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In their early history tennis balls were made of a variety of different materials and in a number of different ways. In 1480 it is reported that Louis XI of France decreed that tennis balls must be made of good leather stuffed with wool rather than being filled with chalk, sand, sawdust or earth. Other balls dated to the reign of Henry VIII in England have been found to be composed of putty and human hair. In a more macabre turn some other balls made by Scottish craftsmen have been found to be made from a sheep or goats stomach wrapped in wool and tied by a rope.

It was in the 1870’s with the development of lawn tennis by Walter Clopton Wingfield and Harry Gem that tennis balls began to get closer to what we would recognise today. It was at this time that Wingfield started to market tennis sets that included rubber balls imported from Germany, and after the invention of vulcanised rubber and the introduction of flannelling to cover the ball, their development continued apace to what we recognise today.

Most recently the development of tennis balls has revolved around a process of standardisation with a number of standard measurements introduced. For instance, the official diameter must be between 65.41 and 68.58 millimetres, weight between 56.0 and 59.4 grams and only yellow or white balls are permissible.

After this long history of development and change, modern day balls are the height of technology and are optimised to give the best possible performance, for junior players, keen club players and professionals alike.