Djokovic vs Del Potro Live Commentary @ US Open 2012

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Djokovic def. Del Potro 6-2 7-6 (3) 6-4

Djokovic – Del Potro

6-2 7-6 6-4 GAME, SET, MATCH DJOKOVIC! The Serb wraps it up with yet another solid service game. Although Delpo manages to get the crowd on his side with a spectacula passing shot, Djokovic’s ground strokes are just too good today and and he proves it with two dream backhands down the line to seal the match.

6-2 7-6 5-4 A love game from the Argentine and all will come down to the next game. Will the Djoker be able to book his US Open semifinal place after the following service game?

6-2 7-6 5-3 There is a sense of desperation in Del Potro’s shots as he isn’t able to penetrate Djokovic’s defence at all. He will be serving to stay in the match.

6-2 7-6 4-3 The Argentine fulfills his duty. As we are approaching the final stages of the set, it seems to be slipping away from Delpo. He needs the break urgently, otherwise he could find himself in the locker room in just a few minutes.

6-2 7-6 4-2 Del Potro is two points again from taking Djoko’s serve, but the Serb is mentally super strong and comes up with some big serves when he needs it the most.

6-2 7-6 3-2 Del Potro finds himself in trouble yet again as he has to save two break points at 15-40 down, but he finds a way to get through it. One more loss of serve could be the end of Del Potro’s 2012 US Open dream.

6-2 7-6 3-1 Out of the blue, Del Potro goes 30-0 up and has got a massive chance to get himself a three break points, but fails to put away a short backhand as he hits the net. Eventually, he ears himself a break back point, but just doesn’t seem to be able to seal it when it matters the most. Djokovic produces an outstanding forehand cross-court winner to take a 3-1 lead.

6-2 7-6 2-1 After a long period of time, an easy hold to 15 for Del Potro and he is still alive in this set and the match.

6-2 7-6 2-0 Another huge game as Djokovic consolidates the break after saving a break point. The Argentine is trying his best to get the break back, takes a 40-30 lead. But the Djoker always seems to be able to come up with an answer, his serve helping him on the way. Nails a backhand winner to seal it.

6-2 7-6 1-0 BREAK! Del Potro starts the third set with a double fault. With a couple of unforced errors on both sides, the game goes to deuce. Djokovic stretches for a wide backhand and seems to hurt his back a bit, but he looks ok after a couple more rallies. The break only confirms that he means business out here and wants to wrap this up as soon as possible.

So far, rallies that have gone to 4 shots or more, have been won by Dj0kovic by 45-18

6-2 7-6

7-3 The Serb hits another winner and takes a very improtant two set lead in the match

6-3 Three set points after a spectacular rally, the crowd is on their feet

3-3 This time the tape is on Del Potro’s side as the backhand return from the Serb sails out after hitting the top of the net

3-2 Djoko is back on track, two serves for the Argentine

0-2 Early mini break for Delpo, one more serve for him

6-2 6-6 Djokovic is hanging in there, defies Delpo four game points. He gets a set point opportunity, but the Argentine saves it with an aggressive forehand. Del Potro has to work hard for every single point now, even when his first serve finds it’s mark. Another unforced error from him gives Nole one more chance to close out the set, but Delpo averts it with one more forehand winner. After the Argentine saves the third set point against him, he finally manages to force a tiebreak after an unbelievable 17 minute long game.

6-2 6-5 Another shift in momentum? Djokovic seems fired up once again and we all know how dangerous he can become when he sniffs just a bit of a chance to close out the set. A must hold for Delpo here…He needs to believe that he can produce another victory against the defending champion Novak (after beating him in the bronze medal match at this year’s Olympics).

6-2 5-5 BREAK! The Argentine misses an easy volley at the start of the game, but recovers quickly. Djokovic has a big chance to go 30-15 up, but just doesn’t do enough damage on the fairly easy looking backhand volley and Delpo punises him for that. However, Djokovic shows some unreal movement and defense skills as he wins the last two points of the game. Delpo can’t believe how much ground the Serb covered there.

6-2 4-5 Djokovic does his job, but will have to take Delpo’s serve in the up and coming game if he wants to remain in this set. A little bit of music during the change of ends is entertaining the NY crowd.

