Murray – Tsonga Wimbledon 2012 Live Commentary

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Murray v Tsonga. Final, Murray wins 3 sets to 1 (6-3, 6-3, 3-6, 7-5)

Game, set and match Murray 7-5 Murray breaks – I’m sure you don’t need me to say he’s the first Briton since 1938 in the final, so that ludicrous record is finally put to bed. He’ll play Roger Federer in Sunday’s final.

6-5 15-30 after a double and netting a forehand looked ominous for Murray, but he won out from there to take a 6-5 lead

5-5 Relatively comfortable hold to 15 this time from Tsonga to knot it up at 5-5 in the fourth

5-4 This time it’s Murray’s turn to have a nervy service game, also down 15-40. But he battles through to hold and now it’s Tsonga that finds himself serving to stay in the Championships

4-4 Gutsy recovery from J-W then. 15-40 down he rolled off four straight points to stave off the break

4-3 More like it from Murray as he holds to 15 with a powerful forhand out of Tsonga’s reach. Business end of the set approaching

3-3 And he backs it up with a hold to 30, including a great athletic diving volley for 15-15

3-2 Tsonga breaks back right away as Murray nets after 2 break points

3-1 Murray has two break points at 15-40 and Murray breaks as Tsonga goes long

2-1 Great forehand winner from Murray to win serve to 15

1-1 Murray puts a defensive backhand long for Tsonga to hold again

1-0 Murray holds after some tight rallies in the first game; Ivan Lendl looks on, but difficult as ever to read his thoughts

Third set:

Tsonga takes the set 6-3, and could the comeback king be back in business? He won that set without being entirely convincing, but whether or not that is a good thing for him or not remains to be seen.

3-5 Murray holds, and we’ll see if J-W can serve out the set and take it to fourth.

2-5 Great play from J-W to move to within a game of winning the third set.

2-4 Murray keeps the pressure on with a hold – more concerning is that J-W is looking in slightly bad shape with his back

1-4 Break-back for Murray, as Tsonga hits a wild backhand volley at 30-30. But Tsonga sends a 110mph serve down which Murray can’t get back for deuce. J-W snatches one wide for advantage Murray, but he lands just wide with a defensive lob. Deuce battle ensues, but J-W closes it out to hold

1-3 Good smash at 0-30 from Murray to win his first service point in this set, before pulling it back to 30-30 as J-W goes wide. But Murray nets a lame backhand for break point, but Tsonga flunks the return on a short kicking second serve from Murray. Good serve for advantage, and he closes out with a backhand winner.

0-3 Great stuff from the Frenchman to hold, albeit being taken to deuce on his serve again. He looks re-energised in this set.

0-2 Murray opens with a double, nets a forehand for 0-30, and then goes long for 0-40. Break to love for Tsonga as Murray goes wide with a passing shot down the line. Might be what the match needed at this stage.

0-1 Tsonga seals it with an ace down the middle to get off to a good start in the third

J-W needs to mix up his game a bit here. He’s looked quite effective when coming into the net, so it could be worth him going for broke and doing that some more in the third set.

Second set:

Murray takes the set 6-3 after Tsonga missed a couple of half chances in that game. But the Scot takes it, and has one foot in the door of the final

5-4 Tsonga’s serve gets to deuce again, but he closes it out with a deft angled volley

5-3 Great serving again from Murray to force J-W to serve to stay in the set

4-3 The fifth seed holds serve this time, tucking the game away to 30 with a neat forhand volley

4-2 Murray holds to love again, and he has only dropped one point on his serve in this set

3-2 0-30 with a double from J-W but he makes amends with an ace. Murray goes cross-court with a pass for 15-40 and two break points. First chance narrowly missed by Murray outside the line, and Murray goes wide again for deuce. Deuce exchange followed. Murray then goes down the line with a winner, and Tsonga then goes wide for the first break in the second set

2-2 Hold to love for Murray in a rapid service game featuring his sixth ace of the match

1-2 Hold to 30 for Tsonga as Murray goes long over the baseline

1-1 Murray wins to 15 with his fourth ace of the match. He’s looking quite confident at the moment.

0-1 0-30 at one point in this game, but J-W holds his nerve eventually to hold for 1-0 in the second. Although it’s still quite early in the match there’s the sense that was an important hold

Tsonga to serve first in the second; for his sake let’s hope he can open up with a better service game than the first set, as he looks to get himself back into this

First set:

Murray takes the set 6-3 Murray takes it with a mid-court forehand

5-3 The Frenchman forces his opponent to serve it out with a hold to 30, let’s see if Murray can serve it out. Based on his service games so far today he should be expecting to close it out first time.

5-2 Good serving this from Murray, combining good power and accuracy. Murray then hits a rasping forhand winner across court for 5-2

4-2 Tsonga closes out a much better game from his point of view with an ace down the middle

4-1 15-40 at one point in this game, but Murray recovered to deuce with a couple of strong forehands and closes it out with two 130+ mph serves to hold

3-1 J-W off the mark winning his service to 15.

3-0 Murray with a comfortable hold to consolidate his early break. Apologies for the earlier error on the Tsonga service game, at least the correction was welcome news to the British contingent at least!

2-0 Murray breaks Tsonga’s first service game, game on!

Decent start there for the British number one. All this talk of never having a better chance of making the final, that must affect the nerves.

1-0 Off we go on Centre. Murray holds to 30.

Live commentary of the Wimbledon 2012 semifinal between Andy Murray and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will start here during the match warm up..

Murray could become the first British Wimbledon Champion since Fred Perry has won this prestigious Grand Slam 76 years ago. On the other hand, Frenchman Tsonga will do his best to reach the final that eluded him last year after Djokovic beat him in the semis.

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