Andy Murray vs Tomas Berdych Live Commentary US Open 2012

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Murray is through to his second US Open Final!!

Very tough conditions out there this evening, perhaps the toughest seen at the US Open and Andy Murray coped better than Tomas Berdych to leave a lot of smiles in the Murray camp. Berdych just couldn’t make the most of his weapons whilst Murray kept his composure and showed some typical defensive class to get through. He now awaits the winner of Djokovic – Ferrer, a match to be played shortly.




9-7  Berdych long!

7-8  It’s match point to Murray as Berdych hits long again!

7-7  Ace from the Czech!

6-7  It’s match point to Murray as Berdych hits long again

6-6  Berdych goes long

6-5  Berdych comes into the net and it’s a simple volley. Set Point..

5-5  Fantastic backhand return from Murray!

5-4  Great second serve into the body from Murray

5-3  Well worked round the court from Murray and a sizzling backhand winner

5-2  Berdych ace

4-2  Good return from Murray and three shots later Berdych goes long

4-1  Murray screams in frustration as his forehand comes off the tape out and flies out

3-1  Murray’s on the board as Berdych finds the net

3-0  Ace from the Czech

2-0  Berdych cements the break with a big smash.

1-0  Berdych has no respect for Murray’s second serve and smashes a return winner for a minibreak.

7-5 2-6 1-6 6-6  Murray can smell the final right now but Berdych hasn’t read the script, big commanding serves and forehands getting him swiftly to 40-15. Great passing swings from Murray are too much for Berdych’s volley talents in the next point but an ace out wide means it’s tie-break time!

7-5 2-6 1-6 5-6  The first point sees a competitive baseline exhange with Berdych piling on the pressure with power before he pushes one a little too hard. The second point is well worked by Murray as he forces Berdych to go long before a rare Murray ace gives him 40-0. Lovely sliced backhand on the approach from Murray and they’re back in their seats for a quick drink.

7-5 2-6 1-6 5-5  Good start from Berdych, charging into the net after forcing his opponent wide. Murray then hits two signatury backhand winners down the line that no other player does better before Berdy puts away another smash up court for 30-30. 132mph serve from the Czech does enough for the next point before another big serve seals the game.

7-5 2-6 1-6 4-5  Murray needs to hold his nerve now in this fresh onslaught from Berdych. He does so as he moves the Czech around the court forcing errors to move to 40-15. Berdy catches one very clean  in the next point but another Czech forehand long puts Murray one game away from his fifth major final.

7-5 2-6 1-6 4-4  Can the players hear my thoughts?! Berdych looks very much like the world no.6 right now, he’s hammering every ball into submission as he moves to 30-0. Murray decides to have a go at it too, it pays off the first time but the ball flies long in the fourth point and it’s 40-15. Murray then finds the line but a strong serve and clean winner from Federer’s conquerer evens the set up again.

7-5 2-6 1-6 3-4 Great hands from Murray putting a half volley right into the corner. Berdych fails with a couple of returns and it’s 40-0.  Whoa! He got hold of that return though! Rocket return up the line. He can’t repeat it though, Murray’s back in front.

7-5 2-6 1-6 3-3  Murray tests Berdych’s resolve at the net and the Czech comes out on top after a ten shot exchange before Murray goes long with the return for 30-0. In fact Murray doesn’t get a point in the game and this feels like a possible turning point in the match.

7-5 2-6 1-6 2-3 Has Berdy just woken up or does he now feel he has nothing to lose. Either way he’s letting fly with the forehand and suddenly the Scot is facing three breakpoints!…He negotiates the first one with a gutsy dropshot…a superb rally follows that has a bit of everything but Berdych eventually goes just wide. One more break point…Murray’s forehand buckles this time and we’re back on serve for the set.

7-5 2-6 1-6 1-3 Berdych will move to no.6 in the world after this week and he defeated the world no.1 in the last round but you wouldn’t think it were true right now. Murray is staying calm and waiting for the errors to flow from his opponent. Murray quickly drums up two break point chances…first goes into the net…great save from the Czech as some quality power strokes pen Murray back before Berdych hammers a forehand down the line, we haven’t seen that for a while.  A 132mph ace helps Berdych to advantage before Murray drops into the net. The Czech is on the board in this fourth set.

7-5 2-6 1-6 0-3 The crowd is a little subdued at the moment as this contest does appear to be fizzling out but WOW, Murray dispatches a backhand crosscourt winner with king cobra venom in it for 30-0! Higher confidence makes for higher serve percentages and the game is over in a blink.

7-5 2-6 1-6 0-2 That spectatular wind has to take some of the blame but Berdych is now up to 46 unforced errors as Murray moves to 0-30. Make that 47 as Murray now has two break points…the lob doesn’t have enough on it from Murray and the Czech smashes with ease. Wonderful example of his talent as he stretches Murray on the backhand side before charging in for the angled volley. However, asecond breakpoint chance for Murray now as Berdy’s forehand goes long by a millimetre…The Brit has the same misfortune and it’s deuce. That’s a shame for Berdy as a loose forehand flies long and undoes the good work he’s put in. Another wild swing by Berdych and that’s perhaps the crucial BREAK for the Brit.

