3 Del Potro gets to a 40-0 lead, drops the next point. As he challenges ground stroke from Fed that lands close to the baseline but gets called in, the hawk eye proves that the Argentine is right and the Swiss will be serving at 2-3 down.

4-6 7-6 2-2 Federer forgets about his missed break point opportunities with an impressive hold. An ace, a backhand down the line winner a neat volley drop shot. Wraps up the game with a stunning backhand drop shot. Amazing…

4-6 7-6 1-2 A double fault from Delpo, only his second today, but Federer misses an inside out forehand and the score is poised at 15-15. After a Del Potro smash winner and a forehans unforced error, Federer gets a mini chance at 30-30. Another double fault from the Argentine means a break point to Fed. He is unable to convert it. He gets to another break point opportunity, but hits a backhand long after a 10+ shot rally. Del Potro’s forehand error hands the Swiss his third chance for a break just to be averted by a massive first serve from the Argentine. A couple of points later, Delpo gets himself out of trouble with an ace. A very crucial hold for him.

4-6 7-6 1-1 Great second serve return from Del Potro, but he is unable to capitalise from it. Maybe a sign of frustration after the lost second set. Remember, he had a superb chance to break Federer at the end of set two and serve for the match. But he will need to forget about it right now. A hold to 15 from Roger and the Argentine will be serving with new balls.

4-6 7-6 0-1 Delpo wins the first point, but a drop shot – lob combination from Federer gets him to 15-15 in the opening game of the third set. A very solid two rallies from the Argentine hand him two game points. He shows off his forehand drive volley on the way. Second serve body serve gets Federer and the Swiss will be serving next..

The first serve percentage for Federer was up at 71% and that certainly was the key for him in this set.

4-6 7-6 SET FEDERER! The Swiss manages to force a decider despite not playing his best right now. One mini break of serve in the ‘breaker’ proved to be enough for him to wrap it up.


6-3 Three set points for the Swiss

4-3 A superb rally that finishes with a Delpo passing shot, but Fed will get two serves now..

4-1 Two return misses from the Argentine, he will be serving next..

2-1 Federer gets the first mini break after Delpo nets a forehand, the Swiss is to serve twice

4-6 6-6 A very good rally from Fed, but is unable to close it out as he nets an easy backhand volley. Delpo fires an ace and it’s 30-0. He follows it up with a backhand passing shot as Federer tries to come into the net after the return. One point later we have got a tiebreak on our hands. An effortless hold from the Argentine…

4-6 6-5 Not a great start for Federer, goes 0-15 down, but erases the deficit with another two superb serves. A long backhand exchange follows, just for Fed to pull a forehand wide. Although the Swiss earns himself a game point after a well executed smash, he commits and unforced error to let Del Potro back into the game (deuce). A superb forehand passing shot from the Argentine hands him the advantage and break point at the same time. Federer manages to save it with a brilliant inside out forehand winner and gets to another game point after Delpo misses a break and butter backhand slice a few feet from the net. The Swiss wraps it up and he will be more than happy to take a lead in the set again.

4-6 5-5 Del Potro goes 30-0 up and that’s when Federer strikes for the first time. Pushes the Argentine right behind the baseline, comes into the net and finishes the rally with a smash winner. But it has come just a little late for the Swiss. Delpo dominates the next two point, finishes the game with an ace to the forehand court.

4-6 5-4 Federer holds to 30. Delpo challenges a forehand winner from the Swiss that lands way inside the baseline…Let’s see whether Del Potro can keep his composure here.

4-6 4-4 Del Potro shows that he can serve too, big first serve and a forehand winner start off the 8th game of the set. No sign of hesitation from the Argentine, storms through this one with a hold to love. The pressure is back on Federer, who will need to hold his serve to stay in this match…

4-6 4-3 Delpo misses a bread and butter backhand at 15-15 to hand Fed the lead just before he produces a stunning forehand passing shot to level the score at 30-30. Federer’s serve saves him yet again as he smashes two aces to the relief of the Basel crowd, takes a 4-3 lead.

4-6 3-3 A backhand return lands long, a forehand return misses the baseline by a couple of meters and Delpo takes a 30-0 lead. Federer steps up in the next point and after a net approach, he puts a smash away. But the Argentine seems to be unfaze, comes up with a backhand down the line bullet and wraps up the game a few second later.

4-6 3-2 The Swiss certainly doesn’t seem to have picked his best day here today. He has struggled a bit on his backhand this week and Del Potro gets a mini chance at 30-30. Federer fires a big first serve and finishes the point with a smash winner just for the Argentine to force deuce. Luckily for Fed, he can rely on his serve in these crucial moments. Whenever his first serve finds the mark, he seems to be in control. But as soon the players get into a rally, it is the Argentine who is in command most of the time. A very important hold for the Fedex as Delpo’s forehand goes just wide.

4-6 2-2 Federer tries to shorten the game with a delicate drop shot, but hits the net. The Swiss 5 time Basel champion subsequently lures Del Potro to the net and forces him to hit a volley wide. Unfortunately for the 17 time Grand Slam winner, he comes up with a couple of unforced errors to go down 15-40. A superb first serve winner from the Argentine and it’s back to Fed serving..

Remember, the Olympic semi-final match between these two went the distance, with Fed winning 19-17 in the decider!

4-6 2-1 A couple of aggressive points from the Fedex and he goes 30-0 up. Despite Del Potro stepping inside the baseline and capturing the following rally, the Swiss tightens up his game and holds to 15.

4-6 1-1 Federer attacks Delpo’s serve, coming into the net and make the Argentine miss a passing shot. But after he nets a backhand return and another backhand sails just long, Delpo takes a 30-15 lead. A long rally follows and maybe this is the first sign of hesitation from the Argentine as he misses a backhand. He subsequently produces a double fault to hand Federer his first break point of the match. However, Del Potro punishes Fed’s short return with a forehand cracker and we have got a deuce situation. Another lethal forehand from the Argentine gives him the advantage that he takes with yet another winner and levels the score at 1-1.

4-6 1-0 Del Potro seems to be quite confident right now, starts the second set with a forehand winner. He tries to step on on the second point as well, but hits a forehand just wide. Federer’s serve helps him to get to two game points, just before Del Potro attacks the net and produces a volley winner. However, the Swiss takes the second chance after a spectacular rally, finished off by a backhand volley put away.

4-6 SET DEL POTRO! Federer starts off with a solid return, pushes Delpo out of the court, but the Argentine comes up with a killer forehand. Another superb point for Del Potro follows, strikes an outstanding low forehend volley to take a 30-0 lead. Roger makes the Argentine hit another forehand on the run and this time it proves to be too much for Delpo. After the Argentine giant misses a fairly easy looking forehand down the line, the score is poised at 30-30. A superb first serve delivery and a forehand bullet hand Del Potro the first set point. A backhand miss wide from the Fedex and the Argentine wraps up the first set!

4-5 Federer fulfills his duty, holds to love. His serve seems to be working a little bit better now. Throws in a volley winner and with the help of the net cord to finish the game off, Del Potro will get a chance to serve for the set after the change of ends.

3-5 Del Potro smashes two serve winners to get off to a 30-0 lead. The Argentine, who won the Vienna title last week, follows up with an ace to earn himself three game points. Pushes Fed right behind the baseline and the Swiss maestro nets a backhand. Federer will be serving to stay in this set.

3-4 A very comfortable hold for Fed, brings his service game to love. A couple of aces help him on the way. But will the 5 time champion be able to turn this set around? He will surely need to be a little more aggressive on Del Potro’s serve…


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