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NameDate SizeSurfaceCategory
Week 01
10k Hong Kong, Wk. 12012-12-31 HardChallenger (M)
10k Fort-de-France (Martinique), Wk. 12012-12-31 HardChallenger (M)
Shenzhen2012-12-31 HardATP
Auckland2012-12-31 HardATP
Brisbane2012-12-31 HardATP
Week 02
25k Innisbrook, FL, Wk. 22013-01-07 ClayFutures (M)
50k Quanzhou, Wk. 22013-01-07 HardFutures (M)
10k Hong Kong, Wk. 22013-01-07 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 22013-01-07 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Saint Martin (Guadeloupe), Wk. 22013-01-07 HardChallenger (M)
Hobart2013-01-07 HardATP
Sydney2013-01-07 HardATP
Week 03
25k Port St. Lucie, FL, Wk. 32013-01-14 ClayFutures (M)
10k Glasgow, Wk. 32013-01-14 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 32013-01-14 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 32013-01-14 HardChallenger (M)
10k Stuttgart-Stammheim, Wk. 32013-01-14 HardChallenger (M)
10k Gosier (Guadeloupe), Wk. 32013-01-14 HardChallenger (M)
Australian Open2013-01-14 HardATP
Week 04
25k Andrezieux-Boutheon, Wk. 42013-01-21 HardFutures (M)
15k Lima, Wk. 42013-01-21 ClayFutures (M)
10k Eilat, Wk. 42013-01-21 HardChallenger (M)
10k Kaarst, Wk. 42013-01-21 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 42013-01-21 HardChallenger (M)
10k Preston, Wk. 42013-01-21 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 42013-01-21 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 05
25k Burnie, Wk. 52013-01-28 HardFutures (M)
75k Eilat, Wk. 52013-01-28 HardFutures (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 52013-01-28 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 52013-01-28 ClayChallenger (M)
Pattaya City2013-01-28 HardATP
Paris2013-01-28 CarpetATP
Week 06
25k Grenoble, Wk. 62013-02-04 HardFutures (M)
100k Midland, MI, Wk. 62013-02-04 HardFutures (M)
25k Rancho Mirage, CA, Wk. 62013-02-04 HardFutures (M)
25k Launceston, Wk. 62013-02-04 HardFutures (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 62013-02-04 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 62013-02-04 ClayChallenger (M)
Serbia v Slovak Republic - FC WG - R12013-02-09 Hard (M)
Italy v USA - FC WG - R12013-02-09 Clay (M)
Russia v Japan - FC WG - R12013-02-09 Hard (M)
Czech Republic v Australia - FC WG - R12013-02-09 Hard (M)
Week 07
Cali 125K Series2013-02-11 ClayFutures (M)
25k Rancho Santa Fe, CA, Wk. 72013-02-11 HardFutures (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 72013-02-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Leimen, Wk. 72013-02-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Linkoping, Wk. 72013-02-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 72013-02-11 ClayChallenger (M)
Doha2013-02-11 HardATP
Week 08
25k Surprise, AZ, Wk. 82013-02-18 HardFutures (M)
25k Moscow, Wk. 82013-02-18 HardFutures (M)
25k Muzaffarnagar, Wk. 82013-02-18 GrassFutures (M)
25k Mildura, Wk. 82013-02-18 GrassFutures (M)
10k Macon, Wk. 82013-02-18 HardChallenger (M)
10k Shymkent, Wk. 82013-02-18 HardChallenger (M)
10k Mallorca, Wk. 82013-02-18 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Helsingborg, Wk. 82013-02-18 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Kreuzlingen, Wk. 82013-02-18 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 82013-02-18 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 82013-02-18 ClayChallenger (M)
Memphis2013-02-18 HardATP
Dubai2013-02-18 HardATP
Week 09
10k Mallorca, Wk. 92013-02-25 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sydney, Wk. 92013-02-25 HardChallenger (M)
10k Netanya, Wk. 92013-02-25 HardChallenger (M)
10k Shymkent, Wk. 92013-02-25 HardChallenger (M)
10k Bron, Wk. 92013-02-25 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 92013-02-25 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 92013-02-25 ClayChallenger (M)
Florianopolis2013-02-25 HardATP
Acapulco2013-02-25 ClayATP
Week 10
25k Irapuato, Wk. 102013-03-04 HardFutures (M)
10k Sutton, Wk. 102013-03-04 HardChallenger (M)
10k Frauenfeld, Wk. 102013-03-04 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Netanya, Wk. 102013-03-04 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sydney, Wk. 102013-03-04 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 102013-03-04 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Amiens, Wk. 102013-03-04 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Gainesville, FL, Wk. 102013-03-04 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 102013-03-04 HardChallenger (M)
