Federer vs Cilic Live Commentary Shanghai Masters 2012

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6-3 6-4 – It isn’t the ideal start for Cilic, as he nets a backhand to go 0-15 down. A forehand wide from Federer makes it 15-15 but two more errors give Federer two more match points, one from the backhand and the second a forehand long. Trying to remain aggressive, Cilic puts too much on a forehand again and puts it long as he is broken for the match. BREAK FEDERER

6-3 5-4 – Federer fails to serve it out, a wild shanked forehand sees him fall down 15-30. A strong serve helps him to 30-30 before a forehand down the line looks to have given him match point….only for Cilic to challenge and it be ruled as a break point. The serve-forehand combo works well as Federer has all the time in the world to put it away into the open court. Federer finally earns match point but a Cilic return wipes that out immediately. Federer’s first double fault of the set means he faces a break point having held match point. A second serve is powerfully sent back, leading to Federer hitting his forehand into the net as Cilic breaks.BREAK CILIC

6-3 5-3 – Cilic does eventually hold, but makes very hard work of it as he falls down 0-15 and 15-30. On the second deuce of the game, Federer cannot retrieve a vicious forehand to give Cilic his third game point. With the left side of the court wide open, Federer cannot quite get enough on Cilic’s backhand down the line to get it over the net.

6-3 5-2 – Cilic has a slight opening at 15-30, though it looks to be erased as Federer serves what he believes is an ace. It is challenged by Cilic and ruled as a fault but Federer is not to be denied the point as another Cilic backhand error ties it up. Federer brings up game point with an ace although the first is saved as Cilic finally lands the backhand down the line for deuce. Ace number 7 of the match means Cilic will now have to serve to stay in the match.

6-3 4-2 – Cilic falls behind 0-15 but thanks to some strong serving keeps himself in touch, winning 4 points in a row.  Cilic is now serving at 56% which is an improvement but could be better.

6-3 4-1 – After the scare early in the set, Federer looks in no mood to mess about and to get the match over and done with as soon as possible. Another easy hold, again to 15 sees him move to two games away from the semi final.

6-3 3-1 – The first point is a tail of two netcords, Federer’s backhand brushes the net and goes over but looks like it sets up Cilic for the easy forehand. It’s not the case as the net cord takes Cilic’s put away wide to fall 0-15 down. At 15-30 the net yet again favours Federer with another forehand taken wide after contact with net. Two break points but just one is needed as Federer passes the helpless Cilic for the break. BREAK FEDERER

6-3 2-1 – Another comprehensive service game from Federer as he holds to 15 thanks to some strong serving. At 30-15 he is called for a double fault but challenges it. Given Federer’s record of challenging, it is a major surprise to see it ruled in and a second serve ace instead!

6-3 1-1 – After losing 5 of the last 6 games, Cilic needs a comfortable service game to regain his confidence and probably gets as good as he can hope. Cilic is pegged back from 30-0 to 30-30 but a forehand down the line helps him on his way to a hold to 30.

6-3 1-0 – Federer survives an error strewn game, recovering from 15-40 thanks to more backhands wide from Cilic. Cilic gets a third chance but that is soon wiped out with Federer’s fourth ace of the match. Federer eventually holds after a big serve and a forehand error from Cilic.

Cilic only served 41% in the first set, something that needs to massively improve. It is hard to beat a lot of players serving so poorly, never mind the elite ones. 

6-3 – It was vital that Cilic held here to extend the set, and more likely so that he can serve first in the second set. From 15-0, he loses three straight points, the latter two with backhands long yet again to bring up two set points. The first is saved as Cilic reads the net rush from Federer and passes him, though admittedly Cilic was further up the court on this occasion. The second is converted though with a cracking backhand pass to take the set. BREAK AND SET FEDERER

5-3 – Federer had been volleying well and opens the game with a backhand volley into the open court before a great pick-up on the Cilic return to make it 30-0. Federer isn’t so successful on his next foray to the net with his forehand volley going into the net. There is no worries for him though as he serves two aces to eventually hold to 30.

4-3 – Two more poor backhands from Cilic see him in danger of falling down a double break at 0-30 but he does draw level at 30-30, after Federer puts a backhand of his own into the net. Federer earns himself a break point after the slice return/rush the net combo that sees the pass go long for 30-40. Cilic holds his nerve though and keeps the game to a single break.

4-2 – Federer falls 0-15 down but brings it to 15-15, finishing off a nice point with the volley at the net after Cilic tried the impossible passing shot. A backhand long moves it to 30-15 and the hold is confirmed with two big serves that Cilic cannot put back in play.

3-2 – Under major pressure it is Cilic who starts making errors and it leads to Federer getting three break points to reclaim his lead. He only needs one as Cilic attempts to paint the lines, much like the shot that saw him broken first time round and fails once more, being broken to love. BREAK FEDERER

2-2 – Three times Federer leads in this game but he just cannot see it off. An error strewn game from Federer including his first double fault sees Cilic earn a break point after a forehand down the line and converts when the Swiss hits way long. BREAK CILIC

2-1 – The Cilic forehand is working for the most part but the backhand not so much. A 30-0 lead is halved after a straight return from Federer forces the backhand into the net. Cilic shrugs it off though and holds after Federer hits a return way long.

2-0 – Cilic begins the game with a massive forehand return of serve but Federer comes back with one of his routine quick holds, finishing off with his first ace of the match.

1-0 – A strong serve sets up Cilic for the first point of the match, smacking a forehand into the open court. After a forehand error for 15-15, Cilic is punished on his second serve with Federer coming in on a slice return to force the Croatian into a backhand that goes wide. Cilic recovers to 40-30 but struggles to close the game out with three game points coming and going. After a loose backhand long, Federer gets a break point and it is taken when Cilic tries to aim a forehand to close to the line and puts it wide. BREAK FEDERER

Marin Cilic will serve first.

Live Commentary of the Shanghai Masters 2012 quarterfinal match between Roger Federer and Marin Cilic will commence here as soon as the players start warming up.

Federer leads the head to head against Cilic with 3-0, having won their last encounter at the 2011 US Open.

The winner of today’s encounter will meet the winner of the match between Andy Murray and Radek Stepanek next.

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