Asics Women's Tennis Shoes

Samantha Stosur wears Asics shoes and the latest test range is well worth checking out if you are looking for some new women's tennis shoes...
Try out our best Asics women's footwear and you will be pleasantly surprised with the stability, control and comfort it offers. Tennis shoes can sometimes be an important part of your game when you have to chase down that tennis ball. Just make your choice, have a look at our reviews and get the best possible price.

ASICS Ltd. Is a Japanese athletic equipment company, with a world renowned reputation for creating the best performance footwear on the market.

Founded in 1949 as Panmure co. Ltd. the company began as a manufacturer of basketball shoes but soon diversified to design and create top quality shoes for a number of sports. The Mexico 66 design was one of the most famous of the company’s early products and was the first to include the crossed stripes design which has become synonymous with the brand. It was in 1977 that a merger led to the company adopting the name ASICS which is an acronym of the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano, which roughly translated means ‘healthy soul in a healthy body’, reflecting the company’s emphasis on fitness wear. From then until the modern day ASICS have continued to develop into one of the world leaders in sporting apparel and particularly sports shoes.

As you would expect for a highly modern and progressive company which focusses on athletic footwear, ASICS’ women’s tennis shoes are some of the most technologically advanced tennis shoes on the market. To improve comfort all over the court they utilise their patented gel cushioning technology which adds extra shock absorption to their shoes. As well as improving comfort, the gel cushioning does also help to protect against impact injuries such as stress fractures. ASICS High Abrasion Resistance Rubber from which they produce their outsoles is another key positive of their shoes, offering as it does, excellent grip on all court surfaces as well as hard wearing durability.

The shoe provider of choice of stylish Aussie player Samantha Stosur it is clear to see that ASICS women’s tennis shoes provide the perfect combination of functionality and fashion for the dedicated tennis player who wants to look good on court.