Indian Wells Masters2013-03-04 HardATP
Week 11
15k Bath, Wk. 112013-03-11 HardFutures (M)
10k Netanya, Wk. 112013-03-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Hyderabad, Wk. 112013-03-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Orlando, FL, Wk. 112013-03-11 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 112013-03-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Le Havre, Wk. 112013-03-11 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Madrid, Wk. 112013-03-11 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Metepec, Wk. 112013-03-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 112013-03-11 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 12
15k Sunderland, Wk. 122013-03-18 HardFutures (M)
25k Ipswich, Wk. 122013-03-18 HardFutures (M)
25k Innisbrook, FL, Wk. 122013-03-18 ClayFutures (M)
10k Kofu, Wk. 122013-03-18 HardChallenger (M)
10k Gonesse, Wk. 122013-03-18 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Hyderabad, Wk. 122013-03-18 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 122013-03-18 HardChallenger (M)
10k Madrid, Wk. 122013-03-18 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 122013-03-18 HardChallenger (M)
Miami Masters2013-03-18 HardATP
Week 13
50k Croissy-Beaubourg, Wk. 132013-03-25 HardFutures (M)
25k Bundaberg, Wk. 132013-03-25 ClayFutures (M)
25k Tallinn, Wk. 132013-03-25 HardFutures (M)
50k Osprey, FL, Wk. 132013-03-25 ClayFutures (M)
10k Nishi-Tama, Wk. 132013-03-25 HardChallenger (M)
10k Ribeirao Preto, Wk. 132013-03-25 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 132013-03-25 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 132013-03-25 HardChallenger (M)
Week 14
15k Dijon, Wk. 142013-04-01 HardFutures (M)
25k Jackson, MS, Wk. 142013-04-01 ClayFutures (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 142013-04-01 HardChallenger (M)
10k Heraklion, Wk. 142013-04-01 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 142013-04-01 HardChallenger (M)
10k Torrent, Wk. 142013-04-01 ClayChallenger (M)
Monterrey2013-04-01 HardATP
Charleston2013-04-01 ClayATP
Week 15
25k Poza Rica, Wk. 152013-04-08 HardFutures (M)
25k Pelham, AL, Wk. 152013-04-08 ClayFutures (M)
25k Edgbaston, Wk. 152013-04-08 HardFutures (M)
25k La Marsa, Wk. 152013-04-08 ClayFutures (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 152013-04-08 HardChallenger (M)
10k Heraklion, Wk. 152013-04-08 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 152013-04-08 HardChallenger (M)
10k Bol, Wk. 152013-04-08 ClayChallenger (M)
Katowice2013-04-08 ClayATP
Week 16
50k Dothan, AL, Wk. 162013-04-15 ClayFutures (M)
25k Namangan, Wk. 162013-04-15 HardFutures (M)
10k Heraklion, Wk. 162013-04-15 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Chennai, Wk. 162013-04-15 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 162013-04-15 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 162013-04-15 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sibenik, Wk. 162013-04-15 ClayChallenger (M)
Germany v Serbia - FC WG - PO2013-04-20 Clay (M)
Russia v Slovak Republic - FC WG - SF2013-04-20 Clay (M)
Switzerland v Australia - FC WG - PO2013-04-20 Clay (M)
USA v Sweden - FC WG - PO2013-04-20 Hard (M)
Spain v Japan - FC WG - PO2013-04-20 Clay (M)
Italy v Czech Republic - FC WG - SF2013-04-20 Clay (M)
Week 17
50k Wenshan, Wk. 172013-04-22 HardFutures (M)
25k Tunis, Wk. 172013-04-22 ClayFutures (M)
25k Phuket, Wk. 172013-04-22 HardFutures (M)
50k Charlottesville, VA, Wk. 172013-04-22 ClayFutures (M)
50k Istanbul, Wk. 172013-04-22 HardFutures (M)
25k Chiasso, Wk. 172013-04-22 ClayFutures (M)
10k Lucknow, Wk. 172013-04-22 GrassChallenger (M)
10k Les Franqueses Del Valles, Wk. 172013-04-22 HardChallenger (M)
10k Heraklion, Wk. 172013-04-22 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k San Severo, Wk. 172013-04-22 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sao Paulo, Wk. 172013-04-22 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Bournemouth, Wk. 172013-04-22 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 172013-04-22 HardChallenger (M)
