Maria Sharapova launches SugarPova

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Maria Sharapova and SugarPova

Maria Sharapova has recently embarked on a journey into the candy business. On 20 August 2012, she launched SugarPova, a premium line of gummy candies.

She partnered with Jeff Rubin, an international retailer and founder of It’Sugar, to produce candies featuring names such as the lips shaped “Flirty”, the bear shaped “Cheeky”, the tennis ball shaped “Sporty”, and the rainbow shaped “Smitten”.

Maria has said this is, “The most exciting project that I’ve ever done because it’s my own business, my own investment, my own money.”

The candies will be sold online at,, and, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Maria Sharapova Foundation. The Foundation supports students in areas of Belarus affected by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear meltdown.

After being involved in promoting and endorsing products for other businesses, it seems like a logical step for Maria to be the face and promoter of her own business. In an interview at the launch of SugarPova in New York, she said, “I’ve learned so much from different brands, whether it’s advertising or marketing. Their knowledge kind of came together in my brain and it was that inspiration that led me here.”

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