Roddick vs Del Potro Live Commentary @ US Open 2012

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Del potro is very gracious to the crowd for their support during Andy’s big moment. Roddick is clearly welling up now and thanks the fans for all their support and reflects on the memories of the last decade. It would have been a fairy tale had he won this tournament this week but nevertheless he bowed out on good form tonight. Plenty of the old Roddick power serving and bullet forehands. Hasn’t he served the sport well.

Roddick – Del Potro

7-6 6-7 2-6 4-6  The noise is deafening now in the stadium, cheering for Andy Roddick. This is some goodbye if he loses. All the emotions that must be going through his head. He goes long with the return. He’s now scampering all over the court, he doesn’t want this to end now, but he goes wide, 30-0. He’s brave approaching the net on the next point but probably too brave as Del Potro has enjoyed passing down the backhand side tonight. 3 match points……….DEL POTRO WINS……. He didn’t go out lightly, great fight from Andy Roddick but the composed Del Potro was too strong tonight.

7-6 6-7 2-6 4-5  Well, the American looks supercharged again as he races to 30-0, but Delpo finds three amazing shots ending with one of those excellent dropshots again, it’s 30-30. Delpo looks calm, Roddick is drenched in sweat as he hits low into the net to bring up match point…..good time for a big serve! Back to deuce then. A-Rod roars as he forces his opponent to hit long and a stretched volley in the net seals him another game and there’s still a chance for the American perhaps.

7-6 6-7 2-6 3-5  Del Potro smacks an ace down with apparent ease and then wrong foots Roddick at the baseline, he’s got great skills for such a tall man. He takes the game with some rasping forehands around the court. Could be Roddick’s last game coming up next…

7-6 6-7 2-6 3-4  He’s not going lying down though the American, keeping the pressure up on his opponent and forcing 2 errors. 2 A-Rod serves and it’s a quick game.

7-6 6-7 2-6 2-4  Delpo likes it when you hit it short to his forehand, he’s quickly40-15. Takes the game with that dropshot that won him several points earlier in the match. He’s 2 games from sealing the American’s fate.

7-6 6-7 2-6 2-3 Some terrific defense in rallies from Del Potro puts A-Rod under a bit of pressure at 0-30. Response? Serve big, 30-30. Oh…a bit too big though, a double fault gifts Delpo a break point which he snaps up at the first chance.

7-6 6-7 2-6 2-2  Super change of direction by Rod as he hits a bullet backhand down the line. He liked that winner. Delpo gets back in control via the first serve placement and answers Roddick’s questions with some crushing blows to level up

7-6 6-7 2-6 2-1  Great serving with a great forehand, you wonder where Roddick went in that 3rd set. 30-0. Oh…..double fault. Serve and forehand and volley are all on song from Roddick but Delpo reaches for a lovely lob over the top. Rod responds to deuce by hammering two service beauties to edge ahead in the set. He’s hanging in there

7-6 6-7 2-6 1-1  Delpo takes his time at the net to calmly past down the line but a tame dropshot effort evens up the points. Del Potro always seems to look like he’s just woken up and he needs to be very awake now as a passing shot from A-Rod brings up a break chance….great defensive lob by Roddick but he wastes it on the next shot hitting tamely long with a forehand. He does well turning defense into attack to bring up another chance…But the very ‘awake’ Delpo smashes a cracking forehand past his opponent. Tit for tat as a 3rd deuce follows. No mistake this time from Del Potro, solid strokeplay defies the crowd

7-6 6-7 2-6 1-0  The crowd is turning up the volume to give their man one last push, he responds with an ace out wide folowed by 130mph down the middle…..and then another! Delpo catches a read on the next one but a superb volley at the net seals the kind of game that we didn’t see from Roddick in the 3rd set. Was it the crowd?

7-6 6-7 2-6 Roddick needs to try and get the ball away from his opponents forehand but it’s very difficult. Del Potro moves better than he looks. And when confidence is high, the big serves start to fly in, it’s 40-0. Longest rally for some time but Rod goes long and the 3rd set is Argentinian.

7-6 6-7 2-5 A net cord helps Delpo but Roddick is still moving well and chases down a dropshot to swipe away the winner. An ace seals the game but one feels this set is probably gone for him at this stage.

7-6 6-7 1-5  Ace…ace…two more big serves and a winner down the line. The die appears to be cast here

7-6 6-7 1-4  Delpo seems to be dong everything right and Roddick seems hesitant to come into the net and it’s costing him, 0-30. Only 4 points so far for Rod in this set. That’s a bit better though, lovely dropshot and better serving from the American and he’s doubled his number of points in this set.

7-6 6-7 0-4  Big serving from the Argentine, 9th ace, it’s over in a flash.

7-6 6-7 0-3  The Argentine is returning really well at the moment and it forces Rod to buckle and double fault twice for 15-40, two break points for a double break… class tennis from DP pushing his opponent further back before executing the measured dropshot. The third set is slipping away from Roddick already.

7-6 6-7 0-2  Rod has a sniff at 0-30 but DP takes control back to take the next 4 points finishing with a couple of good serves

7-6 6-7 0-1  Three big serves are followed by 3 bigger returns! It’s 3 break points….and a great dropshot from Delpo. Masterful break from the tall man.

7-6 6-7 (4-7)  What a forehand return from Delpo! That’s the way to take a set

4-6  chip and charge effective this time from the American

3-6  backhand slice is a little lame from Roddick. 3 set points…

3-5  great energy from Roddick charging in to retrieve the dropshot but his next volley goes long

3-4  129mph serve down the middle

2-4  same story different outcome, Delpo going long

1-4  neither man holding back on the groundstrokes, but Rod eventually going long

1-3  unrerturned serve from the Argentine

1-2  better one this time

0-2  not the time for a double fault really

0-1 Delpo pushes his man from side to side before running in to the net to force the error.

