US Open 2012 Men’s Finals Predictions – Djokovic vs. Murray

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If you would like to follow today’s final, please click here: Djokovic – Murray Live Commentary US Open 2012

The US Open is truly one of the finest events on the professional tour and the last Major to close out the year of 2012. This year we’ve had an array of strange upsets alongside some great tennis matches. For example, Andy Roddick’s retirement wasn’t as pronounced as he or the rest of the tennis world would have wanted it to be.

One of my favorite players of all time, Fed-Express is out of the running for this year’s US Open final. Still, if you ever have the opportunity to watch the US Open in person, you should, because it’s one of the most cinematic and lively events on the professional tour.

What’s in Store in This Year’s Final US Open Match?

As you probably know, the women’s finals match is being played as well, with two of the most able-bodied contenders on the women’s professional tour.

It should be interesting to see who will prevail in the Serena Williams vs. Victoria Azarenka match.

Very rarely do we see two women with such talent and blazing athleticism take part in one of the most prized events of the year.


Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray – Who’s the Victor?

With the windy conditions at the US Open, it should be a very well contested match between Djokovic and Murray. I think we have two players with very different styles of play contending for the title this year.

Djokovic head to head leads the winning record by 8-6 wins over Murray. On paper, Djokovic has the advantage over Murray in the amount of matches they won over each other. Bottom line, if Monday turns out to be another windy day (as was the match between Murray and Berdych) it can prove to be an interesting battle of will.

Djokovic Vs. Murray – Analyzing Strengths and Weaknesses

I think Djokovic has the edge over Murray, because Djokovic has really improved his serve over the past few years. Plus, Djokovic has a stronger baseline game with more weapons on the forehand and backhand side. You can read my analysis of the Djokovic Forehand at Optimum Tennis, where I break down his stroke and analyze how his forehand technique is responsible for the remarkable results he has achieved the past several years.

Djokovic simply can do more damage on both sides (forehand and backhand) and is able to better take advantage when Murray slips a few short balls during their contested rallys.

Murray is also a very solid player and is known for being steady and consistent from the baseline. The only trouble is, Djokovic is just as steady – plus a plethora of more weapons and slightly stronger groundstrokes.

Djokovic’s Edge Over Murray

The key for Djokovic will likely be to end points quickly and not get into long rallys with Murray. I suspect that Djokovic will be going after Murray’s backhand a lot to produce some extra short balls where he will inevitably be able to dominate the court with.

I feel that Murray’s backhand can be a little bit of a weakness sometimes, especially when pulled wide (or when he has to get low). Murray uses a really short takeback for his backhand (nearly straight back) and this rarely gives him enough racket speed or momentum to hit an aggressive backhand. It’s a good rally shot, but not necessarily a weapon. Murray’s serve and forehand is solid though.

Both players have pretty good movement. Murray naturally gets a lot of balls back in the court thanks to his speed and agility. Djokovic, too, seems to hit a lot of amazing passing shots on the stretch.

Bottomline – A Great Match to Watch

Murray is definitely a contender at this year’s US Open final. Still, Djokovic seems to have a more powerful overall game. Although Murray is quite crafty, I feel that Djokovic has the winning edge and a stronger game to prove it.

Regardless of who wins this famed US Open title, it shall be an amazing match to watch. For some, it may be a breath of fresh air now that Federer is out of the spotlight, giving another player the opportunity to shine

Be on the lookout as we continue to analyze the top pro players in tennis courtesy of Optimum Tennis

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