WTA Calendar 2017

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NameDate SizeSurfaceCategory
Week 52
10k Rabat, Wk. 522016-12-26 32ClayFutures (M)
10k Hong Kong, Wk. 522016-12-26 32HardFutures (M)
Shenzhen2017-01-01 32HardATP
Brisbane2017-01-01 32HardATP
Week 01
25k Hong Kong, Wk. 12017-01-02 32HardFutures (M)
Auckland2017-01-02 32HardATP
Hobart2017-01-08 32HardATP
Sydney2017-01-08 32HardATP
Week 02
15k Fort-de-France (Martinique), Wk. 22017-01-09 32HardFutures (M)
25k Daytona Beach, FL, Wk. 22017-01-09 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 22017-01-09 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 22017-01-09 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 03
25k Orlando, FL, Wk. 32017-01-16 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Petit-Bourg (Guadeloupe), Wk. 32017-01-16 32HardFutures (M)
15k Stuttgart-Stammheim, Wk. 32017-01-16 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 32017-01-16 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Cairo, Wk. 32017-01-16 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 32017-01-16 32ClayFutures (M)
Australian Open2017-01-16 128HardATP
Week 04
15k Antalya, Wk. 42017-01-23 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Saint Martin (Guadeloupe), Wk. 42017-01-23 32HardFutures (M)
15k Almaty, Wk. 42017-01-23 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
60k Andrezieux-Boutheon, Wk. 42017-01-23 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
25k Wesley Chapel, FL, Wk. 42017-01-23 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Cairo, Wk. 42017-01-23 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 42017-01-23 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 05
100k Midland, MI, Wk. 52017-01-30 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
15k Glasgow, Wk. 52017-01-30 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 52017-01-30 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Almaty, Wk. 52017-01-30 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 52017-01-30 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Burnie, Wk. 52017-01-30 32HardFutures (M)
25k Grenoble, Wk. 52017-01-30 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
15k Cairo, Wk. 52017-01-30 32ClayFutures (M)
Taipei City2017-01-30 32Indoor HardATP
St. Petersburg2017-01-30 32Indoor HardATP
Week 06
15k Antalya, Wk. 62017-02-06 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 62017-02-06 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Trnava, Wk. 62017-02-06 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
15k Manacor (Mallorca), Wk. 62017-02-06 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 62017-02-06 32HardFutures (M)
15k Edgbaston, Wk. 62017-02-06 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
60k Launceston, Wk. 62017-02-06 32HardFutures (M)
ITA v SVK - FC WGII - R12017-02-11 Clay (M)
USA v GER - FC WG - R12017-02-11 Hard (M)
RUS v TPE - FC WGII - R12017-02-11 Hard (M)
CZE v ESP - FC WG - R12017-02-11 Hard (M)
ROU v BEL - FC WGII - R12017-02-11 Hard (M)
UKR v AUS - FC WGII - R12017-02-11 Hard (M)
BLR v NED - FC WG - R12017-02-11 Hard (M)
SUI v FRA - FC WG - R12017-02-11 Hard (M)
Week 07
15k Hammamet, Wk. 72017-02-13 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Surprise, AZ, Wk. 72017-02-13 32HardFutures (M)
15k Wirral, Wk. 72017-02-13 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 72017-02-13 32HardFutures (M)
25k Altenkirchen, Wk. 72017-02-13 32CarpetFutures (M)
15k Nanjing, Wk. 72017-02-13 32HardFutures (M)
25k Perth, Wk. 72017-02-13 32HardFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 72017-02-13 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Manacor (Mallorca), Wk. 72017-02-13 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Bergamo, Wk. 72017-02-13 32Indoor ClayFutures (M)
Doha2017-02-13 32HardATP
Dubai2017-02-19 64HardATP
Week 08
25k Perth, Wk. 82017-02-20 32HardFutures (M)
15k Palmanova (Mallorca), Wk. 82017-02-20 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 82017-02-20 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Moscow, Wk. 82017-02-20 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
