Faith in Federer pays off from Beyond the Grave

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Throughout his career Roger Federer has impressed tennis fans across the world with his skill and potential, but none more so than Nicholas Newlife. The well known better was so smitten with Federer’s skills that he placed a substantial bet on the tennis ace to tie Pete Sampras’s record of seven Wimbledon singles titles. The prediction came true, but sadly the high-roller was not around to see it.

Newlife placed a bet of £1,500 with well-known bookmaker William Hill back in 2003, right after watching Federer win his first Wimbledon title. The keen gambler and big tennis fan had such faith in Federer’s greatness from the first time he saw him take the trophy at the grass court slam, but sadly he died in 2009 so was unable to see 66/1 bet come true. In addition to being a prolific high-roller, he was also a philanthropist and all of his belongings – including his long-range betting slips – were bequeathed to Oxfam.

The payout of £101, 840 is not only the first of its kind and magnitude in 40 years, but to the charity it could feed up to 10,000 families in the famine-hit parts of West Africa for a month. Speaking about receiving the payout following Federer’s spectacular seventh career Wimbledon title on Sunday, Andrew Barton Marketing Chief claimed that “All of Oxfam” had been cheering the superstar on throughout his progress at the tournament, but that the “real hero…must be Mr Newlife, for his generous gift and tremendous sporting acumen.”

Newlife’s incredibly savvy and clairvoyant-like betting has already benefited the charity once in the past when another of his predictions came true in 2009. This time the bet was placed on Federer winning 14 Grand Slam titles, and the resulting payout was an equally astounding £16,750.

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