10k Andijan, Wk. 172013-04-22 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 172013-04-22 HardChallenger (M)
10k Ashkelon, Wk. 172013-04-22 HardChallenger (M)
Marrakech2013-04-22 ClayATP
Stuttgart2013-04-22 ClayATP
Week 18
25k Phuket, Wk. 182013-04-29 HardFutures (M)
15k Seoul, Wk. 182013-04-29 HardFutures (M)
50k Gifu, Wk. 182013-04-29 HardFutures (M)
25k Wiesbaden, Wk. 182013-04-29 ClayFutures (M)
25k Caracas, Wk. 182013-04-29 HardFutures (M)
50k Indian Harbour Beach, FL, Wk. 182013-04-29 ClayFutures (M)
25k Civitavecchia, Wk. 182013-04-29 ClayFutures (M)
10k Ashkelon, Wk. 182013-04-29 HardChallenger (M)
10k Edinburgh, Wk. 182013-04-29 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 182013-04-29 HardChallenger (M)
10k Heraklion, Wk. 182013-04-29 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Villa Allende, Wk. 182013-04-29 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 182013-04-29 HardChallenger (M)
10k Shymkent, Wk. 182013-04-29 ClayChallenger (M)
Estoril - Oeiras2013-04-29 ClayATP
Madrid Masters2013-05-03 ClayATP
Week 19
25k Raleigh, NC, Wk. 192013-05-06 ClayFutures (M)
100k Cagnes-Sur-Mer, Wk. 192013-05-06 ClayFutures (M)
75k Trnava, Wk. 192013-05-06 ClayFutures (M)
50k+H Johannesburg, Wk. 192013-05-06 HardFutures (M)
50k Fukuoka, Wk. 192013-05-06 GrassFutures (M)
15k Seoul, Wk. 192013-05-06 HardFutures (M)
10k Bastad, Wk. 192013-05-06 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 192013-05-06 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Villa Maria, Wk. 192013-05-06 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Ramat Hasharon, Wk. 192013-05-06 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 192013-05-06 HardChallenger (M)
10k Shymkent, Wk. 192013-05-06 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 192013-05-06 HardChallenger (M)
10k Marathon - Athens, Wk. 192013-05-06 HardChallenger (M)
Week 20
50k Kurume, Wk. 202013-05-13 GrassFutures (M)
25k Balikpapan, Wk. 202013-05-13 HardFutures (M)
100k Prague, Wk. 202013-05-13 ClayFutures (M)
50k+H Saint-Gaudens, Wk. 202013-05-13 ClayFutures (M)
10k Monzon, Wk. 202013-05-13 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 202013-05-13 HardChallenger (M)
10k Marathon - Athens, Wk. 202013-05-13 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 202013-05-13 HardChallenger (M)
10k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 202013-05-13 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Bastad, Wk. 202013-05-13 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Landisville, PA, Wk. 202013-05-13 HardChallenger (M)
Rome Masters2013-05-13 ClayATP
Brussels2013-05-18 ClayATP
Week 21
25k Goyang, Wk. 212013-05-20 HardFutures (M)
25k Casablanca, Wk. 212013-05-20 ClayFutures (M)
25k Karuizawa, Wk. 212013-05-20 GrassFutures (M)
25k Tarakan, Wk. 212013-05-20 HardFutures (M)
25k Caserta, Wk. 212013-05-20 ClayFutures (M)
10k Timisoara, Wk. 212013-05-20 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Marathon - Athens, Wk. 212013-05-20 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 212013-05-20 HardChallenger (M)
10k Girona, Wk. 212013-05-20 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sumter, SC, Wk. 212013-05-20 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 212013-05-20 HardChallenger (M)
Week 22
25k Moscow, Wk. 222013-05-27 ClayFutures (M)
25k Grado, Wk. 222013-05-27 ClayFutures (M)
25k Changwon, Wk. 222013-05-27 HardFutures (M)
25k El Paso, TX, Wk. 222013-05-27 HardFutures (M)
25k Maribor, Wk. 222013-05-27 ClayFutures (M)
10k Quintana Roo, Wk. 222013-05-27 HardChallenger (M)
10k Cantanhede, Wk. 222013-05-27 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Adana, Wk. 222013-05-27 HardChallenger (M)
10k Raanana, Wk. 222013-05-27 HardChallenger (M)
10k Hilton Head Island, SC, Wk. 222013-05-27 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 222013-05-27 HardChallenger (M)
10k Karshi, Wk. 222013-05-27 HardChallenger (M)
FO - RG2013-05-27 ClayATP
Week 23
25k Agri, Wk. 232013-06-03 CarpetFutures (M)
100k Marseille, Wk. 232013-06-03 ClayFutures (M)
25k Karshi, Wk. 232013-06-03 HardFutures (M)
25k Brescia, Wk. 232013-06-03 ClayFutures (M)
25k Las Cruces, NM, Wk. 232013-06-03 HardFutures (M)
75k Nottingham, Wk. 232013-06-03 GrassFutures (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 232013-06-03 HardChallenger (M)