25k Rancho Santa Fe, CA, Wk. 82017-02-20 32HardFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 82017-02-20 32HardFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 82017-02-20 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Nanjing, Wk. 82017-02-20 32HardFutures (M)
Budapest2017-02-20 32Indoor HardATP
Week 09
25k Curitiba, Wk. 92017-02-27 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Macon, Wk. 92017-02-27 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
25k Clare, Wk. 92017-02-27 32HardFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 92017-02-27 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Gwalior, Wk. 92017-02-27 32HardFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 92017-02-27 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 92017-02-27 32HardFutures (M)
15k Palmanova (Mallorca), Wk. 92017-02-27 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Nanjing, Wk. 92017-02-27 32HardFutures (M)
Kuala Lumpur2017-02-27 32HardATP
Acapulco2017-02-27 32HardATP
Week 10
25k Mildura, Wk. 102017-03-06 32GrassFutures (M)
60k Zhuhai, Wk. 102017-03-06 32HardFutures (M)
15k Orlando, FL, Wk. 102017-03-06 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Amiens, Wk. 102017-03-06 32Indoor ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 102017-03-06 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 102017-03-06 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Yokohama, Wk. 102017-03-06 32HardFutures (M)
25k Sao Paulo, Wk. 102017-03-06 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Solarino, Wk. 102017-03-06 32CarpetFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 102017-03-06 32HardFutures (M)
15k Heraklion, Wk. 102017-03-06 ClayFutures (M)
Indian Wells Masters2017-03-08 128HardATP
Week 11
15k Solarino, Wk. 112017-03-13 32CarpetFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 112017-03-13 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 112017-03-13 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Shenzhen, Wk. 112017-03-13 32HardFutures (M)
15k Gonesse, Wk. 112017-03-13 32Indoor ClayFutures (M)
15k Tampa, FL, Wk. 112017-03-13 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 112017-03-13 32HardFutures (M)
15k Heraklion, Wk. 112017-03-13 ClayFutures (M)
Week 12
25k Mornington, Wk. 122017-03-20 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 122017-03-20 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 122017-03-20 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Nishi-Tama, Wk. 122017-03-20 32HardFutures (M)
15k Heraklion, Wk. 122017-03-20 ClayFutures (M)
25k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 122017-03-20 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 122017-03-20 32HardFutures (M)
15k Le Havre, Wk. 122017-03-20 32Indoor ClayFutures (M)
15k Obidos, Wk. 122017-03-20 CarpetFutures (M)
Miami Masters2017-03-21 128HardATP
Week 13
60k Croissy-Beaubourg, Wk. 132017-03-27 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
60k Quanzhou, Wk. 132017-03-27 32HardFutures (M)
15k Istanbul, Wk. 132017-03-27 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 132017-03-27 32HardFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 132017-03-27 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Mornington, Wk. 132017-03-27 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 132017-03-27 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Kofu, Wk. 132017-03-27 32HardFutures (M)
15k Campinas, Wk. 132017-03-27 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Heraklion, Wk. 132017-03-27 ClayFutures (M)
Week 14
15k Dijon, Wk. 142017-04-03 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
15k Sao Jose Dos Campos, Wk. 142017-04-03 ClayFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 142017-04-03 32HardFutures (M)
15k Tucepi, Wk. 142017-04-03 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Kashiwa, Wk. 142017-04-03 32HardFutures (M)
