Novak Djokovic vs David Ferrer Live Commentary US Open 2012

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Djokovic – Ferrer


2-6 6-1 6-4 6-2 – Djokovic takes the first point of the game with a forehand into the open court and an unreturnable serve makes it 30-0. Ferrer nets a return and it is three match points for Novak Djokovic. The first is taken with a volley at the net to seal a hard fought win in 2 hours and 32 minutes. GAME, SET AND MATCH NOVAK DJOKOVIC

2-6 6-1 6-4 5-2 – Serve is continuing to be dominant late here and Ferrer goes up 40-0 after finishing off a crowd pleasing rally. Djokovic hits long to seal the hold but he will have two opportunities to serve for the match.

2-6 6-1 6-4 5-1 – Djokovic moves quickly into a 40-0 lead and has served much better this set, dropping just one point on his first serve. He takes the game at the second time of asking when Ferrer nets a forehand.

2-6 6-1 6-4 4-1 – Djokovic looks like he is happy with his double break lead and doesn’t look to force the issue. Ferrer holds to love but it looks like it too little, too late.

2-6 6-1 6-4 4-0 – Djokovic motors on and rushes into a 40-0 lead with some big serving. Two poor points make it 40-30 but he manages to hold anyway to make it two games away from the final.

2-6 6-1 6-4 3-0 – The Spaniard isn’t even getting the luck now either as a netcord goes Djokovic’s way to give him a 15-30 lead. Djokovic works his to two break points but both are saved, the second with an impressive backhand volley on the line. A big serve brings up game point but Ferrer double faults. Another break opportunity is available for Djokovic and he takes advantage as Ferrer nets once more. BREAK DJOKOVIC

2-6 6-1 6-4 2-0 – Ferrer takes the first point with a smash into the open court but the game is tied up with a cross court winner that clips the line. A backhand long from Ferrer gives Djokovic the lead in the game and ace no.6 for Djokovic brings up game points. Ferrer is wrong footed as Djokovic hits a forehand into the open court to seal the hold.

2-6 6-1 6-4 1-0 – Ferrer’s level has dipped again after those few middle games in the third set as his forehand is not working well. Three forehand errors contribute to a 15-40 deficit and the first point is taken with yet another error. If Djokovic can just hold his serve until the end he will be in the US Open final yet again. BREAK DJOKOVIC

2-6 6-1 6-4 – SET DJOKOVIC – Djokovic seals the hold with little trouble, as a strong first serve is netted by Ferrer and two backhands are hit long for a 40-0 lead and three set points. The first is taken with an ace down the T.

2-6 6-1 5-4 – Ferrer’s first serve works wonders again helping to take the first point, a strong forehand long from Djokovic makes it 30-0 and two more powerful serves give Ferrer a love hold to force Djokovic to serve for the third set.

2-6 6-1 5-3 – Djokovic’s serve is continuing to fire as in addition to to a well played drop volley, he fires down three unreturnables, sealing the love hold with an ace to force Ferrer to serve to stay in the third set.

2-6 6-1 4-3 – Ferrer drops the first point on serve but takes the next with a smash into the open court and a well disguised drop shot gives him a 30-15 lead. At 30-30, Djokovic hits a nice volley approach to set up the smash which he makes for the break chance, which is taken when a weak forehand is netted from Ferrer. BREAK DJOKOVIC

2-6 6-1 3-3 – Djokovic stops the bleeding with a straight forward love hold, sealed when Ferrer nets a forehand return.

2-6 6-1 2-3 – Ferrer looks to have got over the pain of losing the second set and looks a lot more confident as a volley makes it 15-0 and an unreturnable serve gives him a 30-0 lead. He seals his first love hold of the match when Djokovic hits long once more.

2-6 6-1 2-2 – A Ferrer backhand into the net gives Djokovic 15-0 but he cannot keep a forehand in play so goes to 15-15. An ace and an unreturnable move it to 40-15. The first game point is blown when Djokovic nets a forehand and the second goes the same way when Ferrer gets the better of a 26 shot rally. A forehand error surprisingly from Djokovic gives Ferrer a break point, and another lengthy rally is closed by a Djokovic error as FERRER BREAKS.

2-6 6-1 2-1 – Ferrer can do very little and errors creeping into his game are not helping as another forehand long makes it 0-15. Two strong serves see Ferrer take a 30-15 lead but Djokovic who has been hitting the shot well all day, makes it 30-30 with another a cross court forehand. The second of two game points in the game so far is lost with a double fault but Ferrer manages to finally win a lengthy rally when Djokovic nets. A volley at the net can’t be retrieved by Djokovic and Ferrer holds.

2-6 6-1 2-0 – Novak continues to dominate and starts off well with a cross court forehand for 15-0, gets pulled back to 15-15 but Ferrer can’t get anything back on a wide forehand for 30-15. Two strong serves seal the hold to make it eight of ten games that Djokovic has now won today.

2-6 6-1 1-0 – Djokovic continues where he left off in the second set as he gets the better of an extended rally when Ferrer hits long and the Spaniard’s mood isn’t helped when he puts a gimme smash wide. An unreturnable serve pulls it to 15-30. Ferrer’s 20th unforced error of the day brings up two more break points and the first is taken when he hits a backhand into the net. BREAK DJOKOVIC

2-6 6-1 – Djokovic starts off poorly as he fails to get a hold of a volley for 0-15. Some big serves get him out of a 0-30 deficit but a loose volley sets up break point for Ferrer. Some MORE extraordinary defence from Djokovic and Ferrer just cannot do anything to hurt his opponent right now as he nets to go to deuce. A superb cross court backhand after a lengthy rally brings up the first set point but it is wasted with a less impressive backhand. An ace brings up set point number two but again he disappointingly hits long. Djokovic finally converts at the fourth time of asking when Ferrer cannot get a big serve back. SET DJOKOVIC 6-1

2-6 5-1 – With Ferrer serving to avoid a 6-0 in the set, he gets a good start when a slice backhand goes wide from the Serb. A great volley ties it up though at 15-15. Ferrer gets the lucky netcord bounce this time though and it puts him up 30-15. He holds when Djokovic puts a backhand long.