7-5 2-6 1-6 0-1  Berdych is gonna have to make something happen in the next twenty or so minutes to stop this match from slipping away. An error a piece, 15-15. Berdych isn’t changing much as he goes long twice more. However, he chances a run into the net and it pays off before Murray goes just long and we’re at deuce. Murray finds better serving when it matters though and he’s on the board in this fourth set.

7-5 2-6 1-6  The Czech again takes the first two points of his service game before a wild forehand goes crazily wide. The wind certainly has put the dampeners on this contest. Murray hits a winner up the line with his favoured backhand before then going crosscourt with it to gain a set point…Great serve, great return, great forehand, it’s deuce. Forehand in the net and it’s a second set point…The slicing and dicing doesn’t pay off for Murray this time and the second break chance goes begging before Berdy goes long to give him a third…returned wide. Deuce no3. A fourth follows and a fifth before a long rally ends with a crosscourt winner from the Scot giving him a chance for the set again. Berdych looks a little flat as he goes long to gift the Murray the set. The Olympic champion is a set away from his second US Open final.

7-5 2-6 1-5  Great backhand up the line by Berdy but Murray’s defence gets an A* again as he somehow gets back to slice it back over the net for the point. Berdych simply isn’t dealing with the wind, the errors are buidling up as he doesn’t register a point in this game, Murray wrapping it up with a crosscourt winner.

7-5 2-6 1-4  Berdy’s not throwing in the towel though as he charges into the net forcing the pressure for 30-0. A double fault follows again but two rare netted backhands from Murray wrap up the game for Berdych, his first for six games.

7-5 2-6 0-4  Bit of good fortune for the Scot as he finds the net and the ball trickles over but the next point sees one of the luckiest dropshots I’ve ever seen! That came straight off his frame and didn’t give Berdych a chance. Murray is in his head now as two more errors in quick sucession hand Murray the game.

7-5 2-6 0-3  The Czech gathers himself together and serves well to take the first two points but Murrays footwork and quick brain can produce great winners, the passing shot to make it 30-30 is a good example. He’s so good at finding his opponents feet when they come in towards the net. Berdych should take the game as he hits a winning volley with great angle but Murray somehow manages to get to it and pass. Incredible footwork! Murray has a break chance now…and lots of slicing and dicing again from Muray draws another wide error and that’s another BREAK.

7-5 2-6 0-2  I don’t want to tempt fate for Murray fans but he’s looking like he may run away with this match right now as the errors are flowng from his opponent. Quick game and Murray hasn’t lost a point yet in this third set.

7-5 2-6 0-1  If Berdych was speaking English there I’m pretty sure he just mouthed ‘this is ridiculous’ – of course a reference to the wind which is genuinely wreaking havoc on this match and unfortunately is removing a large proportion of the players’ tactics. A wry smile from Tomas to Andy as he asks if he’s ready to receive. The wind doesn’t think so! Three quick errors from the server sho looks a little distracted now, 0-40. Another goes long and Murray has another early BREAK.

7-5 2-6  WOW! The players can’t help but smile in disbelief as one of the players’ chairs and equipment bag fly onto the court as Murray serves! Surely this wind is makng conditions dangerous now?! Berdych goes long twice, it’s 30-0. Cracking exchange! Berdych has the won twice but Murray’s reaction defence gets both hammer blows back over the net, no mistake with the third hit ffrom the Czech. A mistake on the next point though gives Murray 2 set points to even up the match…he takes the seccond as his opponent hits the return long. Game on.

7-5 2-5  Flawless backhand skills from Murray in the first point and a cheeky little lob gives him0-30. Lovely stretch volley from the Czech followed by some really heavy forehands take back to 40-30 in his favour. Murray steps in and hammers the return down the line to force deuce. Unstopable that one. Berdych now finds his A-game in serving and wraps it up.

7-5 1-5  Both players finding a lot of lines in the first point before Murray blinks first. Murray has to step away before serving as a towel is actually blown off a chair beside him. Windy!! Double fault follows but he passes brilliantly on the backhand side to salvage 15-30. Berdych hammers a few groundstrokes at his counterpart but Murray’s defensive have good length and the Czech buckles. More power in the shot making from Murray and finding the lines gives him the game. Good recovery

7-5 1-4  There have been a handful of superb points in this match but the wind has generally caused the senses to be dulled so far. Oh hang on! There’s a big plastic bag floating through the stadium! Perhaps he heard me, Andy with a sublime drop volley for 15-15. Ok ok, this is rapidly inproving! Great cat and mouse at the net followed by a smash from the Czech that Murray reads beautifully sending it to the baseline. Here’s a break point for Murray again….ace. A double fault brings up another chane for the Brit…great defence again from Murray and he’s a double break up in this second set as Berdy goes wide.

