Men's Adidas Tennis Shoes

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Adidas is a German multinational company with an enviable reputation for manufacturing and supplying the highest quality sporting apparel. Represented by the iconic three parallel bar motif, Adidas is one of the most recognisable sporting goods brands and has a fascinating history.

The brand was founded in 1948 by Adolf Dassler when he split away from the company which he ran with his brother Rudolf following a disagreement. The name Adidas was adopted by Dassler as a contraction of his first and second names, although a common misconception is that this is an acronym for All Day I Dream About Sport.

While Adolf developed Adidas his brother went on to form Puma and the two companies developed an intense rivalry, leading to the brothers never actually reconciling before their deaths. A particularly interesting aspect of the feud came in 1960, when Puma paid Olympian Armin Hary to stop wearing Adidas and to wear Puma instead in the 100m final. Hary won Gold but then returned to wearing Adidas for the medal ceremony hoping to get paid by both companies, a move which infuriated the Adidas founder.

The rivalry between the companies inevitably cooled after the brothers’ deaths and Adidas began to concentrate on their already burgeoning reputation for creating stylish and wonderful sportswear, but most notably trainers. As such Adidas is at the forefront of tennis shoe technology using their experience and knowledge to create some of the most impressive innovations on the market. These innovations include Adiprene and Adiprene+ technology which Adidas use to improve the cushioning and shock absorption potential of their shoes. It also includes Adiwear outsoles which Adidas describe as offering the ultimate in high-wear durability.

Whatever your style and taste Adidas are sure to offer you a top quality tennis shoe that will suit you and will show your friends that you are fashion conscious as well as a top athlete.