Djokovic – Tsonga 2012 Olympics Live Commentary

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Djokovic v Tsonga     6-1 7-5   FINAL

Tsonga probably won’t be watching any replays of that second set but it was a very efficient display from the Serbian who looks to have raised his level for the latter stages of this competition. Too many errors in all from the Frenchman but when Novak Djokovic is hitting groundstokes that sweetly up to the baseline it’s hard to criticise his opponent. 75% first serves in from the Serb also suggest he will prove a real tough opponent for Great Britain’s Andy Murray in their semi-fianl tomorrow.

6-1 7-5: Djokovic serving for a place in the semi-finals and Tsonga goes wide with a forehand but nothing will stop that – Ace, 30-0. Two points from victory. Textbook topspin Djokovic forehand, three match points…..another first serve out wide and DJOKOVIC WINS!

6-1 6-5: First point in six gives Tsonga 15-15 but he doesn’t quite get down low enough and a backhand finds the net. Now a forehand long and Djokovic has two break points……ACE!……one more….lovely sliced volley sent deep from the Serb and that could be the crucial BREAK. He’s done a good job of turning this set around.

6-1 5-5: Is this the moment for Tsonga to strike? Apparently not as Djokovic finds two big serves. A bit of smashng practice at the net ensues as Jo-Wilfred pops the ball up for his opponent three times in succession. No mistake on the third one from Novak and it’s an efficient forehand that then seals the game.

6-1 4-5: Tsonga has controlled his service games better in this set but another big miss off the frame pegs him at 30-15. Second great volley of the game follows for the Frenchman but Djokovic hits the next one so hard from the baseline and it’s 40-30. Final point of the game and Djokovic drfits a forehand long.

6-1 4-4: First serve down the  middle followed by a body serve, 30-0. Tsonga stretches his opponent out wide to hit into an empty court before a big framed shot gives Djokovic 40-15. Tsonga finds his range on the next point though forcing Novak to hit long. Lovely exchange now from all corners of the court before Tsonga sucks his man into the net and Novak goes wide, deuce. Huge backhand from Tsonga but he hits the bread and butter short forehand into the net. Missed opportunity. Another forehand long gives Djokovic the game.

6-1 3-4: Djokovic drops just over the net to get to 15-15 before two missed forehands give Tsonga two game points. Yes, better from the French no1, smashing a backhand volley at the net to stay in front in this second set.

6-1 3-3: Djokovic winds up for a big one, it’s long. Next point he pushes the Frenchman wide and finishes the return but another unusual eroror into the net gives Jo two break points….ohh just wide through the wind from Tsonga, one gone….into the net on returning from Tsonga and Djokovic finds two first serves to control the last two points. Good escape from the Serbian.

6-1 2-3: Tsonga is beginning to express himself more now and also seems to have found his way to the net, two points won from there. Djokovic looks like the world no2 though, a perfect dropshot and it’s 30-30. Clean hitting from Novak brings up a break back point….theres that serve out wide again! Deuce. Oh but that’s just wide from Tsonga according to hawkeye and Novak makes no mistake running into the net to convert the second BREAK opportunity. Big shake of the fist from the Serb.

6-1 1-3: The serving from these two so far offers a different prospect for Andy Murray tomorrow to that of Almagro. Djokovic races to 40-0 before a dropshot from Tsonga is speedily raced down by the Serban to wrap up the game.

6-1 0-3: Familiar pattern here, Djokovic forcing an error with some powerful groundstrokes but Tsonga is serving big now and quickly brings up 40-15. That’s great work at the net by the Frenchman with a dropvolley. Break consolidated

6-1 0-2: Windy and behind the baseline, Djoko tries a dropshot, doesn’t come off. A good serve but then Tsonga, slices, approaches and puts away for 15-30. Pressure building? Djokovic smashed into the net from close range and it’s two break points…good deep second serve, one saved…chip and charge though from Tsonga this time, draws the error, he has a BREAK!