10k Herzlia, Wk. 232013-06-03 HardChallenger (M)
10k Santos, Wk. 232013-06-03 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Quintana Roo, Wk. 232013-06-03 HardChallenger (M)
10k Amarante, Wk. 232013-06-03 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sarajevo, Wk. 232013-06-03 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Taipei, Wk. 232013-06-03 HardChallenger (M)
Nuremberg2013-06-08 ClayATP
Week 24
50k Nottingham, Wk. 242013-06-10 GrassFutures (M)
25k Padova, Wk. 242013-06-10 ClayFutures (M)
25k Bukhara, Wk. 242013-06-10 HardFutures (M)
10k Guimaraes, Wk. 242013-06-10 HardChallenger (M)
10k Quintana Roo, Wk. 242013-06-10 HardChallenger (M)
10k Gimcheon, Wk. 242013-06-10 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 242013-06-10 HardChallenger (M)
10k Bethany Beach, DE, Wk. 242013-06-10 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Essen, Wk. 242013-06-10 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Rotterdam, Wk. 242013-06-10 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Istanbul, Wk. 242013-06-10 HardChallenger (M)
Birmingham2013-06-10 GrassATP
's-Hertogenbosch2013-06-16 GrassATP
Week 25
25k Lenzerheide, Wk. 252013-06-17 ClayFutures (M)
25k Montpellier, Wk. 252013-06-17 ClayFutures (M)
25k Ystad, Wk. 252013-06-17 ClayFutures (M)
10k Gimcheon, Wk. 252013-06-17 HardChallenger (M)
10k Craiova, Wk. 252013-06-17 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Nis, Wk. 252013-06-17 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 252013-06-17 HardChallenger (M)
10k Koeln, Wk. 252013-06-17 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Almaty, Wk. 252013-06-17 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Istanbul, Wk. 252013-06-17 HardChallenger (M)
10k Tokyo, Wk. 252013-06-17 HardChallenger (M)
10k Buffalo, NY, Wk. 252013-06-17 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Alkmaar, Wk. 252013-06-17 ClayChallenger (M)
Eastbourne2013-06-17 GrassATP
Week 26
25k Perigueux, Wk. 262013-06-24 ClayFutures (M)
25k Huzhu, Wk. 262013-06-24 ClayFutures (M)
25k Kristinehamn, Wk. 262013-06-24 ClayFutures (M)
25k Zlin, Wk. 262013-06-24 ClayFutures (M)
25k Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Wk. 262013-06-24 ClayFutures (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 262013-06-24 HardChallenger (M)
10k Prokuplje, Wk. 262013-06-24 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Rome, Wk. 262013-06-24 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Melilla, Wk. 262013-06-24 HardChallenger (M)
10k Bangkok, Wk. 262013-06-24 HardChallenger (M)
10k Shymkent, Wk. 262013-06-24 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Breda, Wk. 262013-06-24 ClayChallenger (M)
10k New Delhi, Wk. 262013-06-24 HardChallenger (M)
10k Istanbul, Wk. 262013-06-24 HardChallenger (M)
10k Gimcheon, Wk. 262013-06-24 HardChallenger (M)
10k Bals, Wk. 262013-06-24 ClayChallenger (M)
Wimbledon2013-06-24 GrassATP
Week 27
15k Prerov, Wk. 272013-07-01 ClayFutures (M)
50k Waterloo, Wk. 272013-07-01 ClayFutures (M)
25k Torun, Wk. 272013-07-01 ClayFutures (M)
50k Sacramento, CA, Wk. 272013-07-01 HardFutures (M)
25k Denain, Wk. 272013-07-01 ClayFutures (M)
25k Sao Jose Do Rio Preto, Wk. 272013-07-01 ClayFutures (M)
25k Middelburg, Wk. 272013-07-01 ClayFutures (M)
50k Versmold, Wk. 272013-07-01 ClayFutures (M)
10k Todi, Wk. 272013-07-01 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Prokuplje, Wk. 272013-07-01 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Brussels, Wk. 272013-07-01 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Istanbul, Wk. 272013-07-01 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 272013-07-01 HardChallenger (M)
10k Solo, Wk. 272013-07-01 HardChallenger (M)
10k Bangkok, Wk. 272013-07-01 HardChallenger (M)
Week 28
75k Beijing, Wk. 282013-07-08 HardFutures (M)
50k Yakima, WA, Wk. 282013-07-08 HardFutures (M)
25k Campinas, Wk. 282013-07-08 ClayFutures (M)
100k Biarritz, Wk. 282013-07-08 ClayFutures (M)
25k Aschaffenburg, Wk. 282013-07-08 ClayFutures (M)
25k Istanbul, Wk. 282013-07-08 HardFutures (M)
10k Bangkok, Wk. 282013-07-08 HardChallenger (M)
10k Torino, Wk. 282013-07-08 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Getxo, Wk. 282013-07-08 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Jakarta, Wk. 282013-07-08 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 282013-07-08 HardChallenger (M)
