Will Caroline Wozniacki Win Her First Grand Slam in 2012?

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Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki still hasn’t won her first Grand Slam title despite making a WTA debut in 2005 – but will her first win in a major tournament happen this year?

The Danish player had been the top seed since the 2010 US Open and she managed to hold the position for 67 weeks.

She also reached the quarter-finals of this year’s Australian Open, where former world no.1 Kim Clijsters stopped her from fulfilling her Grand Slam dream.

Despite entering 20 Grand Slams in total, she only managed to reach the final once (2009 US Open).

There was a lot of criticism about someone being world no.1 without having won any of the major tournaments, but Wozniacki has got 18 WTA singles titles to her name: three in 2008, three in 2009, six in 2010 and six in 2011.

The Dane’s achievements are not to be underestimated and at just 21 years of age, she has got many more years ahead of her to become immortal by winning one of the slams.

There are some superb athlethes in the men’s game too who can’t seem to get their hands on that golden trophy, amongst them the British no.1 Andy Murray.

Caroline has improved significantly in the world of tennis, where she has to fight against players with more experience and some big titles to their names, such as the William sisters, Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova.

2012 may be the year for Caroline, she will just need to come out of her shell and show the world all the talent that she possesses.

I think people need to believe in Wozniacki’s ability more: it’s easy for a critic to point out how a former world number one cannot push herself to pocket some major wins, but at such a young age she will surely gain the strength in body and mind that will get her to the top once again.


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4 thoughts on “Will Caroline Wozniacki Win Her First Grand Slam in 2012?

  1. Kanepi wins in three sets over Carolina. Wozniacki complains about the lack of HawkEye and that the chair umpire would have been “freaking embarrassed” during the match.

  2. It’s definitley not the players fault if she is number 1 without winning a slam, but they should make the Slams have more points so this is less likley to happen. If anyone should be critisised it should be the women winning the slams that obviously don’t put in the effort at the lesser events.

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