25k Istanbul, Wk. 142017-04-03 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
25k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 142017-04-03 32ClayFutures (M)
Monterrey2017-04-03 32HardATP
Charleston2017-04-03 64ClayATP
Week 15
60k Istanbul, Wk. 152017-04-10 32HardFutures (M)
25k Nanning, Wk. 152017-04-10 HardFutures (M)
25k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 152017-04-10 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Sao Jose Do Rio Preto, Wk. 152017-04-10 ClayFutures (M)
80k Indian Harbour Beach, FL, Wk. 152017-04-10 ClayFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 152017-04-10 32HardFutures (M)
Bogota2017-04-10 32ClayATP
Biel2017-04-10 32Indoor HardATP
Week 16
25k Chiasso, Wk. 162017-04-17 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 162017-04-17 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 162017-04-17 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 162017-04-17 32HardFutures (M)
15k Bol, Wk. 162017-04-17 ClayFutures (M)
15k Shymkent, Wk. 162017-04-17 32ClayFutures (M)
Zhengzhou2017-04-17 32HardATP
GER v UKR - FC WG - PO2017-04-22 Clay (M)
ROU v GBR - FC WGII - PO2017-04-22 Clay (M)
USA v CZE - FC WG - SF2017-04-22 Clay (M)
TPE v ITA - FC WGII - PO2017-04-22 Clay (M)
SVK v NED - FC WG - PO2017-04-22 Clay (M)
CAN v KAZ - FC WGII - PO2017-04-22 Hard (M)
RUS v BEL - FC WG - PO2017-04-22 Clay (M)
FRA v ESP - FC WG - PO2017-04-22 Clay (M)
BLR v SUI - FC WG - SF2017-04-22 Hard (M)
SRB v AUS - FC WGII - PO2017-04-22 Hard (M)
Week 17
25k Karshi, Wk. 172017-04-24 32HardFutures (M)
$100,000+H Anning2017-04-24 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 172017-04-24 32HardFutures (M)
15k Bol, Wk. 172017-04-24 ClayFutures (M)
25k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 172017-04-24 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Shymkent, Wk. 172017-04-24 ClayFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 172017-04-24 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Tunis, Wk. 172017-04-24 32ClayFutures (M)
Istanbul2017-04-24 32ClayATP
Stuttgart2017-04-24 32Indoor ClayATP
Week 18
25k Khimki, Wk. 182017-05-01 Indoor HardFutures (M)
25k Lleida, Wk. 182017-05-01 ClayFutures (M)
15k Akko, Wk. 182017-05-01 HardFutures (M)
25k La Marsa, Wk. 182017-05-01 ClayFutures (M)
15k Cairo, Wk. 182017-05-01 ClayFutures (M)
60k Charleston, SC, Wk. 182017-05-01 ClayFutures (M)
25k Wiesbaden, Wk. 182017-05-01 ClayFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 182017-05-01 ClayFutures (M)
15k Gyor, Wk. 182017-05-01 ClayFutures (M)
15k Hua Hin, Wk. 182017-05-01 HardFutures (M)
15k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 182017-05-01 ClayFutures (M)
80k Gifu, Wk. 182017-05-01 HardFutures (M)
Prague2017-05-01 32ClayATP
Marrakech2017-05-01 32ClayATP
Madrid Masters2017-05-06 64ClayATP
Week 19
15k Hammamet, Wk. 192017-05-08 32ClayFutures (M)
100k Cagnes-Sur-Mer, Wk. 192017-05-08 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Fukuoka, Wk. 192017-05-08 32CarpetFutures (M)
25k Yuxi, Wk. 192017-05-08 32HardFutures (M)
25k Dunakeszi, Wk. 192017-05-08 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Rome, Wk. 192017-05-08 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Changwon, Wk. 192017-05-08 32HardFutures (M)
25k Monzon, Wk. 192017-05-08 32HardFutures (M)
25k Hua Hin, Wk. 192017-05-08 32HardFutures (M)
25k Naples, FL, Wk. 192017-05-08 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 192017-05-08 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 20
100k Trnava, Wk. 202017-05-15 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Qujing, Wk. 202017-05-15 32HardFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 202017-05-15 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Kurume, Wk. 202017-05-15 32CarpetFutures (M)
60k Saint-Gaudens, Wk. 202017-05-15 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Incheon, Wk. 202017-05-15 32HardFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 202017-05-15 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Oeiras, Wk. 202017-05-15 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Naples, FL, Wk. 202017-05-15 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Bastad, Wk. 202017-05-15 32ClayFutures (M)