6-1 0-1: Prince William is grabbing some attention from the crowd and he’s a set down already but Tsonga looks relaxed as he sends down a rocket to start. More power on another one but there’s no free points against the Serbian and he forces a couple of errors for 30-30. Tsonga manages to bounce the ball on his foot before serving, must have distracted Novak as he goes way long. Another good serve seals the game

6-1: One error each before Djoko sends an ace down the middle, 30-15. Novak is rushing his opponent into making mistakes and a final zippy serve down the middle gives Djokovic the first set in double quick time.

5-1: I get the impression Novak doesn’t want to let his opponent into this match and Tsonga is looking a little flat. He needs more footwork with this wind. 0-30. Djokovic now has three break points after his forehand catches the wind and lands in. Two good serves, two break points saved….and that’s the third saved! Great exchange of slice and it’s deuce! Big serve wide from the Frenchman but a rasping return from the world no2 and we’re back to deuce again. Arguable the best returner in the game forces two long forehands from Jo-Wilfred and it’s another BREAK.

4-1: Good catch in the crowd after Tsonga hits one into orbit. Djokovic making short work of this game racing to 40-0 with the serve forehand combination. Hits one in the net but another first serve draws an error and the crowd are starting to chant ‘Novak’.

3-1: There won’t be much complaint of empty seats here today, pretty much a capacity crowd as Tsonga starts with a big serve out wide. Novak is hitting his forehand sweetly already today but another heavy serve from the Frenchman gives us 30-15. Ooh, that Serbian topspin forehand is on song though, twice, a break point now… ace saves this one. Cat and mouse as another long forehand from Tsonga followed by big serve number 4 takes it to deuce again. This game is a big one in the set and we’re on the fifth deuce when Jo goes long only to serve out wide to save another break point. Great ball striking from both players now but Novak finds the tape this time and one more big serve from the big man gives him a game.

3-0: Doesn’t look like the wind is bothering Novak today as he works his opponetnt around nicely for 30-0. Tsonga responds by coming to the net to apply some pressure and force an error. A second error follows from Djoko though and we’re 30-30. Tsonga works his opponent around the court this time and a forehand winner brings up a break back point….whoa…he’s completely missed that one!  Was it the wind or a dodgy bounce? Back to deuce. Better serving from the Serbian, two quick points and they’re sitting down again.

2-0: Tsonga responds with a good serve to open himself but that flat forehand of Novak makes it 15-15. The Frenchman pushing for an impression puts a forehand long  but doesn’t make the same mistake twice smashing one up the line, 30-30. That helps! Big ace down the line from Tsonga but a further forehand missing and a great return from Djokovic brings up an early break point. Nervy shot into the net from Jo-Wilfred and it’s an early BREAK.

1-0: Solid start from the Serbian with two strong serves followed up by an ace out wide. A loose backhand makes it 40-15. Djokovic rounds off the game with a topspin forehand and he’s on the scoring board.


We’re about to start then, we haven’t seen the best of Djokovic yet this week but he’ll need his A game against the Frenchman today as there was little sign of fatigue from Tsonga in his match against Lopez yesterday.

That sunshine means the players had to wait a little longer for the roof to be opened but they’re in good company on Centre Court today as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have settled into the Royal Box.

The players have emerged on Centre Court to warm applause in what will hopefully be the tie of the round.

The winner here will meet Great Britain’s Andy Murray who has just swept past Nicolas Almagro in straight sets on court no1 to reach the semi-finals.


Live commentary will commence here as soon as the players start warming up on Centre Court at the All England Club at Wimbledon.


Novak Djokovic of Serbia will play Frenchman Jo-Wilfred Tsonga for a place in the semi-finals of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Djokovic had to work hard yesterday against the batttling Lleyton Hewitt. After dropping the first set against the Australian, who settled well in the windy conditions early on, there were signs of a possible upset for the bronze medalist from 4 years ago. However, 9 aces and 16 winners from Djokovic saw him through to the quarters to set up this mouth watering encounter with Tsonga, against whom he enjoys a narrow 6-5 head to head record.

His French opponent has seemingly recovered from his marathon match against Raonic in the second round as he swept past Feliciano Lopez in 69 minutes yesterday. Tsonga has enjoyed an impressive year so far, making the semi-finals of Wimbledon just last month but will be hoping for no repeat of his meeting with Djokovic at the French open in May where he failed to convert any of the 4 match points he earned.

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