The Case of Rafa’s Missing Watch

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With all the celebrations hat no doubt took place following Rafael Nadal’s incredible record-setting seventh win at Roland Garros, it probably comes as no surprise to learn that a few things went awry from the tennis star’s hotel room. But a $370,000 watch, surely that deserves an armoured guard?!

The luxurious Richard Mille watch – exact model RM 027 Tourbillion – has graced Rafa’s wrist on a number of occasions and weighing just 8gms he even wears it to play on court. Having worn the watch when he defeated Novak Djokovic in the Grand Slam final on Monday, it was missing when the Spaniard woke up in his hotel room on Tuesday morning. Although no signs of a break in were evident, none of Rafa’s friends or relatives have any explanation for its whereabouts.

The first place to check would obviously be the hotel’s swimming pool; we’re sure even international tennis pros indulge in a bit of tomfoolery following such triumphant wins. This isn’t the first time, however, that one of the specially made timepieces from the luxury brand, which are lent to the player, has gone missing. Back in 2010 a similar, one of a kind watch was taken from his locker room at the Masters 1000 Toronto event, making us wonder if Richard Mille will ever loan one of these expensive accessories to Nadal again. Is it simply a careless accident, or is something a little more sinister going on?

In other Rafa news, a charity auction that commenced on Tuesday is offering a 30-minute private lesson with the king of clay. Although the lucky winner of the auction will have to make their own arrangements for travelling to the star’s home in Mallorca, they’ll also be able to watch the man himself participate in an hour-long training session. Valued at $250,000 (not quite enough to cover the price of the missing watch!) all proceeds from the auction will be donated to Rafa’s charity supporting socially-disadvantaged children and youths.

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