10k Iasi, Wk. 282013-07-08 ClayChallenger (M)
Budapest2013-07-08 ClayATP
Palermo2013-07-08 ClayATP
Week 29
50k Contrexeville, Wk. 292013-07-15 ClayFutures (M)
25k Darmstadt, Wk. 292013-07-15 ClayFutures (M)
25k Campos Do Jordao, Wk. 292013-07-15 HardFutures (M)
25k Woking, Wk. 292013-07-15 HardFutures (M)
25k Granby, Wk. 292013-07-15 HardFutures (M)
100k Olomouc, Wk. 292013-07-15 ClayFutures (M)
25k Imola, Wk. 292013-07-15 CarpetFutures (M)
50k Portland, OR, Wk. 292013-07-15 HardFutures (M)
10k Knokke, Wk. 292013-07-15 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 292013-07-15 HardChallenger (M)
10k Evansville, IN, Wk. 292013-07-15 HardChallenger (M)
10k Izmir, Wk. 292013-07-15 HardChallenger (M)
10k Valladolid, Wk. 292013-07-15 HardChallenger (M)
10k New Delhi, Wk. 292013-07-15 HardChallenger (M)
Bastad2013-07-15 ClayATP
Bogota2013-07-15 ClayATP
Bad Gastein2013-07-15 ClayATP
Week 30
25k Winnipeg, Wk. 302013-07-22 HardFutures (M)
25k Les Contamines-Montjoie, Wk. 302013-07-22 HardFutures (M)
25k Wrexham, Wk. 302013-07-22 HardFutures (M)
50k Lexington, KY, Wk. 302013-07-22 HardFutures (M)
100k Astana, Wk. 302013-07-22 HardFutures (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 302013-07-22 HardChallenger (M)
10k Palic, Wk. 302013-07-22 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sao Jose Dos Campos, Wk. 302013-07-22 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Maaseik, Wk. 302013-07-22 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Austin, TX, Wk. 302013-07-22 HardChallenger (M)
10k Bad Waltersdorf, Wk. 302013-07-22 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Istanbul, Wk. 302013-07-22 HardChallenger (M)
10k Viserba Di Rimini, Wk. 302013-07-22 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Tampere, Wk. 302013-07-22 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Horb, Wk. 302013-07-22 ClayChallenger (M)
Baku2013-07-22 HardATP
Stanford2013-07-22 HardATP
Week 31
100k Vancouver, Wk. 312013-07-29 HardFutures (M)
15k Rovereto, Wk. 312013-07-29 ClayFutures (M)
25k Bad Saulgau, Wk. 312013-07-29 ClayFutures (M)
75k Donetsk, Wk. 312013-07-29 HardFutures (M)
10k Astana, Wk. 312013-07-29 HardChallenger (M)
10k La Paz, Wk. 312013-07-29 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 312013-07-29 HardChallenger (M)
10k Fort Worth, TX, Wk. 312013-07-29 HardChallenger (M)
10k Nottingham, Wk. 312013-07-29 HardChallenger (M)
10k Savitaipale, Wk. 312013-07-29 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sao Paulo, Wk. 312013-07-29 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Izmir, Wk. 312013-07-29 HardChallenger (M)
Washington2013-07-29 HardATP
Carlsbad2013-07-29 HardATP
Week 32
25k Koksijde, Wk. 322013-08-05 ClayFutures (M)
25k TBC, Wk. 322013-08-05 HardFutures (M)
25k Hechingen, Wk. 322013-08-05 ClayFutures (M)
25k Moscow, Wk. 322013-08-05 ClayFutures (M)
25k Izmir, Wk. 322013-08-05 HardFutures (M)
10k Vienna, Wk. 322013-08-05 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 322013-08-05 HardChallenger (M)
10k Arad, Wk. 322013-08-05 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Pirot, Wk. 322013-08-05 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Astana, Wk. 322013-08-05 HardChallenger (M)
10k Santa Cruz, Wk. 322013-08-05 ClayChallenger (M)
Canadian Masters2013-08-05 HardATP
Cincinnati Masters2013-08-11 HardATP
Week 33
50k Kazan, Wk. 332013-08-12 HardFutures (M)
50k+H Craiova, Wk. 332013-08-12 ClayFutures (M)
25k Westende-Middelkerke, Wk. 332013-08-12 HardFutures (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 332013-08-12 HardChallenger (M)
10k Brcko, Wk. 332013-08-12 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Innsbruck, Wk. 332013-08-12 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Izmir, Wk. 332013-08-12 HardChallenger (M)
10k Ratingen, Wk. 332013-08-12 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Locri, Wk. 332013-08-12 ClayChallenger (M)
New Haven2013-08-18 HardATP
Week 34
15k Braunschweig, Wk. 342013-08-19 ClayFutures (M)
25k St.Petersburg, Wk. 342013-08-19 ClayFutures (M)
10k Izmir, Wk. 342013-08-19 HardChallenger (M)
10k Wanfercee-Baulet, Wk. 342013-08-19 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 342013-08-19 HardChallenger (M)
