LTA bad timing with Olympic Kitting-Out

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We’re used to blunders from the Lawn Tennis Association when it comes to Wimbledon, after all this is the same organisation that prematurely arranged for a nationwide helicopter tour of the British winner of Wimbledon who never was, but their latest fiasco goes far and beyond that.

In supreme act of poor scheduling, the LTA arranged for their Team GB members and officials to be kitted out in the full Olympic clothing presentation yesterday, right in the middle of the Grand Slam at Wimbledon. With two members of the team missing – Andy Murray and Laura Robson, who is still playing doubles at the tournament – the tennis team’s kitting-out was a sorry affair indeed.

Traditionally a time for some much needed team bonding, the official kitting out of the tennis players was due to take place on July 11th, well after the finals at Wimbledon this weekend. It was revealed that only the team’s officials were due to travel to Loughborough yesterday to receive their kit, however the LTA made their usual misguided decision and asked for the team’s players – minus Murray and Robson – to receive their kits on Tuesday as well.

Attempting to defend its baffling decision, an LTA spokesman claimed that “we’ve had to be flexible given the nature of tournament scheduling….Paul Hutchins is bringing back kit for those players who haven’t been able to make it.”

If Murray’s performance on court this week is anything to go by, missing the official kitting out ceremony certainly isn’t going to affect him. However Murray could be a potential culprit behind the mysterious disappearance of the £28 Wimbledon towels that are going walkies from players’ dressing rooms. Witnesses have seen the world number 4 actually giving away two towels following his victory against Marin Cilic, although there are no explanations for the other 1800 towels that have been “estimated” as going missing!

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