Djokovic – Hewitt 2012 Olympics Live Commentary

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Djokovic v Hewitt: 4-6 7-5 6-1   RESULT

Always a strong battle from Lleyton Hewitt so a good win for the world no2 but he wasn’t too happy with the surface again and the wind certainly caused him a few problems. Up next for him? Either Feliciano Lopez or Jo-Wilfred Tsonga awaits!

4-6 7-5 6-1: Hewitt just looking a little worse for wear now as Djokovic works his way to 30-15 but then Hewitt charges in and puts away a forehand to go to 30-30. Djokovic on match point…..long rally…….THATS IT! Hewitt into the net and Djokovic WINS to make it into the Olympic quater finals!

4-6 7-5 5-1: Clinical work at the net from Djokovic takes it to 15-15 before Hewitt mis hits a bal bouncing off the baseline. Nice little lob from Hewitt, 30-30. Djokovic then forced a break point but the steely Australian fires a forehand winner. Did I say steely? Double fault…..error in the net follows from Hewitt and Djokovic is a double BREAK up.

4-6 7-5 4-1: Djokovic is giving himself a talking to but Hewitt has hit another loose forehand to gift Djokovic 30-15. Two swift points for Djokovic consolidate the break.

4-6 7-5 3-1: New balls taken and they’re getting a hammering. A little too much though from Hewitt as he eventually overcooks a forehand.  Djokovic slides across the grass to good effect for 15-30 before another long forehand from Hewitt brings up two break points…..he saves one but another forehand miss from Hewitt results in a BREAK for the Serbian.

4-6 7-5 2-1: Long rally with Djokovic making the move in court sees Hewitt fail with a lob attempt. Another ace from Djokovic. He’s served well today. Hewitt is in the net to give Djokovic the game.

4-6 7-5 1-1: Not sure if the wind has changed but the unforced error count is mounting up in this third set already. One each here before a nice net exchange gives the Australian something to cheer and brings up 40-15.  Dokovic hits a winner cross court but Hewitt blasts one of his own up the line to square things up again.

4-6 7-5 1-0: An error a piece make it 15-15. Djokovic comes in and hammers a forehand before trying to repeat the same in the next point but it goes long. Another ace from the Serbian makes it 40-30 and Hewitt finds the net with his return. Serve held.

4-6 7-5: Magnificent rally from both players ends when Djokovic finds the line with a forehand winner. Clever dropshot from Djokovic before Hewitt sends him the wrong way, 15-30. Error from Hewitt makes that two set points. Djokovic slips, one set point saved…..not the second though. Another great rally in this match and Djokovic with a forehand winner to BREAK and take the second set. Just 8 unforced errors between them in that set.

4-6 6-5: Two aces and a forehand winner take Novak quickly to 40-0. A wide return from his opponent makes it a quick game. Hewitt will now serve to force a tiebreak in this second set.

4-6 5-5: Great work at the net, an exceptional backhand volley from Hewitt makes it 30-0 before Djokovic strokes a backhand pass up the line. Wow! Djokovic slips but manages to get back up to play a sliced backhand pass! Hewitt, nerves of steel, muscles through the next two points forcing two errors from his opponent.

4-6 5-4: Hewitt never giving up without a fight pushes to 30-30. Another long rally, plenty of variety, lots of sliced backhand before Hewitt turns his wrist over one and smashes it up the line. A great backhand pass follows from Hewitt and he’s BROKEN back!

4-6 5-3: Djokovic exasperated after the first point, Hewitt coming out on top of another lengthy rally. Two long forehands from Hewitt make it 15-30 before Hewitt finds a big serve, 30-30. Hawkeye is called in after Djokovic’s forehand down the line is not called out. That’s because it wasn’t. Fantastic rally with Djokovic stretching Hewitt from side to side and eventually winning out to BREAK the Australian for the first time. Djokovic will serve for the set.

4-6 4-3: Djokovic responds with three quick points but shouldn’t hit the net with a volley. 40-15. No mistake second time though as he volleys into an empty court. No break in this set yet then….

4-6 3-3: Great cross court backhand winner from Hewitt and three big serves make it Hewitt’s strongest service game of the match. The Aussies in the crowd are making themselves heard!