6-2 3-5 Del Potro fights back from 15-30 down. Closes out the game with a bit of a luck as he hits the tape and the ball rolls over to Djoko’s side. The Serb will be serving to stay in this set.

6-2 3-4 No problem for Djoko, probably the shortest game of the match so far, holds to love.

6-2 2-4 Whenever Delpo’s first serve find it’s mark, Djoko is in trouble. But winning only 3 points out of 10 on the second serve, Djokovic uses it to his advantage as he earnes himself a break point at 30-40. Luckily for the Argentine, his first serve and the forehand help him to avert the disaster and you almost feel that the next game will be a must hold for the Serb in this set.

6-2 2-3 Important game for the Serb and he doesn’t allow Del Potro a single point as he reduces the lead.

6-2 1-3 Delpo wins another monster rally of 27 shots and follows up with an ace to take a 30-15 lead. He is definitely inflicting some damage on Djoko’s game. Holds to 30 just after exactly one hour of play.

6-2 1-2 Djokovic escapes a double break down as he comes back from 0-30. For a while it looked like Delpo started to dominate the baseline, but the Serb won’t be that easy to crack.

6-2 0-2 The Argentine holds to love and he has now won 9 out of the last 12 points. A lot more aggressive play from the 2009 US Open champ.

6-2 0-1 BREAK! Del Potro shakes off the bad start into the match and after a very average first set, he strikes in the opening game of the second set. Breaks his opponent to love. Are we witnessing a turn in this encounter?

6-2 BREAK & SET DJOKOVIC! Most of the longer rallies go to Djokovic, who is trying to keep the ball nice and deep, pushing the Argentine right behind the baseline. Two set points for the Serb at 15-40 , but Delpo averts both of them to take it to deuce. The Argentine hands Djokovic another set points after he misses a forehand approach down the line and the Serb strikes with a backhand dropshot to take the first set in just 39 minutes.

5-2 Djoko gives Delpo half a chance at 30-30 as he misses aan easy backhand approach, but the Serb plays another outstanding rally afterwards to earn himself a game point. He hits another double handed killer backhand down the line and the Argentine will be serving to stay in the set.

4-2 The only thing that keeps Del Potro’s hopes alive in this set is his serve. Three serve winners and he reduces the lead. Will he step up and be a bit more aggressive on Djoko’s serve now?

4-1 Djoko consolidates the break with a hold to 15. Delpo needs to wake up quickly otherwise this set might be gone forever. He seems to be standing way behind the baseline, rather defensive display so far from the Argentine.

3-1 BREAK! The Serb is trying to move tha tall Argentine all around the court. Del Potro produces three unforced errors and finds himself 0-40 down. He saves one, but Nole takes the second chance with an inside out forehand winner and moves ahead in the first set.

2-1 Djokovic using his double handed backhand really well. Roddick tried it yesterday, but Delpo will have to pay a lot more attention to the Serb’s lethal double hander today.

1-1 Massive rally on the second point of the game, with the Argentine coming out on top. A couple of aces follow to give him two game points, but Djokovic fights back to deuce. A couple more big serves help Delpo out of trouble as he levels the score.

1-0 Djoko hits a couple of winners and closes out the game with an ace. Holds to 15 to take the lead in the match. The long awaited encounter between two US Open champions gets under way…

Djokovic to start serving.

Players are just about to enter the Arthur Ashe stadium.


Live Commentary will commence as soon as the players start warming up.

Novak Djokovic will face Juan Martin del Potro for a place in the 2012 US Open semifinal. The Serb leads the head to head against the Argentine with 5-2, having beaten him at their last match at the 2012 Cincinnati Masters. They  have also met back in 2007 in the round of 32 at Flushing Meadows, with Djokovic prevailing in straight sets.

Djokovic made his way into the quarterfinals after Wawinka retired in their previous round meeting whilst trailing 6-1 6-1 3-1 and Del Potro eliminated former world no.1 Roddick in four sets 6-7 (1) 7-6 (4) 6-2 6-4.

The favourite of the match has got to be the Serb, but you can never write Del Potro off, who has beaten Djokovic in their bronze medal match at this year’s Olympics.

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