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She’s a striking 5ft 8 and doesn’t always look happy on court but Aggie Radwanska is slowly winning an army of admirers.

The baseline game may be predictable from the 23-year-old but she also possesses a subtle tactical intelligence coupled to grace and flexible movement. This can test even the most powerful of opponents, but on closer inspection the baby faced Pole has a lot more in her armoury. Great hands and feet means she can get down to shots many other players would find hard to match. One of her tactics is to hit a drop-shot to bring the opponent to the net just before producing a picture perfect lob to capture the point. Her delightful drop shot party piece is always worth watching.

Radwanska has the ability to anticipate her opponents groundstrokes  making her good at going from defence to attack. She has the unique ability to draw her opponents in and overwhelm…….  without them realizing until it’s too late.  She rarely loses matches by a wide margin, and this makes her a difficult player to beat on most days. Aggie is quietly courageous and will never shirk a challenge in the heat of battle.

She may not have the strongest serve in the world but she more than makes up for this by her ballerina like movement across the court. There’s no systematic grunting, she simply gets on with it using the minimum of fuss. She can hit exquisite backhands from both an open and closed stance. You can also expect volleys from a number of areas, and she has stamina aplenty without being the perfect athlete. Born In Krakow, she also speaks a little English, but her easy going manner and gentle smile has endeared her to fans all over the world. She has an aggressive game without being in your face.

Coached by Tomasz Wiktorowski (Polish Fed Cup coach); she also works with father, Robert from time to time. Radwanska began playing at the age of four when her father introduced her to the sport. Aggie grew up playing at club in Gronau, Germany, where her father was club pro. She turned pro herself in April of 2005 and with a ranking of eighth in the world she has emerged as a serious Grand Slam contender of the future.

Radwanska became the first Polish player in history to claim a Sony Ericsson WTA Tour singles title when she won the Nordea Nordic Light Open. In 2008, she won three more singles titles: the Pattaya Women’s Open, the Istanbul Cup, and the International Women’s Open. Radwańska has also reached the Wimbledon Final this year losing out in a fascinating encounter with Serena Williams. Her ambition is to both lift a Grand Slam and become number one in the world. It comes as no surprise to discover she has  a high regard for Pete Sampras because ‘he won everything’.

Believe it or not Wimbledon was her first grand slam tournament and the second prize of 557,000 pounds sterling is the highest she has ever won on the court. After the final she told the crowd: “I’m still shaking so much. I think I had the best two weeks of my life.”

Had she not been unwell leading up to the final, who knows how close it would have been. But despite starting slowly she did eventually give Serena Williams a lot to think about. Afterwards, Serena added: “Aggie played so well and that’s why she’s had such a great career and she’s so young and you guys should give her another round of applause.”

The next 12 months will prove  to be a crucial phase of her career but there’s little doubt her big heart will take her to future glories. A case of Aggie, Aggie, Aggie, win, win win!!

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