4-6 3-2: Entertaining first point as Djokovic wins the battle of the drop shots. A double fault is follwed by an ace down the middle, 30-15. Hewitt moves up the court to smash one away but in the following point finds the net before Djokovic forces a further error from the Australian to wrap up game 15 of the match.

4-6 2-2: Good start from Novak but Hewitt finds some white dust on the line for 15-15. Agood rally ends with another player slipping on the grass, this time it’s Djokovic. Better serving from Hewitt as he takes the game.

4-6 2-1: Was that a hattrick of aces?? Yes it was! 40-0. A nice serve volley combo wraps up the game to love for Djokovic. Great service game!

4-6 1-1: Eventful first point. Hawkeye gives Hewitt another first serve before Djokovic tries a lob through his legs to no avail. A well crafted point is sandwiched between two errors for Djokovic to make it 40-15. A forehand winner from Hewitt seals the game

4-6 1-0: Djokovic looking more assured at the start of the second set. Just one loose forehand gifts Hewitt a point but Djoko wins to 15 finishing with an ace.

4-6: Overhead smash from Hewitt followed by an ace takes Hewitt to 30-0. Incredible defense from the Australian then brings up 3 set points….Rocket forehand down the line from Hewitt seals the game to love and he is one set to the good. He’s pain free for the first time in years and now he’s halfway to beating the world number 2. Now for Djokovic’s response?

4-5: Hewitt jumping all over the Djokovic second serve to take the first 2 points. Response of a great player? Ace down the middle from Djokovic….and another. A long rally rally ensues with Hewitt smashing a forehand winner to set up a break point. Not for the first time in this tournament a player has slipped on the grass – Hewitt goes down, back to deuce. A couple of points traded before Hewitt brings up a third break point after Djokovic finds the net….BREAK!! A 20+ rally and it’s Hewitt who holds his nerve and Djokovic makes the error. Hewitt will serve for the first set!

4-4: Great start again from Hewitt, 2 big serves to start. Then a good forehand rally shows why the Australian is here, outmuscling Djokovic for 40-0. What’s this though? Two huge forehands from Djokovic take the next 2 points. Great anticipation at the net from Hewitt allows him to wrap the game up.

4-3: Both of these these men like to rally hard but the first serves are counting for both men right now. Djokovic also managing a cute volley for 40-15. An ace out wide takes the game. No deuces in this set so far.

3-3: Hewitt is serving well now and takes the game to 15.

3-2: A slightly lazy backhand goes long from Novak gifts the Australian 15-15 but the Hewitt works hard in the fourth point as a lengthy rally goes his way for 30-30.  A strong serve from Djokovic and a long forehand from Hewitt seals the game.

2-2: Hewitt uses his serve to great effect winning the first 3 points in double quick time before Djokovic makes light work of a second serve to make it 40-15. However an ace down the middle from Hewitt squares the match.

2-1: Djokovic takes the first point but Hewitt moves up the court nicely to take the second. As we saw yesterday, Djokovic’s serve looks in good form and he wraps up the game with an easy forehand put away.

1-1: Good start from Hewitt winning the remaining point required to make it 1-1.

They are back out. Just a 3 minute warm up and then we are under way

Well the covers are off! Players yet to emerge but no doubt we’ll be seeing some heavy groundstrokes very soon.

1-0  30-40 Rain Delay: The Australian looked to be just getting his foot into this match when the London heavens opened. Doesn’t look too heavy so hopefully this will just be a short delay.

1-0:  Hewitt picks up a couple of points early in the first game but Djokovic gets some good serving in to hold to 30.


Live commentary will commence here as soon as the players start warming up on the centre court of the All England Club at Wimbledon.

Novak Djokovic of Serbia will play Australian Lleyton Hewitt for a quarterfinal spot at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Djokovic, who had an impressive 2011 season, hasn’t quite repeated his spectacular performance during this year so far (despite a 43-7 win loss record), losing his no.1 ranking spot to Federer. However, he managed to come up with some superb tennis against the American Andy Roddick in the second round yesterday, losing just 3 games and he will be more than keen to better his bronze medal performance from the Beijing Olympics four years ago.

Australian Lleyton Hewitt, also a former world no.1, will try to improve his negative head to head record against the Serbian (Djokovic leading 6-1). Hewitt certainly knows how to bring out the best of himself for his country and he proved it in his second round match, beating Marin Cilic in straight sets.

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