Serena gets Social for the Olympics

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Reigning Wimbledon queen and over-all tennis powerhouse Serena Williams will be giving tennis fans across the world a unique glimpse at the Olympics through her eyes having been the latest star to invest in Mobil – the Forbes top 100 highlighted video and photo sharing website.

Joining movie stars like Leonardo diCaprio, Tobey Maguire and fellow athlete Lance Armstrong Serena is one of a long line of savvy celebrities who want to move beyond the regular endorsements and clothing deals that are regularly offered to those in their position. Already considered to be an even bigger draw for the fledgling company than diCaprio, thanks to her 5th Wimbledon win increasing her “marketability as a product endorser”, Serena is also more connected with her fan base – she has nearly 3 million Twitter followers alone and regularly tweets.

Still in its early stages, and nowhere near as omnipresent as Google or even photo-sharing sites like Instagram, Mobli is a company with big aims. Initially developed by Israeli entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg to be a content-sharing site, eventually Hogeg has a vision that the website will become “a place where people can see anything happening in the world at any time through other people’s eyes.” Although a slightly terrifying aim and objective, Hogeg is lauded by technology insiders for his innovative vision in “trying to build a platform that eventually will give eyes everywhere”.

Hogeg is also open in his admission that celebrity investment is key to getting regular people to visit the site and even though Serena’s snaps aren’t that thrilling yet – stuffed monkeys, manicures and cupcakes – if there’s one player who can get tennis fans interested there’s no one better suited than the formidable Serena Williams!

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