25k La Bisbal, Wk. 202017-05-15 32ClayFutures (M)
Rome Masters2017-05-15 64ClayATP
Nuremberg2017-05-21 32ClayATP
Strasbourg2017-05-21 32ClayATP
Week 21
60k Luan, Wk. 212017-05-22 32HardFutures (M)
15k Santarem, Wk. 212017-05-22 32HardFutures (M)
25k Goyang, Wk. 212017-05-22 32HardFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 212017-05-22 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Caserta, Wk. 212017-05-22 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Karuizawa, Wk. 212017-05-22 32CarpetFutures (M)
15k Benavides, Wk. 212017-05-22 32HardFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 212017-05-22 32ClayFutures (M)
FO - RG2017-05-28 128ClayATP
Week 22
15k Hammamet, Wk. 222017-05-29 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Sangju, Wk. 222017-05-29 32HardFutures (M)
25k Grado, Wk. 222017-05-29 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Andijan, Wk. 222017-05-29 32HardFutures (M)
15k Antalya, Wk. 222017-05-29 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Villa del Dique, Wk. 222017-05-29 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Montemor-O-Novo, Wk. 222017-05-29 32HardFutures (M)
15k Nis, Wk. 222017-05-29 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Wuhan, Wk. 222017-05-29 32HardFutures (M)
Week 23
100k Marseille, Wk. 232017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Essen, Wk. 232017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Minsk, Wk. 232017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Stare Splavy, Wk. 232017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Brescia, Wk. 232017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
$25,000+H Figueira Da Foz2017-06-05 32HardFutures (M)
15k Gimcheon, Wk. 232017-06-05 32HardFutures (M)
100k Surbiton, Wk. 232017-06-05 32GrassFutures (M)
25k Bethany Beach, DE, Wk. 232017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Aurangabad, Wk. 232017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 232017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Banja Luka, Wk. 232017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Namangan, Wk. 232017-06-05 32HardFutures (M)
25k Tokyo, Wk. 232017-06-05 32HardFutures (M)
15k Madrid, Wk. 232017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
Bol2017-06-06 32ClayATP
Week 24
25k Sumter, SC, Wk. 242017-06-12 32HardFutures (M)
15k Minsk, Wk. 242017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Padova, Wk. 242017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 242017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Prerov, Wk. 242017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Maribor, Wk. 242017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Barcelona, Wk. 242017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Gimcheon, Wk. 242017-06-12 32HardFutures (M)
60k Hodmezovasarhely, Wk. 242017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Guimaraes, Wk. 242017-06-12 32HardFutures (M)
15k Curtea de Arges, Wk. 242017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Kofu, Wk. 242017-06-12 32HardFutures (M)
100k Manchester, Wk. 242017-06-12 32GrassFutures (M)
Nottingham2017-06-12 32GrassATP
's-Hertogenbosch2017-06-12 32GrassATP
Week 25
25k Ystad, Wk. 252017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Kaltenkirchen, Wk. 252017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Izmir, Wk. 252017-06-19 32HardFutures (M)
25k Lenzerheide, Wk. 252017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Baja, Wk. 252017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Anning, Wk. 252017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hammamet, Wk. 252017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Baton Rouge, LA, Wk. 252017-06-19 32HardFutures (M)
100k Ilkley, Wk. 252017-06-19 32GrassFutures (M)
15k Herzlia, Wk. 252017-06-19 32HardFutures (M)