2-6 5-0 – A big return forces Djokovic into hitting a backhand wide and a second sloppy error puts him 0-30 down on serve and the cross court forehand sets up three break points for Ferrer to avoid the bagel. A lucky netcord helps Djokovic save the first and the second is saved when Ferrer fails to get back a shot right on the line. The third is saved with an awesome backhand which Ferrer can do nothing about. Excellent defence from Djokovic once more means it is advantage and he converts for the hold.

2-6 4-0 – A forehand return is netted for 15-0 but Ferrer follows it up with a double fault. A backhand into the net makes it 15-30 and an error on the opposite side gives Djokovic two more break points and the first is taken for a DOUBLE BREAK DJOKOVIC.

2-6 3-0 – Djokovic goes down 0-15 but is denied of an ace by the umpire who rules the point had to be replayed after the hawkeye decision. It doesn’t effect him as he goes 30-15 up. At 30-30 Djokovic jams Ferrer with a difficult second serve and another error, this time on the backhand, is netted as Djokovic holds.

2-6 2-0 – A couple of loose forehands long see Ferrer fall to 0-30. Some incredible retrieving from Djokovic pays dividends as an incredibly poor dropshot is netted by Ferrer to give Djokovic three break points. Errors are beginning to creep into Ferrer’s game and he throws in another to drop serve to love. BREAK DJOKOVIC

2-6 1-0 – A much better service game from Djokovic as he holds to 15. A forehand volley sees Djokovic to 30-0 but he cannot retrieve a cross court passing shot. A forehand error into the net from Ferrer takes the game to 40-15 and he holds when Ferrer cannot get a big serve back in play.

2-6 – Djokovic dragging Ferrer around the court to start and and Spaniard opens with a forehand long for 0-15, a forehand down the line sets up the Ferrer smash for 15-15. An excellent forehand down the line is somehow retrieved by Ferrer who puts a cracking backhand down the line past Djokovic. A weak return wide at 30-30 brings up set point and it is converted when a wild forehand is hit long. SET FERRER 6-2

RESUMPTION OF PLAY – The weather looks a lot kinder and the wind that plagued yesterdays matches appears to have dropped, something Djokovic will be extremely happy to see. He has never dropped a set against Ferrer on hard courts but needs an almighty effort to avoid that streak being ended.

PLAY SUSPENDED – Play has been suspended for the day due to the expecting incoming tornado. It will resume tomorrow at 11am local time.

2-5 – It looks like Djokovic will be served up a breadstick when he goes down 15-30, but does enough to hang in there and make his opponent serve for the set.

1-5 – The eighth unforced error of the match from Djokovic makes it 15-0 as he nets a backhand but Ferrer hits long for 15-15 but he is not troubled from then on and holds for a 5-1 lead to force Djokovic to serve to stay in the set.

1-4 – Djokovic starts off with a double fault to go 0-15 down and another 0-30 but an impressive backhand volley makes it 15-30. Ferrer wrongfoots Djokovic to get two break points, converting the first for a DOUBLE BREAK lead.

1-3 – Ferrer continues to remain strong on serve, taking advantage of a sluggish start from the Serb holding to 15.

1-2 Djokovic is struggling early and looks in danger of going down a double break when he puts himself in a 0-30 deficit, but reels off four points in a row for the hold.

0-2 Djokovic is getting exposed at the net again and again early as another passing shot puts Ferrer 15-0 up but a volley from Djokovic ties it at 15-15. A strong serve gets Ferrer out of a 15-30 hole but he can do very little about a Djokovic lob – a ploy I expect both players will employ today – to set up break point. A weak backhand into the net takes it to deuce and another loose shot before a big serve seals the hold.

0-1 – The wind is still affecting the conditions and Djokovic wins the first point when Ferrer shanks a forehand return. A forehand wide makes it 30-0 but two passing shots tie it up at 30-30. An excellent backhand return sets up break point for the Spaniard and with Djokovic stretching Ferrer all over the court it looks like he will save it but a terrific lob leaves Djokovic stranded once more at the net and FERRER BREAKS.


Novak Djokovic wins the toss and elects to serve.

There’s a quick turnaround here as the post-match on court interview is cancelled, along with the traditional hitting of balls into the stands. The organisers want the players out as soon as possible to avoid any more rain delays, although they may be inevitable with storms forecasting in the next few hours.

Live commentary will commence here as soon as the players start warming up.

Defending champion Novak Djokovic will take on David Ferrer in the second men’s semifinal of the day here at the 2012 US Open. The Serb has seemed to have found his touch again, dispatching 2009 Flushing Meadows winner Del Potro in straight sets in the last 8. However, the Spaniard will be more than willing to reach his first career Grand Slam final (his best here in New York is 2007 SF).

Djokovic leads the head to head against Ferrer with 9-5, having beaten him twice this year (Australian Open, Miami).

The winner will face Andy Murray after he navigated through a tricky four set encounter with Tomas Berdych.

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