Becker’s watching Murray’s Back

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Having not had the best start to the tennis season, the current world Number 4 player Andy Murray is raising concern amongst his fellow professionals over the state of his health and physical well-being.

Former world Number 1 Boris Becker recently commented that he feels the Scotsman, who has been suffering with a severe back complaint, should pull out of the upcoming Roland Garros French Open this weekend to rest and recuperate before Wimbledon and the Olympics.

Murray’s discomfort with the injury was evident for all in the tennis world to see last week in Rome when he lost his match to Richard Gasquet, and Becker believes that pushing himself to compete at the French Open simply isn’t worth the risk, especially with the Olympics Wimbledon tournament just around the corner. Telling reporters at the Daily Telegraph that he is worried about Murray’s physical condition, Becker went on to explain that “Back pain is a disaster on clay. On any other surface you can handle it because you can finish matches quickly, but on clay you have to be ready to play for two or three hours every day…We saw Andy couldn’t handle that in Rome.”

Considered to be amongst the top 40 tennis players of recent times, Becker had an incredible career with a total of six Grand Slam titles to his name as well as an Olympic gold for his doubles win in Barcelona in 1992, so he knows more than anyone the physical demands that are placed on the body when competing in Grand Slam tournaments. Telling reports that “nobody can win seven matches over the next fortnight without being in decent physical condition, not even Nadal”, Becker is adamant that the best thing for Murray to do right now would be to kick back and rest especially since he has no realistic chance of taking the title this weekend.

And with Murray’s chances of claiming the Wimbledon title and trophy slipping further and further from his grasp as he reaches the end of his playing prime, let’s hope that he takes this advice before it could potentially be too late.

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