$25,000+H Warsaw2017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Fergana, Wk. 252017-06-19 32HardFutures (M)
15k Sassuolo, Wk. 252017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Alkmaar, Wk. 252017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Taipei, Wk. 252017-06-19 32HardFutures (M)
$25,000+H Montpellier2017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Victoria, BC, Wk. 252017-06-19 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Mallorca2017-06-19 32GrassATP
Birmingham2017-06-19 32GrassATP
Eastbourne2017-06-25 64GrassATP
Week 26
15k Tarvisio, Wk. 262017-06-26 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Auburn, AL, Wk. 262017-06-26 32HardFutures (M)
$100,000+h Southsea (16 Main Draw, Friday Final, No Qualifying)2017-06-26 16GrassFutures (M)
15k De Haan, Wk. 262017-06-26 32ClayFutures (M)
$25,000+H Torun2017-06-26 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Istanbul, Wk. 262017-06-26 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Anning, Wk. 262017-06-26 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Bucharest, Wk. 262017-06-26 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Wk. 262017-06-26 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Lund, Wk. 262017-06-26 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Perigueux, Wk. 262017-06-26 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 262017-06-26 32HardFutures (M)
15k Tel Aviv, Wk. 262017-06-26 32HardFutures (M)
Week 27
15k Anning, Wk. 272017-07-03 32ClayFutures (M)
$15,000+H Focsani2017-07-03 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Darmstadt, Wk. 272017-07-03 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Amarante, Wk. 272017-07-03 32HardFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 272017-07-03 32HardFutures (M)
15k Prokuplje, Wk. 272017-07-03 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Istanbul, Wk. 272017-07-03 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Getxo, Wk. 272017-07-03 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Denain, Wk. 272017-07-03 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Middelburg, Wk. 272017-07-03 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Rome, Wk. 272017-07-03 32ClayFutures (M)
Wimbledon2017-07-03 128GrassATP
Week 28
15k Cantanhede, Wk. 282017-07-10 32CarpetFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 282017-07-10 32HardFutures (M)
15k Telavi, Wk. 282017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Prokuplje, Wk. 282017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Campos Do Jordao, Wk. 282017-07-10 32HardFutures (M)
25k Moscow, Wk. 282017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Hua Hin, Wk. 282017-07-10 32HardFutures (M)
100k Budapest, Wk. 282017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Torino, Wk. 282017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Knokke, Wk. 282017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Winnipeg, Wk. 282017-07-10 32HardFutures (M)
15k Iasi, Wk. 282017-07-10 ClayFutures (M)
60k Versmold, Wk. 282017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
100k Contrexeville, Wk. 282017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Naiman, Wk. 282017-07-10 32HardFutures (M)
15k Amstelveen, Wk. 282017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 29
15k Targu Jiu, Wk. 292017-07-17 32ClayFutures (M)
$100,000+H Astana2017-07-17 32HardFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 292017-07-17 32HardFutures (M)
60k Bursa, Wk. 292017-07-17 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Aschaffenburg, Wk. 292017-07-17 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Stockton, CA, Wk. 292017-07-17 32HardFutures (M)
15k Hua Hin, Wk. 292017-07-17 32HardFutures (M)
25k Tianjin, Wk. 292017-07-17 32HardFutures (M)
15k Don Benito (Badajoz), Wk. 292017-07-17 32CarpetFutures (M)
25k Imola, Wk. 292017-07-17 32CarpetFutures (M)
15k Brussels, Wk. 292017-07-17 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Gatineau, Wk. 292017-07-17 32HardFutures (M)
$80,000+H Olomouc2017-07-17 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Telavi, Wk. 292017-07-17 ClayFutures (M)
