Murray vs Tsonga – The stats say Murray will make the final

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Keys to the match. Let’s look at some stats for all their Wimbledon 2012 matches to date (5 matches)…

Serve: Both men have won about the same percentage of first serves (Murray 78% / Tsonga 79%) but there is a large difference in the same figure for the second serve (Murray 66% but Tsonga only 59%). This stat will likely cause Tsonga a lot of problems as Murray has one of the best returns in the game and will be able to exploit the Tsonga serve to a greater extent than Tsonga’s previous opponents..

Return Of Serve: Murray makes 75% of returns back in court compared to only 63% for Tsonga. This underlines the point made above and Tsonga will have to have a huge serving day with over 70% first serves to come out on top (has made 64% in his last 5 matches).

From The Back Of The Court: Unforced to Winners on the forehand side shows Murray at 59%, and Tsonga at a similar 61%. However the same figure on the backhand is a massive 120% for Murray and only 86% for Tsonga. Murray has made a lot of backhand errors off the slice and with one of the best flat/topspin backhands in the game he should use the slice sparingly in this encounter.

Overall, with a 5-1 head to head advantage for Murray this is his match to win, and as long as Tsonga does not have an unbelievable serving day then we should see the first male British player in the Wimbledon final since Henry Austin in 1938 (Perry was last Brit to win the title in 1936).

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