Wimbledon Live 2012 Andy Murray Vs Marcos Baghdatis

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Murray vs Baghdatis: Final 7-5, 3-6, 7-5, 6-1

Just in the nick of time, Andy Murray beat Marcos Baghdatis in four sets to advance to play 16th seed Marin Cillic for a place in the quarter finals. Marcos Baghdatis leaves the 126th Championships with his head held high having given a good account of himself as always at Wimbledon.

That’s just about it for tonight, enjoy the day off tomorrow and looking forward to a great second week.

Set Murray 6-1! Murray finishes off his clearly tiring opponent as Baghdatis puts a final weary forehand long

5-1 Double break for Murray as he breaks to 15. Looks like it might finish tonight

This is the organiser’s nightmare scenario as it turns 22:58. The law, health and safety and all that good stuff on one side of the fence, and the home favourite on the brink of victory and an expectant crowd on the other!

4-1 Murray wins to 30 as Bhago snatches a backhand wide. Another look up at the clock from both players as they change ends

3-1 Baghdatis off the marks in the fourth with a hard-fought hold. He appears to be tiring though

3-0 A clearly hurried Murray holds again to move to 3-0, as word comes from the Club that only completion of a game can extend beyond 23:00

2-0 Murray breaks on his fourth break point to take the initiative in the fourth

1-0 Fairly comfortable hold in the end for Murray, but some great rallies in this one

Set Murray 7-5! Murray breaks to take the set, with the match approaching three hours and the dreaded 23:00 cut off

6-5 Murray holds despite having to stave off a break point at 30-40. Another ball fell out of his pocket aswell, something I had not seen happen in 20 years of watching tennis, and now I’ve seen it twice from one player in the same match!

5-5 Baghdatis holds with a resounding cross-court smash from advantage. Nicely poised at the business end of the set.

5-4 It’s a bit more comfortable this time as the Scot holds to love for the first time; Baghdatis serving to stay in the set.

4-4 Murray breaks the world number 42 back with some neat shots, but Marcos will be disappointed to drop that one.

3-4 Murray holds to 15 this time to stay in the second set.

2-4 Baghdatis survives a break point to hold with a great forehand winner down the line, with Murray dropping to 2 from 15 break points.

2-3 It’s the Cypriot who breaks first in the third, to 15 no less. He’s regained the momentum, and is playing the smarter tennis.

2-2 Murray had two break points at one point in this game, but Bagho reels off four straight to take it.

It’s looking like a long night, particularly for those dedicated folks that queued overnight last night for tickets today. But they have been treated to some excellent tennis today.

2-1 Murray holds to 15 and does seem to be grasping the proverbial nettle a bit more under the roof.

1-1 But a good recovery from Bagho, coming back from a 0-30 start to hold.

1-0 Good re-start for Murray holding serve to 15 with an ace.

Murray vs Baghdatis*: As It Stands 7-5, 3-6, 1-0

1-0 Good re-start for Murray holding serve to 15 with an ace.

It has to be said that break came at a good time for the world number four. Baghdatis was on the up for a while there. Let’s see what Murray has in the locker, apart from a load of strapping on his knee.

The players are back on court having a quick knock up. Will be resuming shortly.

“Play is suspended”! But don’t worry, it’s only for around 30 minutes while the roof is closed. Who’s round is it?

Murray* vs Baghdatis: As It Stands 7-5, 3-6

Set Baghdatis 3-6! One set all, as Bagho deservedly takes the second set 6-3.He’s a tough cookie is Baghdatis. If Murray thought he was in for an easy ride after the first set he was very much mistaken. He needs to find a way to get the momentum back on his side.

3-5 Murray holds to 30 with a nice dropshot to force Baghdatis to serve it out for the second set.

2-5 Bagho holds his serve, fighting off a break point at 30-40 in the process. Closes out the game with a neat cross-court backhand volley.

1 hour and 40 minutes so far. As the commentary team pointed out, this match is already longer than both of Murray’s previous matches, and we’re still in the second set.

2-4 Bagho breaks by really siezing the initiative with some poweful groundstrokes and winning to 30.

2-3 Murray misses a great chance to break again having been up 0-40. He missed a good chance for a winner down the line at 30-40, and a couple of other decent chances. Five advantages and deuces followed with both players missing chances.