7-6 6-6  one soft forehand into the net, one power forehand winner from Roddick before a beautiful drop volley, 30-15. Big serve, Delpo netted backhand. Tiebreak time!

7-6 5-6  Roddick growls like a fox in a fight as he chases down a dropshot but Delpo is unamused and then passes the American. The Argentine smacks down his 6th ace before Rod hits long

7-6 5-5  These guys are glued to the baseline at 30-15 and Roddicks forehand eventually wins out. He’s taking the gamble with the groundstrokes and it’s paying off at the moment. Good serving wraps it up

7-6 4-5  Blistering passing forehand from the Olympic bronze medalist gives him the third of 4 commanding points for a love hold

7-6 4-4 Good striking from Roddick keeping his opponent at least 2m behind the baseline and a couple of serves takes him to 40-0. Lovely forehand winner up the line from the South American nabs him a point before yet another ace.

7-6 3-4   Backhand winner up the line gives Rod 0-15. Delpo likes to do that to, and duly obliges. He can also Ace! Couple of errors though make it deuce but Delpo then serves it out strongly.

7-6 3-3  Roddick tries a cute dropshot – stright into the net. The second point is lengthly with a power smash from Roddick being returned before he chases up to the net and swivels 360 to put the volley away. He follows that with an Ace but then Delpo show how solid he is from the back of court in another rally that ends with the American netting. The serve wins out though, he wins more than 90% when the first serve goes in

7-6 2-3  long rally at 15-15 with Roddick doing some great defensive work in those ‘stars and stripes’ shoes on the baseline but eventually tires letting Delpo put it down the line. Two good serves from the Argentine wraps it up.

7-6 2-2  Second love service game in a row for Roddick. He’s hitting the ball very cleanly early on here and is high on confidence

7-6 1-2  Bit more pace on the groundstrokes from Delpo drawing errors as he goes to 40-0. The familiar combo of backhand slice and power forehand from Roddick gets one back but he follows that up with a forehand long.

7-6 1-1  I wouldn’t retire if I could serve like that! Juan gets a racket on one but it’s 4 quick easy points for the soon to be ‘veteran’.

7-6 0-1  Couple of errors now from A-Rod and Del Potro keeing it steady as he races to 40-0.  Roddick nicks a couple back after a double fault and an Argentinian groundstroke goes wide but then swipes a forehand into the net. Delpo’s on the board in this second set.

7-6   (7-1)  Roddicks come out like a rocket here this evening. Del Potro hasn’t had a chance to find a rhythm yet, the American serving big and returning with finesse. This may not be his final match…….

3-1 Delpo gets on the board

3-0 The American charges up to the net to put away an easy volley winner after working Delpo into the corner

2-0 Roddick takes the first mini break.

Play will resume today on Arthur Ashe stadium after the Sharapova – Bartoli match. Hopefully the weather will hold today!

1-0 Roddick hits a forehand winner to take a lead in the ‘breaker’

6-6 Del Potro is trying to move Roddick around, drawing him into the net with a dropshot before executing a very clever lob. Serves his first double fault of the match, but still manages to hold to 15. Tiebreak time!

6-5 Important hold for A-Rod. Wins a key 25 shot rally at 30-30, but he seems to be playing a game that suits the Argentine. Sweat is dripping off Roddick’s hat, produces a lot more unforced errors. Another break point opportunity for Delpo as he earns himself an advantage, but Roddick saves with an ace. Takes the next two points and Delpo will be servning once more to stay in the set.

5-5 Del Potro seems to be finding his game, he is executing more serves, his forehand looks to be more consistent as he holds to love. Roddick has to be careful here, needs a good service game.

5-4 BREAK! Del Potro takes the game to 30-30 from 0-30 down and subsequently challenges a line call, which gives him a break chance. Roddick comes up with an unforced error and the set is back on track. Delpo will be serving to stay in it..

5-3 The New York crowd witness the point of the match so far as Delpo hits a forehand pass after a long rally to level the score at 30-30. The Argentine fulfills his duty, but all over to A-Rod now – he will be serving for the set..

5-2 Roddick consolidates the break after a hard fought game. Del Potro takes this seventh game to deuce and eventually earns himself a break point after a unforced error from Roddick, but the American averts it with an amazing backhand winner down the line. A couple more points for A-Rod and this is certainly a huge hold for him.

4-2 BREAK! Two successful net attacks from Roddick and one unforced error from Delpo give the former world no.1 a couple of break point opportunities. Delpo saves one, but is unable to come up with a response to the second one as he nets an easy backhand.

3-2 Everything is set for a big showdown here on the Arthur Ashe stadium. Roddick obviously doesn’t want to get into any lenghty rallies, with his serve helping him on the way…

2-2 Del Potro levels the score, holds to 30. Roddick trying to attack the Argentine, but a great passing shot from Delpo seals the game

The crowd is pouring into the stadium now, everyone wants to see this big showdown between these two great players..

2-1 Roddick shows some agressive play, tries to come into the net after a good first serve. Another love game makes it three in a row. It is quite windy out there, but both players are experienced enough to deal with the tough conditions

1-1 Big service game from the Argentine too, follows Roddick’s footstepts as he holds to love as well

1-0 Roddick fires a couple of big serves, takes opening game of the match to love as he finishes it with a forehand winner

Play about to start, Roddick to serve

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