10k Enschede, Wk. 342013-08-19 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Bucharest, Wk. 342013-08-19 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Portschach, Wk. 342013-08-19 ClayChallenger (M)
10k New Delhi, Wk. 342013-08-19 HardChallenger (M)
10k Prague, Wk. 342013-08-19 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 35
25k Tsukuba, Wk. 352013-08-26 HardFutures (M)
25k Mamaia, Wk. 352013-08-26 ClayFutures (M)
50k+H Kazan, Wk. 352013-08-26 HardFutures (M)
25k Fleurus, Wk. 352013-08-26 ClayFutures (M)
10k Belgrade, Wk. 352013-08-26 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 352013-08-26 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya-Belconti, Wk. 352013-08-26 HardChallenger (M)
10k Yeong Wol, Wk. 352013-08-26 HardChallenger (M)
10k Caslano, Wk. 352013-08-26 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Rotterdam, Wk. 352013-08-26 ClayChallenger (M)
10k New Delhi, Wk. 352013-08-26 HardChallenger (M)
10k Bagnatica, Wk. 352013-08-26 ClayChallenger (M)
US Open2013-08-26 HardATP
Week 36
15k Sarajevo, Wk. 362013-09-02 ClayFutures (M)
25k Moscow, Wk. 362013-09-02 HardFutures (M)
15k Berlin, Wk. 362013-09-02 ClayFutures (M)
50k Mestre, Wk. 362013-09-02 ClayFutures (M)
25k Noto, Wk. 362013-09-02 GrassFutures (M)
25k Alphen AD Rijn, Wk. 362013-09-02 ClayFutures (M)
50k Trabzon, Wk. 362013-09-02 HardFutures (M)
10k Yeong Wol, Wk. 362013-09-02 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 362013-09-02 HardChallenger (M)
10k Huy, Wk. 362013-09-02 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 362013-09-02 HardChallenger (M)
10k Belgrade, Wk. 362013-09-02 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 37
25k Mont-De-Marsan, Wk. 372013-09-09 ClayFutures (M)
25k Podgorica, Wk. 372013-09-09 ClayFutures (M)
25k Sofia, Wk. 372013-09-09 ClayFutures (M)
50k Trabzon, Wk. 372013-09-09 HardFutures (M)
15k Toowoomba, Wk. 372013-09-09 HardFutures (M)
Quebec City2013-09-09 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
25k Redding, CA, Wk. 372013-09-09 HardFutures (M)
50k Sanya, Wk. 372013-09-09 HardFutures (M)
25k Incheon, Wk. 372013-09-09 HardFutures (M)
10k Kyoto, Wk. 372013-09-09 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 372013-09-09 HardChallenger (M)
10k Lleida, Wk. 372013-09-09 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Buenos Aires, Wk. 372013-09-09 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Curitiba, Wk. 372013-09-09 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Tlemcen, Wk. 372013-09-09 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Vrnjacka Banja, Wk. 372013-09-09 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 372013-09-09 HardChallenger (M)
10k Mytilini, Wk. 372013-09-09 HardChallenger (M)
10k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 372013-09-09 ClayChallenger (M)
Tashkent2013-09-09 HardATP
Week 38
15k Cairns, Wk. 382013-09-16 HardFutures (M)
25k Shrewsbury, Wk. 382013-09-16 HardFutures (M)
25k Saint Malo, Wk. 382013-09-16 ClayFutures (M)
25k Dobrich, Wk. 382013-09-16 ClayFutures (M)
25k Batumi, Wk. 382013-09-16 HardFutures (M)
75k Albuquerque, NM, Wk. 382013-09-16 HardFutures (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 382013-09-16 HardChallenger (M)
10k Rosario, Wk. 382013-09-16 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Alger, Wk. 382013-09-16 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 382013-09-16 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 382013-09-16 HardChallenger (M)
10k Budva, Wk. 382013-09-16 ClayChallenger (M)
Guangzhou2013-09-16 HardATP
Seoul2013-09-16 HardATP
Tokyo2013-09-22 HardATP
Week 39
50k Las Vegas, NV, Wk. 392013-09-23 HardFutures (M)
50k Telavi, Wk. 392013-09-23 ClayFutures (M)
25k Fergana, Wk. 392013-09-23 HardFutures (M)
25k Clermont-Ferrand, Wk. 392013-09-23 HardFutures (M)
Ningbo $125K Series2013-09-23 HardFutures (M)
25k Loughborough, Wk. 392013-09-23 HardFutures (M)
25k Seville, Wk. 392013-09-23 ClayFutures (M)
10k Prague, Wk. 392013-09-23 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Varna, Wk. 392013-09-23 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Santa Margherita Di Pula, Wk. 392013-09-23 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 392013-09-23 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 392013-09-23 HardChallenger (M)
