Nalbadian still Competing at Wimbledon

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Despite his incredibly unsportsmanlike behaviour during his finals match against Marin Cilic at Queen’s on Sunday, David Nalbadian still plans to compete at Wimbledon next week.

As we reported yesterday, the Argentinean lost his temper during the final of AEGON championships and proceeded to kick an advertising hoarding into line judge Andrew McDougall legs. Although Nalbadian claims this was entirely accidental and that he was “very sorry”, the ATP chose not to overlook the incident, and he was severely punished and disqualified from competing in the rest of the match. This accident was particularly costly as he not only had to forfeit his £36, 500 prize money and ranking points but was also fined the maximum 10,000 Euros (around £6,400) for his “unsportsmanlike conduct” under ATP tour rules.

Despite outrage from tennis fans and tennis insiders about his behaviour, Nalabdian insists that he will not pull out and even hopes to repeat his success of ten years ago when he reached the finals. The former world number 3, who is still under police investigation after a claim of assault was made against him due to his antics at the weekend, has even drawn condemnation and criticism from his fellow players.

Former women’s world number 1 Caroline Wozniacki and the current French No. 1 player Marion Bartoli are just a couple of top-ranked names who have spoken out about backing the ATP’s punishment of the unruly player. But even his fellow players don’t believe that a financial punishment is severe enough in this case, and there are numerous calls for him to be banned from the grass court Grand Slam.

What do you think about Nalbadian’s plans to compete at Wimbledon? Has he been punished enough by losing a chunk of his earnings, or has his tantrum made him unworthy of playing alongside the world’s greatest on Centre Court?

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