Olympic Gold is Andy’s next goal

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After his emotional Wimbledon final yesterday against Roger Federer that had tennis fans across the country glued to their TV screens, Andy Murray has set his sights on winning Olympic gold following a quick break away.

Murray’s pain and disappointment at losing his first Wimbledon final in four sets was evident for everyone to see, even though this was his third Grand Slam defeat at the hands of the Swiss tennis maestro. His heart clearly broken as he watched his rival lift the coveted trophy, some expected Murray to sink back into his usual ways of letting the loss affect him and his performance on court. But this is a different Andy Murray that we’re seeing this tennis season, one who won’t let the big losses get in the way of “winning an Olympic gold (which) is a big goal of mine.”

When asked how he was handling what could be considered the biggest disappointment of his career so far, the Brit politely answered that he would like to “go to Miami…(or) somewhere in Europe on holiday” and “could probably do with getting some sun and having a bit of time away from the court”. Although with the Olympic games starting in a matter of weeks Murray doesn’t have all the time in the world to indulge himself on long breaks away, he is at least aware of how much work needs to be done to stand a chance of winning the medal that will “ease the pain” of his loss to the triumphant world number 1 – “I need to make sure that over the next few weeks I do all the right things……I need to focus, get myself in good shape.”

Ivan Lendl, Murray’s coach and the man behind the mature and accomplished Andy Murray, has been typically brief in his consolation of his charge after the match. Reportedly only seeing Murray for “one minute” afterwards, he told Murray to “be proud of your efforts and the way you fought” – wise words indeed for someone who really did play true Grand Slam level tennis on Sunday. Lendl’s calm and focused coaching has clearly had an influence on the world number 4, and provided Murray continues to take his advice and play the tennis he has been playing winning Olympic gold could become a reality.

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