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2004 Player Files
Yes, its that time of year again.  Its time for the end of year player files.  In all these years and all the new technology available, they still look exactly the same!  All the files are added now.  7883 players in all and all levels are available below.  If anything is not just so, please let me know.
1/14/05: in cases of a player with many matches, his name appeared more than one time in the player column: fixed
1/27/05: Julio Cesar Campozano, Alexandre Daruty, and Alfonso Fernandez-Guimera had additional records under different spellings: the records and results files have been adjusted accordingly
2/3/05: Slimane Saoudi changed his nat. late in the year so listed as FRA in prior records.  But because of that his rank was showing up as NR.  That has been corrected.  Mahmoud Nader / Mahmoud-Nader Al Balushi (UAE) and Amir Shirazi / Amir Shrokrollah-Shirazi (IRI) in each case are the same player, their records have been amalgamated - player files and win-loss records adjusted.  Number of players down to 7877 :-)
2/9/05: Three more players (Christian Ordona, Andre Bognar, and John Hoyes) had records with different spellings.  Number of players down to 7874.

The matches include main draw and qualifying singles for ATP tournaments.  On the left are text files you can view in your browser but, depending on your connection, it may take awhile to load.  On the right are zip files you can download and save to disk.  Note:  If you open these using a word processor or text editor which uses word wrap, each line may wrap over several lines because the information on each line is greater than the standard 80 characters in width.  You will have to adjust the margins and the font size to get it to display properly.  WordPad is probably the best viewer to look at these files.
Text files for online viewing Zipped files for downloading
ATP results (1.5M) ATP results (208K)
Challenger results (2.8M) Challenger results (405K)
Futures results (9.4M) Futures results (1.3M)
Satellite results (2.9M) Satellite results (376K)
Davis Cup results (204K) Davis Cup results (33K)
Special: Top 500 (5.7M) Special: Top 500 (774K)
All results (2.5M)
Special:  All seven (5.7M)

Player Win-Loss records.
Here is the full breakdown of the players' win-loss records for 2004.  They include all matches played from ATP tournaments, challengers, Davis Cup, futures, and satellites in singles qualifying and main draws.  Walkovers and byes not counted as matches played.  The records are sorted in various ways so you have your choice.

But before diving into all of the lists, click here for commentary including the annual Year-End Player Awards
Level Alpha Listing Winning Percentage Number of Matches
All Matches Show me Show me Show me
ATP Show me Show me Show me
Challengers Show me Show me Show me
Futures Show me Show me Show me
Satellites Show me Show me Show me
Davis Cup Show me Show me Show me

Here is a list of reports for weekly player records updates
Note: I have made a grave error: it appears rather than counting the records from the Barcelona challenger
held on Oct 11, the Barcelona challenger from Apr 19 has instead been counted twice.  :-(
The records are corrected as of Dec 6.
Screw-up #2: Just realized that Germany F11 (Jul 12) had been missing.  Corrected as of Dec 13.
Jan 5 Mar 1 May 3 Jul 5 Sep 6 Nov 1
Jan 12 Mar 8 May 10 Jul 12 Sep 13 Nov 8
Jan 19 Mar 15 May 17 Jul 19 Sep 20 Nov 15
Jan 26 Mar 22 May 24 Jul 26 Sep 27 Nov 22
Feb 2 Mar 29 May 31 Aug 2 Oct 4 Nov 29
Feb 9 Apr 5 Jun 7 Aug 9 Oct 11 Dec 6
Feb 16 Apr 12 Jun 14 Aug 16 Oct 18 Dec 13
Feb 23 Apr 19 Jun 21 Aug 23 Oct 25 Dec 20
Apr 26 Jun 28 Aug 30

Cumulative Results files
Ever want to look for a player in the results but found it frustrated to have to go through each individual file?  Well, here is the answer to your problems.  This is a concatenated version of the results, first for each level and then one big file will all of the results.  It is simply one results file after another all in one place.  All results are singles main draw and for satellites, the final points distribution.  (Compiled by macpet)   (updated 12/31/04)
Level Main Draws
ATP text     zip
Challengers text     zip
Futures text     zip
Satellites text     zip

2004 Italian Player File 
For those interested in Italian tennis players, here is a spreadsheet compiled by Emiliano Faeti from Rome.  (updated 11/22/04)
Italian Player Database 2004