Federer vs Del Potro Live Commentary @ Olympics 2012

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Federer* v Del Potro. Sets 1-1

19-17  GAME, SET, MATCH! Roger misses the first match point with an easy volley, but holds his nerve and a couple of points later, he raises his hands to the heaven in celebration

18-17  BREAK! Federer strikes again, he will get another chance to close this one out and play for a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics

17-17 Someone has brought a baby along to the match! It has been crying in the background for a while, but it doesn’t seem to affect Federer as he levels the score

16-17 The Swiss maestro is once again getting a good chance for a break, but misses his opportunity. Surely, the Fed Express must be thinking – what the hell have I got to do to break this guy!

16-16 Federer’s serve has kept him in the match for quite a while now. When he comes up with the first serve, Del Potro struggles to win the point

15-16 The Argentine seems to be under a lot of pressure once more, but manages to come back from 0-30

15-15 Roger shows his mental strenghth and holds. It has become the longest tennis match in Olympics history, with 3 hours and 58 minutes on the board

14-15 An amazing game for Delpo, he saves three break points from being 0-40 down and takes Fed will have to serve once more to stay in the match

14-14 Love hold from Federer with no real stress on his serve in this game

13-14 And right back at you from Del Potro

13-13 Neat hold with some nice net work again there from Federer

12-13 The pressure out there is incredible, and Federer relieves it slightly by exercising his right to a comfort break. The players are now only just short of the record set earlier in the week of 3 hours 57 minutes. Even more impressive when one remembers that it is only a three set match!

12-12 Cool work from Fed as he recovers from a 0-30 hole and 2 points from defeat to square it at 12

11-12 Fed goes long and Del Potro takes his second straight service game for 12-11

11-11 In an exact opposite of his last service game, Federer holds to love this time

10-11 A few nervous moments from Del Potro on his serve there, but he ends up holding out

10-10 But… stay where you are, as Fed drops his serve to love to return to status quo!

10-9 Break Federer. JMDP smashes it long. Fed has the chance to serve for the final and at least a silver

9-9 You see the sequence now – Fed holds to pull it in

8-9 Nerves of steel there from DP there as he holds from 0-30 with some phenomenal tennis

8-8 Federer’s serve looking the more assured right now and he holds again for even pegging at 8

7-8 JMDP saves off a break point which would have put him in the mire here. He finally holds to move to 8-7

7-7 Is that Tsonga/Raonic Olympic record from earlier this week under threat already?!

6-7 Ace to hold again for DP

6-6 What pressure? Fed holds to love again. The art of a great champion to step up when it matters the most

5-6 JMDP holds again to force Fed to serve to stay in it again. I’m sure you don’t need reminding that there is no tie break in the decider.

5-5 Fed holds in the quickest game of the match. Pressure back on Del Potro

4-5 Back and fourth deuce game, but JMDP aces to complete the hold. Fed serving to stay in it, stay tuned!

4-4 Slightly more straightforward hold from Federer there to bring it to 4 each

3-4 What a game there! Del Potro saving a break point and hitting some cracking shots

3-3 Mirror image of Del Potro’s last service game as this time Fed is taken to 30 but holds his nerve

2-3 After my last comment that was always on the cards – a tougher hold to 30 for the Argentine there, but he is still yet to drop his serve in this match

2-2 Another hold from the Swiss there. It just feels as though Federer is having to work that slight bit harder to win serve than his opponent is at the moment. Will that be a factor later in the set?

1-2 No letup in the Del Potro serve still as he takes this one. Having thought it was Del Potro’s to win in the last set, this one is delicately poised now

1-1 Cracking hold from Federer from a 0-40 hole

0-1 Del Potro gets the deciding set rolling with a hold, which was important as he may be struggling to work out Federer is now level in this match

Second Set Tie Break: 7-5. It was 4-1 Federer at one stage, then Del Potro clawed it back to 4-4. But Federer holds it out 7-5.

6-6 Tie break time. Delicately poised. Delicious prospect here.

6-5 Just what Federer needed there, with a hold to love to force Del Potro to serve to stay in this set

5-5 Del Potro with another impressive service game there. He’s in the groove and is looking the more likely winner here at the moment

5-4 Federer may have used his ‘get out of jail’ card in that game. From 40-0 it ended up as a deuce game, but he held out in the end

4-4 But Del Potro holds right back. Really hotting up now, next few games will be really interesting

4-3 Federer holds to 15

3-3 Del Potro holds again with some nice net work as we approach the business end of the set

3-2 Very close call for Federer there, but he holds out to keep it on serve

2-2 So much for that idea! Del Potro holds comprehensively to keep it on serve at 2-2 in the second

2-1 Slightly more comfortable hold to love in this one for Federer to put the pressure right back on Del Potro. This could be prime time for a break for the Swiss having come so close in Del Potro’s last service game

1-1 Deuce game on Del Potro’s serve, with Federer passing up an opportunity on a break point. But Del Potro somehow holds to bring it to 1-1

1-0 Good confident start there from the Wimbledon champion, and important for him to re-establish himself a little in the early stages of the second set after the way Del Potro took the initiative to win the first

First Set

3-6 And that’s it for the first set. That all happened in a bit of a hurry, but from 3-3 and both players looking generally comfortable on serve, Del Potro stormed those last 3 games to sieze the initiative in this semi.

3-5 The Argentine’s form on the serve carries through into this game, and he took his second break point as Federer netted a backhand. Del Potro now has the opportunity to serve for the first set

3-4 Perhaps an understatement, but Del Potro’s serve has hit stride nicely here as he sends a bruising ace through to hold

3-3 0-30 start on serve for Federer here, but he completes the comeback to hold with a cracking forehand

2-3 Federer goes long with a forehand as Del Potro wins his third service game

2-2 Important to remember it is best of three sets still until the final. So less margin for error. Fed holds again in this one

1-2 Although he had to stave off a break point, Del Potro manages to hold out to keep it on serve

1-1 Emphatic reply from the Swiss though as he holds to love in his first service game

0-1 The Argentinian will get us underway on Centre Court. And he holds comfortably to get off the mark

Clearly a crucial one this, with the winner certain to take home an Olympic medal for their country. The loser will contest the Bronze match against the loser of Murray v Djokovic which is later today.

1st versus 9th in the world, and Federer leads the head-to-head 12-2.

Coming up…. Live match commentary of Federer vs Del Potro.. Could be a classic!

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