Slightly muted atmosphere it has to be said on Centre Court at the moment, which might be explained by the slightly chippy match that is being played out in front of the crowd. If you are a fan of sliced backhand exchanges and several unforced errors, tune in quickly.

2-2 Bagho breaks straight back after a strange game with a few slips and mis-hits from Murray.

2-1 Murray breaks for 2-1. He got to 0-30 with some patient placed slices. Bagho replies with a winner, but then goes wide for 15-40 and two break points. Bagho saves the first with an assertive deep forhand into the corner which Murray can only just get some frame to, and then follows up with a well worked forhand winner from a long rally. Deuce. Advantage Murray with a backhand winner right into the corner after he opened the court with a backhand down the line. Bagho nets a backhand volley to concede his second break.

1-1 Nice dropshot by Bagho for 0-15. Murray aces to his opponent’s backhand for 15-15 followed by a Bagho netted forhand for 30-15. Good deep forehand forces netcord from Murray for 30-30, but Murray comes right back for 40-30. Closes out with a serve into the body forcing Baghdatis into a pushed backhand which loops long. 1-1 in the second.

1-0 Baghdatis sends out a message at the start of the second, holding his serve to 0 for 1-0.

Set Murray 7-5! Although Murray took the first set, you feel that he will need to find the next gear if he’s to close out the match comfortably. Bagho to serve first in the second.

Murray holds to 15 to take the first set 7-5. Textbook grasscourt point for Murray for 30-15, opening up the court for a backhand volley winner, followed by a cute dropshot for 40-15. Closes it out with an ace.

Prime time for Murray to break there for 6-5 and he has the chance to serve for the first set.

First break of the match, and it’s to Murray. Bagho’s serve goes to deuce. Murray gets the advantage as Bagho nets a backhand… but Murray nets. Back to deuce. Great outswinging serve for Bagho for the advantage, but he undoes it by going long on the following point. Forehand winner from Murrary from the mid-court after a nice dipping forehand forced a scoop from Bagho. Next point Bagho goes wide with a backhand half volley to drop his serve.

Even match so far – after the first 10 games it’s 5-5 and the points are split 50/50

Fairly comfortable hold to 15 for Murray, 5-5

Some better stuff there on the deuce exchanges including a 26 stroke rally. Bagho holds for 5-4

Scrappy service game for Bagho, and neither player has really gotten going yet. It’s deuce, as Bagho goes wide in the left tramline

Murray holds for 4-4 after Bagho nets a backhand at advantage Murray

Second deuce as Murray nets a forehand with Bagho putting on the pressure at the net

Murray challenges a baseline call at 30-40. It’s in, so we have deuce

130mph down the middle from Murray though for 15-30

No sign of a break point yet so far in this match, but Murray goes long for 0-30…

New balls. Murray to serve at 3-4 in first

Both players yet to get fully into their stride, and Bagho holds for 4-3

Nice overhead backhand winner at the net from Murray for 30-15

Longest rally of the match so far at 17 strokes – Murray nets a backhand for 15-0 Baghdatis, closely followed by a slip on the baseline for 30-0

Baghdatis nets for a Murray hold to 30; it’s 3-3 in the first

Nicely won rally by Murray there for 40-30 on his serve

Interesting point from John McEnroe in commentary – no player left in Murray’s half of the draw has been to a Wimbledon final before

Marcos holds to 15; Murray not really threatening his serve just yet. 3-2 and on serve

Celeb watch: Sir Bobby Charlton and wife in attendance, along with Boris Becker taking some time out from the commentary box to take in the match

Baghdatis goes long with a backhand meaning a Murray hold for 2-2

Deuce on Murray serve

Murray to serve at 1-2 in the first

Baghdatis with a comfortable hold to 15

Murray challenges a wide call. It’s out: 15-0 on Baghdatis serve

Fairly comfortable first service game for Murray, holding to 15 for 1-1

Decent first game for both players. Baghdatis holds to 30, but some good early returns by the Briton

Baghdatis to serve first

Off we go!

Head to head record is 3-3. But on grass it’s 1-0 Baghdatis…

The players are warming up. Atmosphere building. A cracker in store!

Murray v Baghdatis is next on Centre Court now that David Ferrer has knocked out Andy Roddick in 4 sets.

Wimbledon Live 2012 Andy Murray Vs Marcos Baghdatis. Follow the action live here.

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