10k Marathon - Athens, Wk. 392013-09-23 HardChallenger (M)
10k Monastir, Wk. 392013-09-23 HardChallenger (M)
10k Amelia Island, FL, Wk. 392013-09-23 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Lambare, Wk. 392013-09-23 ClayChallenger (M)
Kuala Lumpur2013-09-23 HardATP
Week 40
Beijing2013-09-30 HardATP
25k Budapest, Wk. 402013-09-30 ClayFutures (M)
25k Perth, Wk. 402013-09-30 HardFutures (M)
15k Victoria, Wk. 402013-09-30 HardFutures (M)
25k Vallduxo, Wk. 402013-09-30 ClayFutures (M)
10k Asuncion, Wk. 402013-09-30 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Monastir, Wk. 402013-09-30 HardChallenger (M)
10k Marathon - Athens, Wk. 402013-09-30 HardChallenger (M)
10k Solin, Wk. 402013-09-30 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 402013-09-30 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Albena, Wk. 402013-09-30 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Hilton Head Island, SC, Wk. 402013-09-30 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 402013-09-30 HardChallenger (M)
Week 41
25k Sant Cugat, Wk. 412013-10-07 ClayFutures (M)
25k Macon, GA, Wk. 412013-10-07 HardFutures (M)
25k Asuncion, Wk. 412013-10-07 ClayFutures (M)
25k Margaret River, Wk. 412013-10-07 HardFutures (M)
25k Tampico, Wk. 412013-10-07 HardFutures (M)
50k Joue-Les-Tours, Wk. 412013-10-07 HardFutures (M)
10k Ruse, Wk. 412013-10-07 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 412013-10-07 HardChallenger (M)
10k Marathon - Athens, Wk. 412013-10-07 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 412013-10-07 ClayChallenger (M)
Osaka2013-10-07 HardATP
Linz2013-10-07 HardATP
Week 42
25k Lagos, Wk. 422013-10-14 HardFutures (M)
25k Makinohara, Wk. 422013-10-14 GrassFutures (M)
25k Rock Hill, SC, Wk. 422013-10-14 HardFutures (M)
50k Limoges, Wk. 422013-10-14 HardFutures (M)
10k Burgas, Wk. 422013-10-14 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Dubrovnik, Wk. 422013-10-14 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Quintana Roo, Wk. 422013-10-14 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 422013-10-14 HardChallenger (M)
10k Pereira, Wk. 422013-10-14 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Heraklion, Wk. 422013-10-14 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 422013-10-14 ClayChallenger (M)
Luxembourg2013-10-14 HardATP
Moscow2013-10-14 HardATP
Week 43
25k Casablanca, Wk. 432013-10-21 ClayFutures (M)
100k Poitiers, Wk. 432013-10-21 HardFutures (M)
25k Netanya, Wk. 432013-10-21 HardFutures (M)
25k Lagos, Wk. 432013-10-21 HardFutures (M)
25k Hamamatsu, Wk. 432013-10-21 GrassFutures (M)
25k Florence, SC, Wk. 432013-10-21 HardFutures (M)
50k Bendigo, Wk. 432013-10-21 HardFutures (M)
50k Saguenay, Wk. 432013-10-21 HardFutures (M)
10k Dubrovnik, Wk. 432013-10-21 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 432013-10-21 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Heraklion, Wk. 432013-10-21 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Marcos Juarez, Wk. 432013-10-21 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 432013-10-21 HardChallenger (M)
10k Quintana Roo, Wk. 432013-10-21 HardChallenger (M)
10k Bogota, Wk. 432013-10-21 HardChallenger (M)
10k Stockholm, Wk. 432013-10-21 HardChallenger (M)
WTA Championships2013-10-21 HardATP
Week 44
75k Barnstaple, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardFutures (M)
50k Toronto, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardFutures (M)
50k Taipei, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardFutures (M)
25k Seoul, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardFutures (M)
25k Caracas, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardFutures (M)
50k New Braunfels, TX, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardFutures (M)
50k Bendigo, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardFutures (M)
50k+H Nantes, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardFutures (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 442013-10-28 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Heraklion, Wk. 442013-10-28 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Buenos Aires, Wk. 442013-10-28 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Quintana Roo, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardChallenger (M)
