Federer – Murray Wimbledon 2012 Live Commentary

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Live Commentary of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals semis:
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Federer vs Murray Live ATP Finals 2012


Murray v Federer. Sets 1-3 (4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4)

Federer wins Wimbledon! Game, set, match for Federer’s joint record 7th Wimbledon title, and he re-takes the world number one ranking from Novak Djokovic to top it off.

Fourth set:

4-6 Fed holds to 30.

4-5 The boy from Dunblane is going down fighting taking it to deuce. But Fed has the chance to serve it out for his 7th Wimbledon title. Stay tuned…

3-5 A few half chances for Murray there on the Federer serve, but the Swiss, cool as ever, staves it off to hold to 30 and within a game of the title

3-4 Another nervy outing on the Murray serve, but he grinds it out to keep it at one break

2-4 Murray missed a glorious chance for a winner at 15-30, and Federer never looked back from there, sealing it with a forehand volley to hold

2-3 Federer breaks to 15 with a smashing cross-court topspin backhand putting the icing on the cake

2-2 Murray can’t make a dent there on the Fed serve as he holds to love

2-1 Mild nerves for AM at 15-30 in this one, but he served it out well in the end to win to 30 and avoid another deuce battle. Let’s see what impact he can make on Federer’s serve here

1-1 Fed saves a break point at 30-40, but Murray flashes a forehand down the line just wide. All Fed from there and he closes out with a great forehand winner of his own to hold

1-0 Murray holds serve to 30, but he’s looking a little down here after losing the last two sets. Needs to pick himself up and pressure the Federer serve early here

Third set:

3-6 Fed aces it out to hold to 30 and take the second set.Goes without saying that Murray needs a good start to the fourth to keep this going, Federer is gathering momentum here

3-5 Murray holds to 30 to force the Swiss to serve it out

2-5 Fed holds to 30 to move within a game of taking a one set lead

2-4 First few nibbles at Murray’s second serve from Fed in this one, and after 20 minute, ten deuce exchange including six break points saved, but Fed breaks with a great show of steel. Pivotal.

2-3 Right back atcha as Fed sweeps it to love. Feels a bit like the early stages of the match again here as both players re-find their swing

2-2 Strong service game from AM there as he wins it to 15 with an un-returnable serve

1-2 Fed gets that one done. He went in 40-0 up and closes the game out. Now for the serious stuff

The players are back on court. Quick knock-up before we crack on with it beautifully poised at one set all and on serve in the third

Play is suspended with Fed 40-0 up on serve. Good time for a break for Murray. See you in 30 minutes folks

1-1 Tentative times at 30-30 but Murray serves it out to 30 to level it up at 1

0-1 Federer wins to 15 to open up the third

Second set:

5-7 Masterful from Federer to recover from 30-0 down to break to 30. Game on

5-6 Deuce game on the Fed serve but he takes it to force Murray to serve to stay in the set again

5-5 Murray getting good depth on his shots in this one, and has his eye in nicely on the serve to hold to love with a deft volley

4-5 Fed saves a break point at 30-40 as Murray misses a half chance by going long on a backhand. But he regained the advantage by taking the initiative on a nice backhand volley, but Fed recovers with a smash. Deuce exchange but Fed holds out as Murray goes into the trams

4-4 Federer up to 21 unforced errors now and he closes it out to 15 for 4-4

3-4 Although, anything you can do there from Roger, holding to love himself. Business end of the set approaching and there is the sense that Fed needs this set to stay in it

3-3 Easy hold to love there from Britain’s finest. Let’s see if he can keep the pressure on Fed’s serve

2-3 Fed holds from 15-40 down, that could have been a crucial point of the match there

2-2 That’s better from the Brit as he holds to 15

1-2 Another quick Fed hold this time to 30 to keep the pressure on Murray’s serve. The Briton could do with a more comfortable service game than the last one here to send a message back

1-1 0-30 start in this one, but Murray pulls it back to 30-30 with a good serve then a forehand winner. 30-40 though as Fed hits an unstoppable backhand return, but the Swiss then goes wide on a backhand down the line at break point. Three deuces follow before Fed goes long and then Murray wrong-foots him with a forehand to hold

0-1 That fast start I mentioned – Fed dukes it out to hold to love to start the second set in the manner in which he needs to continue

First set:

6-4 Murray serves it out to 15 with a calm display

5-4 Murray breaks to 15 as Fed nets a forehand, chance to serve out for the first set

4-4 0-30 start as Fed hits a nice forehand down the line. Murray recovers to 30-30 and then deuce. To and fro on deuce, Murray saves two break points before closing it out as Fed nets after an 11+ minute game

3-4 Fed holds to 15, but surprisingly he’s up to 10 unforced errors already

3-3 Deuce game, but nice kicking serve sets up advantage Murray and then Fed can’t get it back for a Murray hold

2-3 Sorry for the late start folks, blame the broadband (I won’t name the provider!). Interesting start, with Murray breaking in the first game, but Fed breaking back in Murray’s second service game to get it back on serve

Stevegtennis brings you the live commentary of the Wimbledon 2012 final between Roger Federer and Andy Murray.

There is a lot on stake, Federer is aiming to win his 7th Wimbledon title and potentially reclaiming the world no.1 spot. For Murray, it will be the most important match of his career up to date, he will be trying to become the first Brit to win this Grand Slam event since Fred Perry did so in 1936.

Hold on tight, let the spectacle begin!

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