ATP Calendar 2017

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NameDate SizeSurfaceCategory
Week 01
Noumea Challenger2017-01-02 32HardFutures (M)
Happy Valley Challenger2017-01-02 32HardFutures (M)
Bangkok Challenger2017-01-02 32HardFutures (M)
Week 02
Canberra Challenger2017-01-09 32HardFutures (M)
Bangkok 2 Challenger2017-01-09 32HardFutures (M)
Week 03
Koblenz Challenger2017-01-17 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Week 04
Maui Challenger2017-01-24 32HardFutures (M)
Rennes Challenger2017-01-24 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Week 05
Dallas Challenger2017-01-30 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Burnie Challenger2017-01-30 32HardFutures (M)
Quimper Challenger2017-01-30 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Week 06
Budapest Challenger2017-02-06 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Launceston Challenger2017-02-06 32HardFutures (M)
San Fransisco Challenger2017-02-06 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Week 07
Tempe Challenger2017-02-13 32HardFutures (M)
Cherbourg Challenger2017-02-13 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Week 08
Kyoto Challenger2017-02-20 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Morelos Challenger2017-02-20 32HardFutures (M)
Bergamo Challenger2017-02-20 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Week 09
Wroclaw Challenger2017-02-27 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Yokohama Challenger2017-02-27 32HardFutures (M)
Week 10
Santiago Challenger2017-03-06 32ClayFutures (M)
Zhuhai Challenger2017-03-06 32HardFutures (M)
Week 11
Carilo Challenger2017-03-14 32HardFutures (M)
Irving Challenger2017-03-14 32HardFutures (M)
Shenzhen Challenger2017-03-14 32HardFutures (M)
Drummondville Challenger2017-03-14 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Week 12
Quanzhou Challenger2017-03-20 32HardFutures (M)
Guadalajara Challenger2017-03-21 32HardFutures (M)
Week 13
Leon Challenger2017-03-28 32HardFutures (M)
St. Brieuc Challenger2017-03-28 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Week 14
Panama City Challenger2017-04-03 32ClayFutures (M)
Sophia Antipolis Challenger2017-04-03 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 15
San Luis Potosi Challenger2017-04-10 32ClayFutures (M)
Barletta Challenger2017-04-10 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 16
Sarasota Challenger2017-04-17 32ClayFutures (M)
Qingdao Challenger2017-04-17 32ClayFutures (M)
Taipei Challenger2017-04-17 32CarpetFutures (M)
Week 17
An-Ning Challenger2017-04-24 32ClayFutures (M)
Tallahassee Challenger2017-04-24 32ClayFutures (M)
Francavilla Challenger2017-04-24 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 18
Gimcheon Challenger2017-05-01 32HardFutures (M)
Savannah Challenger2017-05-01 32ClayFutures (M)
Ostrava Challenger2017-05-01 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 19
Karshi Challenger2017-05-08 32HardFutures (M)
Aix En Provence Challenger2017-05-08 32ClayFutures (M)
Rome Challenger2017-05-08 32ClayFutures (M)
Seoul Challenger2017-05-08 32HardFutures (M)
Week 20
Bordeaux Challenger2017-05-15 32ClayFutures (M)
Busan Challenger2017-05-15 32HardFutures (M)
Heilbronn Challenger2017-05-15 32Indoor ClayFutures (M)
Samarkand Challenger2017-05-15 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 21
Shymkent Challenger2017-05-22 32ClayFutures (M)
Mestre Challenger2017-05-22 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 22
Vicenza Challenger2017-05-29 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 23
Prostejov Challenger2017-06-05 32ClayFutures (M)
Furth Challenger2017-06-05 ClayFutures (M)
Surbiton Challenger2017-06-06 32GrassFutures (M)
Week 24
Lyon Challenger2017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
Caltanissetta Challenger2017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
Lisbon Challenger2017-06-12 32ClayFutures (M)
Nottingham Challenger2017-06-12 32GrassFutures (M)
Week 25
Poprad Tatry Challenger2017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
Blois Challenger2017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
Todi Challenger2017-06-19 32ClayFutures (M)
Fergana Challenger2017-06-19 32HardFutures (M)
Ilkley Challenger2017-06-19 32GrassFutures (M)
Week 26
Milan Challenger2017-06-26 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 27
Marburg Challenger2017-07-03 32ClayFutures (M)
Recanati Challenger2017-07-03 32HardFutures (M)
Week 28
Cali Challenger2017-07-10 ClayFutures (M)
Bastad Challenger2017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
Braunschweig Challenger2017-07-10 32ClayFutures (M)
Winnetka Challenger2017-07-10 32HardFutures (M)
Perugia Challenger2017-07-11 32ClayFutures (M)
Medellin Challenger2017-07-11 32ClayFutures (M)
Winnipeg Challenger2017-07-11 32HardFutures (M)
