Murray – Baghdatis 2012 Olympics Live Commentary

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Murray v Baghdatis

4-6 6-1 6-4: A net cord a piece before Murray passes down the line. An overhead smash from the Cypriot makes it 15-15. What a point! Tiring rally for both players but Baghdatis holds his nerve to smash the ball down the line. Not so clever next point as a sloppy shot finds the trams and Murray is back in the game at 30-30. Bahdatis goes wide, match point…..MURRAY WINS!! A thunderbolt of a forehand and then a huge roar from Murray and a shake of the fist as he celebrates reaching the quarterfinals of the Olympics for the first time. It took 33 winners and 1 hour and 58 minutes to battle past the man from Cyprus where they still wait for that elusive medal

4-6 6-1 5-4: They trade early blows before Baghdatis finds the line with an overhead smash. Very nice. Murray hits a winner and then an error, it’s 40-30. Baghdatis then goes long for deuce, Murray does the same but thehen cunjures up a forehand winner for yet another deuce. Murray looks like he wants to finish this one now. He can’t though, lovely volley cross court fromm Baghdatis and he then takes the game after Murray goes wide. Murray to serve for the match.

4-6 6-1 5-3: Murray looks pumped as he fires down an ace and then a forehand winner. He’s only lost one point on his serve in this set so far. Great rally from the pair until Murray strangely puts the ball in the net from close range. No mistake with the net play in the next point and then a running forehand pass gives Murray the game. Murray looks a different animal from the first set

4-6 6-1 4-3: The man from Cyprus is not done yet though and constructs two nice points to start. Murray comes back strong though with a dropshot and then forces two mistakes to bring up a break point. He fails to convert that one, Baghdatis throws in a big serve but then Murray fires two rockets to get another break point. Baghdatis responds with an ace. Two errors from Murray seal the game for Baghdatis.

4-6 6-1 4-2: Ace from the Scot. Baghdatis finds the net in the second point but can do nothing about Murray’s next two serves. Quick one.

4-6 6-1 3-2: Murray is taking advantage of some poor dropshots now and Baghdatis is still finding the net. Baghdatis saves one break point with some aggressive play but Murray gifts him the next point. Better from Murray as he draws the error to get back to deuce again. Baghdatis makes no mistake with the dropshot this time and then hits a fine serve for the game. He’s still in it.

4-6 6-1 3-1: Ace to start and then into the net for a volley winner from Murray. Baghdatis goes long trying to force something to happen but gets a point as Murray goes wide. Rare error from him in this set. Baghdatis then does the same and the Briton stays a break up.

4-6 6-1 2-1: Cute dropshot from Murray but that’s a doozy of an ace from Baghdatis. Murray goes long on the forehand and then Baghdatis finds the baseline to wrap the game up

4-6 6-1 2-0: Murray doesn’t like a line call on the baseline. Hawkeye agrees with him and then Baghdatis goes long for 30-0.  Two good serves from Murray make it eight points in a row for the Briton.

4-6 6-1 1-0: The start of the final set is delayed as the players wait for the crowd to finish a mexican wave. always nice to see! What a first point! A long rally concludes with a diving volley winner for Murray. Unforced errors starting to flow for Baghdatis and three break points coming up……Murray only needs one to BREAK as Baghdatis finds the net.

4-6 6-1: Murray bags a couple of easy points before a sloppy dropshot makes it 30-15. Two shots up into the tramlines from Baghdatis and that’s the second set to Murray. Game on!

4-6 5-1: Murray goes long twice for 30-0 before Baghdatis throws in another double fault and a smash into the net. A great return winner from Murray brings up another break point……Baghdatis concedes as he hits nto the net once more.

4-6 4-1: This is not how to play after you’ve just broken as Murray makes two very sloppy errors. That’s better though as he forces Baghdatis to go long after a lengthly exchange and then smacks an ace down at 136mph for 40-30. Slightly controversial moment as Murray is forced to replay a point after he hit a clear winner. No problem for him though as he drills down an ace. The crowd are cheering loudly for their man now.