10k Benicarlo, Wk. 442013-10-28 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Umag, Wk. 442013-10-28 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardChallenger (M)
10k Stockholm, Wk. 442013-10-28 HardChallenger (M)
Sofia2013-10-29 HardFutures (M)
Italy v Russia - FC WG - F2013-11-02 Clay (M)
Week 45
25k Equerdreville, Wk. 452013-11-04 HardFutures (M)
15k Phuket, Wk. 452013-11-04 HardFutures (M)
50k Captiva Island, FL, Wk. 452013-11-04 HardFutures (M)
50k Istanbul, Wk. 452013-11-04 HardFutures (M)
10k Sao Jose Do Rio Preto, Wk. 452013-11-04 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Loughborough, Wk. 452013-11-04 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 452013-11-04 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Buenos Aires, Wk. 452013-11-04 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Heraklion, Wk. 452013-11-04 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Lima, Wk. 452013-11-04 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Umag, Wk. 452013-11-04 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 452013-11-04 HardChallenger (M)
10k Vinaroz, Wk. 452013-11-04 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 46
15k Mumbai, Wk. 462013-11-11 HardFutures (M)
25k Zawada (near Opole), Wk. 462013-11-11 CarpetFutures (M)
75k Dubai, Wk. 462013-11-11 HardFutures (M)
15k Phuket, Wk. 462013-11-11 HardFutures (M)
25k Minsk, Wk. 462013-11-11 HardFutures (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 462013-11-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Helsinki, Wk. 462013-11-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Heraklion, Wk. 462013-11-11 CarpetChallenger (M)
10k Sant Jordi, Wk. 462013-11-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Trujillo, Wk. 462013-11-11 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Oujda, Wk. 462013-11-11 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sao Jose Do Rio Preto, Wk. 462013-11-11 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Bol, Wk. 462013-11-11 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Manchester, Wk. 462013-11-11 HardChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 462013-11-11 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 47
75k+H Toyota, Wk. 472013-11-18 CarpetFutures (M)
25k Bucha, Wk. 472013-11-18 CarpetFutures (M)
75k+H Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 472013-11-18 ClayFutures (M)
10k Bol, Wk. 472013-11-18 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 472013-11-18 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Castellon, Wk. 472013-11-18 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 472013-11-18 HardChallenger (M)
10k Fes, Wk. 472013-11-18 ClayChallenger (M)
Week 48
10k Bol, Wk. 482013-11-25 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sao Paulo, Wk. 482013-11-25 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Antalya, Wk. 482013-11-25 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 482013-11-25 HardChallenger (M)
10k Nules, Wk. 482013-11-25 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Villavicencio, Wk. 482013-11-25 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Santiago, Wk. 482013-11-25 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Fes, Wk. 482013-11-25 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Rethymno, Wk. 482013-11-25 HardChallenger (M)
Week 49
25k Pune, Wk. 492013-12-02 HardFutures (M)
10k Sao Jose Dos Campos, Wk. 492013-12-02 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Djibouti, Wk. 492013-12-02 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 492013-12-02 HardChallenger (M)
10k Bogota, Wk. 492013-12-02 ClayChallenger (M)
10k Hong Kong, Wk. 2492013-12-02 HardChallenger (M)
Week 50
25k Navi Mumbai, Wk. 502013-12-09 HardFutures (M)
25k Mata De Sao Joao, Wk. 502013-12-09 ClayFutures (M)
25k Santiago, Wk. 502013-12-09 ClayFutures (M)
10k Hong Kong, Wk. 502013-12-09 HardChallenger (M)
10k Djibouti, Wk. 502013-12-09 HardChallenger (M)
10k Sharm El Sheikh, Wk. 502013-12-09 HardChallenger (M)
Week 51
25k Bertioga, Wk. 512013-12-16 HardFutures (M)
10k Hong Kong, Wk. 512013-12-16 HardChallenger (M)

WTA Tennis Tour Calendar 2013, including Grand Slam calendar, Masters events calendar, WTA Challengers & ITF Futures calendar 2013.