Week 29
Gatineau Challenger2017-07-17 32HardFutures (M)
Poznan Challenger2017-07-17 32ClayFutures (M)
Scheveningen Challenger2017-07-17 32ClayFutures (M)
San Benedetto Challenger2017-07-17 32ClayFutures (M)
Astana Challenger2017-07-17 32HardFutures (M)
Week 30
Tampere Challenger2017-07-24 32ClayFutures (M)
Binghamton Challenger2017-07-24 32HardFutures (M)
Granby Challenger2017-07-24 32HardFutures (M)
Prague Challenger2017-07-24 32ClayFutures (M)
Cortina Challenger2017-07-24 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 31
Chengdu Challenger2017-07-31 32HardFutures (M)
Biella Challenger2017-07-31 32ClayFutures (M)
Lexington Challenger2017-07-31 32HardFutures (M)
Liberec Challenger2017-07-31 32ClayFutures (M)
Segovia Challenger2017-07-31 32HardFutures (M)
Week 32
Bucaramanga Challenger2017-08-07 32ClayFutures (M)
Jinan Challenger2017-08-07 32HardFutures (M)
Portoroz Challenger2017-08-07 32HardFutures (M)
Aptos Challenger2017-08-07 32HardFutures (M)
Week 33
Vancouver Challenger2017-08-14 32HardFutures (M)
Meerbusch Challenger2017-08-14 32ClayFutures (M)
Santo Domingo Challenger2017-08-14 32ClayFutures (M)
Cordenons Challenger2017-08-14 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 34
Manerbio Challenger2017-08-21 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 35
Bangkok 3 Challenger2017-08-28 HardFutures (M)
Como Challenger2017-08-28 32ClayFutures (M)
Quito Challenger2017-08-28 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 36
Seville Challenger2017-09-04 32ClayFutures (M)
Bogota Challenger2017-09-05 32ClayFutures (M)
Zhangjiagang Challenger2017-09-05 32HardFutures (M)
Alphen Challenger2017-09-05 32ClayFutures (M)
Genova Challenger2017-09-05 32ClayFutures (M)
Week 37
Istanbul Challenger2017-09-11 32HardFutures (M)
Cary Challenger2017-09-11 32HardFutures (M)
Banja Luka Challenger2017-09-11 32ClayFutures (M)
Szczecin Challenger2017-09-11 32ClayFutures (M)
Shanghai Challenger2017-09-11 32HardFutures (M)
Week 38
Izmir Challenger2017-09-18 32HardFutures (M)
Gwangju Challenger2017-09-18 32HardFutures (M)
Sibiu Challenger2017-09-18 32ClayFutures (M)
Napoli Challenger2017-09-18 ClayFutures (M)
Colombus Challenger2017-09-18 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Week 39
Orleans Challenger2017-09-25 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Tiburon Challenger2017-09-25 32HardFutures (M)
Busan 2 Challenger2017-09-25 HardFutures (M)
Rome 2 Challenger2017-09-25 32ClayFutures (M)
Barranquilla Challenger2017-09-25 ClayFutures (M)
Week 40
Kaohsiung Challenger2017-10-02 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Sacramento Challenger2017-10-02 32HardFutures (M)
Almaty Challenger2017-10-02 32ClayFutures (M)
Campinas Challenger2017-10-02 32ClayFutures (M)
Monterrey Challenger2017-10-02 32HardFutures (M)
Week 41
Ortisei Challenger2017-10-09 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Tashkent Challenger2017-10-09 32HardFutures (M)
Buenos Aires Challenger2017-10-09 32ClayFutures (M)
Fairfield Challenger2017-10-09 32HardFutures (M)
Week 42
Ismaning Challenger2017-10-16 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Ningbo Challenger2017-10-16 32HardFutures (M)
Cali 2 Challenger2017-10-16 32ClayFutures (M)
Las Vegas Challenger2017-10-16 32HardFutures (M)
Week 43
Traralgon Challenger2017-10-23 32HardFutures (M)
Brest Challenger2017-10-23 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Lima Challenger2017-10-23 32ClayFutures (M)
Suzhou Challenger2017-10-23 32HardFutures (M)
Ho Chi Minh City Challenger2017-10-23 32HardFutures (M)
Week 44
Eckental Challenger2017-10-30 32CarpetFutures (M)
Charlottesville Challenger2017-10-30 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Guayaquil Challenger2017-10-30 32ClayFutures (M)
Canberra 2 Challenger2017-10-30 32HardFutures (M)
Shenzhen 2 Challenger2017-10-30 32HardFutures (M)
Week 45
Kobe Challenger2017-11-06 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Bratislava Challenger2017-11-06 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Montevideo Challenger2017-11-06 32ClayFutures (M)
Mouilleron Le Captif Challenger2017-11-06 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Knoxville Challenger2017-11-07 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Milan2017-11-07 8HardFutures (M)
Week 46
Champaign Challenger2017-11-13 32Indoor HardFutures (M)
Brescia Challenger2017-11-13 32CarpetFutures (M)
Toyota Challenger2017-11-13 32CarpetFutures (M)
Santiago 2 Challenger2017-11-13 32ClayFutures (M)
Pune Challenger2017-11-13 32HardFutures (M)
Week 47
Andria Challenger2017-11-20 32CarpetFutures (M)
Hua Hin Challenger2017-11-20 32HardFutures (M)
Rio De Janeiro Challenger2017-11-20 32ClayFutures (M)
Bangalore Challenger2017-11-20 32HardFutures (M)

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