Koellerer gets lifetime ban, loses appeal

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28 year old Austrian tennis player Daniel Koellerer got a lifetime ban for match-fixing as he lost his appeal with the Court for Arbitration for Sport.

The ban was imposed by the Tennis Integrity Unit and Koellerer was accused of making “invitations to other tennis players to fix matches on five occasions” between October 2009 and July 2010.

However, he won’t have to pay the $100,000 fine previously ordered as he didn’t benefit financially from the above mentioned charges.
Koellerer became the first ever tennis player to be banned for life.
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One thought on “Koellerer gets lifetime ban, loses appeal

  1. He deserves it! No wonder we have got so much corruption even in tennis, this match-fixing thing is terrible! Hope it will open everyone’s eyes and there won’t be any more of this going on…

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