US Open 2015 Draw Sheet Brackets Challenge Game

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Many game improvements have been made since the last event (see bottom of this page for details).

Join over 1000 other users registered to play our game.

Cash prizes available for all draw pick bracket challenges 2015

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Easy to play:
1. Click on the WTA or ATP draw below, and if you have not registered do so.
2. After registering, make your picks for every match in every round in both men’s and women’s draws.
3. Check back daily to see where you are on the leaderboard!
4. As well as event leaderboards, there is also a global ranking for all events. Good luck!

Any questions or suggestions how we can improve the game? Email Tomas(@) (remove the brackets).

Don’t forget to email this page to all your tennis friends and you can see who can finish higher up the leaderboard.

US Open Draw Sheet Challenge Game 2015 – Play this bracket challenge game, have fun, and win cash.

*The Top user with best picks from the ATP singles draw will get $30, and Top user with best picks from the WTA singles draw will get $30 (payable via paypal). If you finish in these positions then email Tomas to claim your prize.

If you have an idea how we can improve the game, Email Tomas(@) (remove the brackets).

You can also play this bracket challenge same game via our Free iPhone / iPad App or our Free Android App

v3 Game Improvements (11/4/2014)

1. If you click the share button in on the website game or android app version and any of your friends sign up to play the game you will get 50 points per friend added to the next draw game, up to a max of 3 friends (150 total). This is possible per every event and can give you a nice advantage to win the game!

2. You can now have your own “friends” custom leaderboard that will show only those users that you want on it.

3. After the 1st round matches are complete for an event, you can then see any other users picks.

4. You can now edit your picks up until the 1st match of the event starts, then they will be locked automatically.

42 thoughts on “US Open 2015 Draw Sheet Brackets Challenge Game

    • tennisfan1 What about Dolgo man? He wasted Nadal @indianwells, and would have taken Federer if it wasnt so windy and he had hair in his eyes. Trust me this is the year of the Dog.

  1. There are so many glitches with this game, which is a shame as it is good fun. So many times it doesn’t take my choices through the next round or it doesn’t add up my score correctly.

  2. I don’t get why for some people if they make two incorrect predictions then it still carries their next choice through for the next round, while for other people it doesn’t. Seems like some people are getting an unfair advantage to get more points.

  3. The website does not seem to save my picks. I completed making my picks, then went to the main menu; When I returned to the web page for reviewing picks, my Picks were not saved. Could anybody please help?

  4. TO THE TENNIS CHANNEL:   We pay to watch Americans play in all Tournaments.  I do not pay to watch other tennis players (men or women) when Americans are playing.  If Americans are not playing tennis, I don’t mind watching other players.   If ESPN is showing basketball, boxing or some other sport, it is up to the Tennis Channel to show Americans whenever they are playing.  I do not pay ESPN to show the Tennis Tournaments.  It is time for the Tennis Channel to stop showing old Tournaments and old profiles.  Please give us what we pay to see—up-to-date-tennis matches.  If you can’t do that,  I don’t need the Tennis Channel.

  5. JonJoe1959 Thank you JonJoe1959.  I am tired of old repeat tennis games and old profiles.  They should get a new Marketing Group.  By the way, give us a WTA Tennis Channel and an ATP Men’s Tennis Channel!!!!

  6. I made all my picks and then down loaded the app and they were on there fine, logged back into the site and it says NO Picks???? I logged into the app with my same user name and password, the app as saved them but the site shows me as no picks, I also added a few friends via the site, they did not show but on the app they do?

  7. First Round has to be cancelled for WTA and ATP. No emails before and when i looked into homepage one day before, Australien Open were last tournament. No new contest was there.

  8. Hi! I am writing to claim my prize for winning the game in the category WTA singles draw at the tournament in Madrid.My user name is EcoTenista . Yours sincerely .
    hola! escribo para reclamar mi premio por ganar el juego en la categoria WTA singles draw en el torneo de Madrid. El nombre de mi usuario es @EcoTenista.Saludo atentamente.

  9. All game bugs have now been fixed so make your picks now for the French Open 2015.

    There will be a draw pick game almost every week from now on so get playing!

  10. is anyone monitoring this board?    I’ve already asked, but i’ll try again, how do we know what our user name is if we weren’t asked to pick one at the time of registration?

  11. I think it’s probably best to try to e-mail Tomas directly because I don’t think the owners of the site monitor the discussion that much.

  12. Redbird Craig I tried, no reply. This website’s all messed up, its claiming I got every single one of my first round picks right , which I definitely didn’t, and I’m still in 14th place

  13. LorraineB2171 This is what you are asked to enter on the registration page:RegisterEmail:Nickname:Password:Confirm Password:
    So “Nickname” is the username…

    After you login with your email and password if you look at the leaderboard it shows your username at the top.

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