Bucharest2017-07-17 32ClayATP
Gstaad2017-07-17 32ClayATP
Week 30
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 302017-07-24 32HardFutures (M)
25k Horb, Wk. 302017-07-24 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Evansville, IN, Wk. 302017-07-24 32HardFutures (M)
15k Schio, Wk. 302017-07-24 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Les Contamines-Montjoie, Wk. 302017-07-24 32HardFutures (M)
15k Parnu, Wk. 302017-07-24 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Campos Do Jordao, Wk. 302017-07-24 32HardFutures (M)
25k Hua Hin, Wk. 302017-07-24 32HardFutures (M)
15k Hong Kong, Wk. 302017-07-24 32HardFutures (M)
60k Sacramento, CA, Wk. 302017-07-24 32HardFutures (M)
25k Porto, Wk. 302017-07-24 ClayFutures (M)
80k Prague, Wk. 302017-07-24 32ClayFutures (M)
60k Granby, Wk. 302017-07-24 32HardFutures (M)
15k Dublin, Wk. 302017-07-24 32CarpetFutures (M)
15k Tampere, Wk. 302017-07-24 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Targu Jiu, Wk. 302017-07-24 32ClayFutures (M)
Bastad2017-07-24 32ClayATP
Nanchang2017-07-24 32HardATP
Week 31
15k Porto, Wk. 312017-07-31 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Savitaipale, Wk. 312017-07-31 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Rome, Wk. 312017-07-31 ClayFutures (M)
$25,000+H Bad Saulgau2017-07-31 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 312017-07-31 32HardFutures (M)
15k Nonthaburi, Wk. 312017-07-31 32HardFutures (M)
25k Fort Worth, TX, Wk. 312017-07-31 32HardFutures (M)
15k Ivano-Frankivsk, Wk. 312017-07-31 32ClayFutures (M)
25k El Espinar (Segovia), Wk. 312017-07-31 32HardFutures (M)
60k Lexington, KY, Wk. 312017-07-31 32HardFutures (M)
15k Targu Jiu, Wk. 312017-07-31 32ClayFutures (M)
15k Istanbul, Wk. 312017-07-31 32ClayFutures (M)
25k Woking, Wk. 312017-07-31 32HardFutures (M)
Washington DC2017-07-31 32HardATP
Stanford2017-07-31 32HardATP
Week 32
25k Chiswick, Wk. 322017-08-07 HardFutures (M)
15k Vienna, Wk. 322017-08-07 ClayFutures (M)
60k Hechingen, Wk. 322017-08-07 ClayFutures (M)
15k Mragowo, Wk. 322017-08-07 ClayFutures (M)
15k Moscow, Wk. 322017-08-07 ClayFutures (M)
15k Arad, Wk. 322017-08-07 ClayFutures (M)
15k Istanbul, Wk. 322017-08-07 ClayFutures (M)
25k Landisville, PA, Wk. 322017-08-07 HardFutures (M)
15k Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Wk. 322017-08-07 ClayFutures (M)
25k Koksijde, Wk. 322017-08-07 ClayFutures (M)
15k Nonthaburi, Wk. 322017-08-07 HardFutures (M)
Canadian Masters2017-08-07 64HardATP
Week 33
15k Cuneo, Wk. 332017-08-14 ClayFutures (M)
25k Nonthaburi, Wk. 332017-08-14 HardFutures (M)
15k Oldenzaal, Wk. 332017-08-14 ClayFutures (M)
15k Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Wk. 332017-08-14 ClayFutures (M)
15k Moscow, Wk. 332017-08-14 ClayFutures (M)
15k Graz, Wk. 332017-08-14 ClayFutures (M)
15k Mragowo, Wk. 332017-08-14 ClayFutures (M)
25k Montreux, Wk. 332017-08-14 ClayFutures (M)
25k Leipzig, Wk. 332017-08-14 ClayFutures (M)
100k Vancouver, BC, Wk. 332017-08-14 HardFutures (M)
Cincinnati Masters2017-08-14 64HardATP
New Haven2017-08-20 32HardATP
Week 35
US Open2017-08-28 128HardATP
Week 36
Dalian2017-09-05 32HardATP
Week 37
Osaka2017-09-11 32HardATP
Quebec City2017-09-11 32CarpetATP
Week 38
Seoul2017-09-18 32HardATP
Guangzhou2017-09-18 32HardATP
Tokyo2017-09-18 32HardATP
Wuhan2017-09-24 64HardATP
Week 39
Tashkent2017-09-25 32HardATP
Beijing2017-09-30 64HardATP
Week 41
Linz2017-10-09 32Indoor HardATP
Hong Kong2017-10-09 32HardATP
Tianjin2017-10-09 32HardATP
Week 42
Luxembourg2017-10-16 32Indoor HardATP
Moscow2017-10-16 32Indoor HardATP
WTA Championships2017-10-22 8Indoor HardATP
Week 44
WTA Elite2017-10-31 12HardATP
Week 45
Hua Hin2017-11-06 32HardATP
Limoges2017-11-06 32Indoor HardATP
BLR v USA - FC WG - F2017-11-11 Hard (M)
Week 46
Taipei2017-11-13 32CarpetATP
Week 47
Honolulu2017-11-20 32HardATP
Mumbai2017-11-20 32HardATP

WTA Tennis Tour Calendar 2017, including Grand Slam calendar, Masters events calendar, WTA Challengers & ITF Futures calendar 2017.