Men's Event Winners & Past ATP / WTA Calendars:

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NEW!! On this page you can see singles and/or doubles winners for all events in any
past year. You can even show just a certain level of events by using the "Category" box.
Here are a few example links...
2012 ATP Tour Calendar, 2011 ATP Tour Calendar, 2010 ATP Tour Calendar
2012 WTA Tour Calendar, 2011 WTA Tour Calendar, 2010 WTA Tour Calendar
Have a play around with the dropdown boxes below now...

Tour: Year: Category: Type  
select * from itf_matchs_mens where round = '1' and score != '' and score != '0' and year = '2013' and (match_type = 'AMS' or match_type = 'BMD') order by event_start_date desc
DateTypeNameCategoryWining Player Losing PlayerScore