4-6 3-1: Loopy backhand from Murray just long. That’s better from the Scot though as he grinds down his opponent for 15-15. A double fault is followed by a lovely drop shot by Baghdatis and a bit of scrapiness by both players brings up deuce.  A forehand winner from the Cypriot makes Andy react, another beautifully constructed point from the Briton and another big forehand brings up break point……BROKEN! Mistake at the net from Baghdatis and Murray is a break up.

4-6 2-1: Baghdatis tries a swivelling forehand winner but it’s just wide, Murray hits the big serves to make it 40-0.  That’a a nicely constructed point by Murray eventually hitting a backhand winner down the line. No points dropped in that game for the Briton.

4-6 1-1: Murray looking more energetic now but can do nothing as Baghdatis smashes at the net to move to 30-15. A double fault follows but Baghdatis is running again to force the error, 40-30. They trade a couple more points before Murray goes long with a forehand.

4-6 1-0: Entertaining first point of the set as Murray at the net duels with Baghdatis at the baseline. Murray wins it with a drop volley which leads him to quickly wrap up the game to love.

4-6: Murray bulldozes his way to the net and forces the error before hitting a return long, 15-15. Weak forehands into the net from both players make it 30-30. Baghdatis gets what he prays for though as he smacks two massive serves down to wrap up the first set.

4-5: Silly error from Murray before Baghdatis forces another mistake 0-30. Murray hits a strong cross court winner but a further mistake sets up two set points. Two huge serves! We’re at deuce. Strong resilience from Murray as he powerrs through two more to take the game. Baghdatis to serve for the set….

3-5: Great return from Murray draws the error before Baghdatis strikes down an ace, 15-15. He’s coming out on top in the longer rallies and goes 40-15 up. Another excellent return form Murray draws an error from the Cypriot and then Murray draws him in to the net for more of the same, deuce. Superb touch from Murra after a rocket forehand draws a break point….wide. Baghdatis has a game plan and is coming into the net to pile on the pressure. Baghdatis has a game point now but in staying back he feels the pressure now and folds first. Second deuce. Miss hit from Murray followed by a big forehand winner means we’re at deuce again. Fabulous play from the Cypriot, a well crafted point with a forehand winner cross court follwed by a big serve. Break consolidated.

3-4: Not enough pace on an approach shot from Murray and then another error makes it 0-30. A really strong rally then ensues and Murray blinks this time, three break points…… Third BREAK of the set as Murray goes long once more.

3-3: Nice exchange to start before the Cypriot finds the tram lines. No mistake in the next point though, overhead smash for 15-15. Murray asking some questions of him here and Baghdatis resonds with two winners and seals the game

3-2: Murray starts with a big serve but then a poor error and a double fault, 15-30.  He’s not got into his rhythm yet. That serve is good when it goes in though and Murray is quickly back to 40-30. First decent rally of the game and Baghdatis blinks first, putting the ball into the net.

2-2: Baghdatis working the Murray forehand but Murray simply passes him crosscourt for 15-30. An error from both players sets up a break point for Andy…..lots of slice from both players before Baghdatis goes topspin and long. BREAK BACK!

1-2: Ah, here he is. A big ace down the middle is preceeded by a Baghdatis forced error. Murray is working Baghdatis around the court now and it’s a game to love for the Scot.

0-2: Baghdatis certainly starting the better of the two and wraps up a very quick game to love! Not sure Murray has arrived yet.

0-1: The Cypriot forces a couple of early errors from Murray but then throws one in of his own, 30-30. Not sure if it’s the wind but that’s another forehand in the net from Murray, break point….long rally…. BREAK!  A wide forehand winner seals the break for Baghdatis.


Live commentary will commence as soon as the players enter the centre court at the All England Club at Wimbledon.

Andy Murray will play Marcos Baghdatis once again on the grass courts of the All England Club, this time for a quarterfinal spot at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Their last meeting happened at this year’s Wimbledon championship, the Brit prevailing in four sets under the closed centre court roof (because of darkness).

Murray, who has got a positive 4-3 head to head record against Baghdatis, has been playing some high quality tennis so far, dismissing Wawrinka and Nieminen in the previous rounds.

Baghdatis booked the third round in a very similar fashion as the Brit, beating Soeda and Gasquet without dropping a set.

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