Williams Family surprised as Venus keeps Battling on

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Oracene Price, Venus and Serena Williams’ mother, has recently admitted that she is surprised at how her eldest daughter is able to keep on playing despite her battle with Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease that has left the tennis star utterly exhausted at times.

Following two of her daughters’ triumph at Wimbledon this past weekend – Venus and Serena won their 13th Grand Slam doubles title together, and Serena was the winner of the Ladies Singles title – Oracene spoke of Venus determination to carry on playing the sport that is in her blood – “You know she’s out there and cant life her arms and stuff. It’s determination”. Believing that a large part of Venus presence on court during 2012 is her dream of making it to another Olympics, Oracene revealed that after the event she has “no idea” about whether Venus will continue to play or not.

As the oldest sibling Venus has often put the needs of Serena ahead of hers, but she is taking inspiration from her little sister following Serena’s own struggle with a life-threatening embolism and her incredibly comeback on Saturday– “Serena is an inspiration because if she can do that and she was on her death bed…at the end I can do it too”. And despite being on “her death bed” in 2011, Serena herself has revealed the role reversal that has occurred in their relationship saying that she has “to be more supportive….I also feel like I have to be really understanding even more so.”

Although Serena’s future on court seems pretty certain, especially if she remains true to form and continues to play as she did at Wimbledon this past fortnight, who knows whether Venus will continue to battle with her illness on court once her dream of competing at the 2012 Olympics is fulfilled.

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