7-5 1-3  Chuckles inside from Murray as he makes an 88mph ace! No that’s not a typo. Can Beerdych blame that on the wind? Not sure. Couple of errors follow from the Czech, its 40-0. Murray should put the game to bed on the next point as the ball sits up to be put away but he goes long. Great pass angled across the line on the stretch from Andy on the next point to finish the game.

7-5 1-2  That is some point by the Czech! A long rally but the Czech starts to wind up the forehand and sends Murray all over the length of the baseline before reaching 40-0, fast. Now it’s Murrays turn though, wrongfooting his opponent twice for a couple of points. But then he finds the net. Topsy turvy game.

7-5 0-2  2 first serves takes the Scot to 30-0. Thenan error from Berdych is followed by probably Murray’s fiercest forehand of the match. Quick game.

7-5 0-1  The Czech fails to chase down the short ball  and then treats his challenger to a double fault for 0-30. WHAT A POINT! Incredible defence by the Scot followed by a reflex lob and a fabulous sliced volley give him 3 early break points….first goes long on the return….BREAK! Berdych goes long to hand Andy the advantage.

7-5  Murray looks a little out of sorts as he hits lamely wide in the first point. The wind aids him in the second but Berdych is coming into the net to take control and it’s 15-30. Murray finds the net, it’s 2 set points…The Czech dumps the first into the net…but two great forehand blows and that’s the SET for Berdych!

6-5  Murray throws his racket down in disgust as Berdych comes out of a long rally with a forehand winner. Haven’t seen much of that from him this year. He does hit a winner crosscourt for the next point but thats all he gets from this game.

5-5  Cracking inside out backhand from Berdych is followed by an unforced by the Scot. The ace that follows is Murrays fastest hit of the day at a mere 121mph. The wind certainly is fierce! That ace has got Murray going though and he works his opponent from side to side for the next couple of points before serving out.

5-4  The czech races to 40-0 with an ace and the big serve and forehand combination. Murray rallies as his endurance comes to the fore in two long exchanges but the Berd smashes overhead and sits down at his chair.

4-4  Berdych puts 2 returns long and then a great baseline rally sees the Czech eventually smash away for 30-15. Murray smacks an ace down but Berdych is is forcing some errors out of him still and we get to deuce. Just 1 point out of 7 on second serve for the Brit. He has been defending the net well in this championship so far and does so again to win the game.

4-3  The Czech misses wide with a volley but gets lucky on the next point as a similar effort catches the net and dribbles over. With this wind Murray seems to be slicing and dicing from both sides but when he gets back to hitting over the ball he finds the net, it’s 40-30. The Brit is starting to claim a few more of the baseline rallies though and at least forces deuce. Berdych sees out the games as the wind again seems to be altering Murrays length judgement.

3-3   Berdych had a few words to say to Murray in that last game, it would appear there is no love lost here today. Murray’s first serve registers at 101mph, an indication of the havoc the wind is causing. Nervertheless he races to 30-0. Berdych comes out on top in the next point as Andy frames a forehand after a lengthy exchange. We’re at deuce when Murray decides to unwind on a forehand. Beautiful shot…..And another down the line for the game.

3-2  Boy it’s windy! Berdych tosses the ball up and it flies away from him! 3 big forehands see him reach 40-0 in double quick time though. Serve down the line seals it

2-2 The Scot now playing into the wind at the change of ends and quickly dumps a couple  into the net but rallies well for 30-30. Berdych rushes into the net on the next point to set up a break point but Murray saves it with a perfect dropshot. BREAK. Berdych runs into the net to force the breakpoint chance, a popular tactic here early on in the wind. Murray goes long with a lob to concede the break back.

1-2   The Scot reminds Berdych of the quality of his returning on first serves which forces the big man to find the net for 15-30. Berdych puts a smash away for the next point before we see a carbon copy of the third point to give Murray his first breakpoint opportunity…great half volley dropshot from the Czech to save it. Wow! That was some backhand from Berdy up the line but Murray makes life difficult for him at the net to take the next point. Berdych is working his serve well in the deuce court but Murray is pegging his man back on the ad side. Alengthly rally ensues on the 4th deuce which sees Murray rushing in to draw the error. Break point….KABOOM. Berdych, off balance smashes a forehand pass crosscourt to save it. He succumbs to the Scot’s pressure on the next break point and Murray pips in front.

1-1   Murray gets off the mark winning the game to 30. Murray comes out on top in a couple of cat and mouse exchanges. Berdych wont want to get drawn into too many points like that against the movement and skill of his opponent.

1-0   Not many in the crowd here at the moment as Berdych negotiates a comfortable service hold to start, finishing off the game with a rifled crosscourt backhand. Windy conditions.


Live commentary will commence here as soon as the players start warming up.

Andy Murray will face Tomas Berdych in the first men’s semifinal today at Flushing Meadows and will be hoping to at least repeat if not best his 2008 US Open result, when he lost to Federer in the final match. Berdych was the one to upset the Swiss maestro at this year’s tournament, beating him in the quarters.

Berdych leads the head to head against Murray with 4-2, having beaten him in their last encounter at the 2012 Monte Carlo Masters.


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