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If you are searching for the best Wilson racket that is suitable for your game, stevegtennis brings you the top Wilson tennis racquets reviews that will help you in your selection. Our price comparison system also shows you the best possible prices out there. With Wilson, Roger Federer, Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams won multiple Grand Slam titles and broke several tennis records.

Wilson is a sports equipment company based in Chicago, Illinois which has become almost synonymous with top quality tennis equipment and especially racquets.

The company has a diverse and interesting history, drawing its first roots from the Swarzchild & Sulzberger Company, a meat packing business with plants in New York, Chicago and Kansas. This company diversified to form the Ashland Manufacturing Company in 1913 which was created in order to use animal by-products from their original business. From the beginning and when the company was re-named as the Thomas E Wilson Company in 1915 its focus was therefore on creating natural racquet strings. However, in the early years of its existence the company quickly added to their sporting goods and clothing ranges.

It was in 1931 that the company adopted the name Wilson Sporting Goods, and from then until the present the company has continued to expand its ranges of products for many sports but most notably tennis. In this are Wilson supplies many different items, including the balls which are used at both the US and Australian Open, however it is through their racquets that the company really excels.

Wilson’s tennis racquets are favoured by players as diverse and skilled as Roger Federer, Victoria Azarenka and Juan Martin Del Potro, which demonstrates the quality and diversity available in the Wilson range.

The company’s ranges include the ‘Steam’, ‘Blade’ and ‘BLX’ ranges, and it is in this last range that Wilson demonstrates one of its most recent technological developments. Through incorporating thin fibres of Basalt (a natural volcanic rock) into the frames of their racquets Wilson claim to have created one of the most advanced composites in the industry in order to add incredible vibration resistance and a ‘perfect feel’ to their racquets.

Their BLX technology and other recent developments, added to their long history and proven pedigree, mean that Wilson truly is one of the best manufacturers of quality tennis racquets in the world.

Wilson Tennis Rackets Reviews – New Steam Wilson Racquets For 2013:

Wilson Racquet Sports is set to release early next year two new models in their popular Steam line that will be the first to introduce unique racquet technology designed to give players more spin without changing the way that they play the game.

You can browse through the latest Wilson tennis rackets in our shop.

The Steam 99S and Steam 105S available in January 2013 will be the first racquets to employ Spin Effect Technology or (S.E.T.) that will allow players to add over 200 RPMS on their shots without having to change their swing. Each racquet enhances spin by 10% with 3.3 times more string movement and 69% faster string snapback. This is accomplished with a decrease in the horizontal strings in the racquets (each has a 16×15 string pattern) that helps snap the ball back faster thus increasing spin. Steam 99S and Steam 105S are the first racquets of their kind to have fewer cross strings.

Benefits for those who use either racquet include bigger spin potential, adding over 200 RPMS, more control through spin, more ball speed and a larger sweet spot. Wilson says the racquets and their new string patterns is essentially the same as lowering the net by two inches and extending the court by a foot.

Each Steam also comes with Wilson’s Amplifeel 360 handle technology.

Wilson Steam 99S

WRT7153 Steam 99S Front 141x300 Wilson Tennis Rackets Reviews   New Steam Wilson Racquets For 2013


Head Size: 99 sq. in.

Length: 27″

Strung Weight: 11.3 oz/320 g

Balance: 2pts. HL

Swingweight: 10.2 oz/304 g

String Pattern: 16 mains x 15 crosses





Wilson Steam 105S

WRT7155 Steam 105S Front 141x300 Wilson Tennis Rackets Reviews   New Steam Wilson Racquets For 2013


Head Size: 105 sq. in.

Length: 27.5″

Strung Weight: 10.8 oz/305 g

Balance: 4 pts. HL

Swingweight: 10.8 oz/305 g

String Pattern: 16 mains x 15 crosses




For those seeking better results in their games now, two current models stand out. The Wilson BLX Juice 100 is currently used by World No. 1 Victoria Azarenka. Designed to enhance power and spin for a wide range of player types and skill levels, the Juice offers a lightweight, more forgiving modern frame design. A maneuverable frame with a large sweet spot, it is ideal for baseliners who really like to take a whack at the ball. The Amplifeel system built into the racquet gets rid of unwanted vibrations. The light weight of this frame makes it great for net play as well.

Wilson Juice BLX 100

WRT7131 Juice 100 Front 300x300 Wilson Tennis Rackets Reviews   New Steam Wilson Racquets For 2013


Head Size: 100 sq. in. / 645.16 sq. cm.

Length: 27in / 68.58cm

Strung Weight: 11.3oz / 320.35g

Balance: 6 pts HL

Swingweight: 311

Stiffness: 72

Beam Width: 25mm / 26.5mm / 25.2mm /

String Pattern: 16 mains x 18 crosses


Roger Federer’s racquet of choice is the Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 90. While adaptable to all levels of play, this racquet is probably best for advanced players who generate their own power with fast groundstrokes as it provides excellent stability, feel and control. This is a racquet that rewards those who can really add their own weight to every shot. For volleys and other shorter swings, the racquet provides stellar touch and control while adding just enough mass to punch the ball away.

With a racquet head at only 90 square inches, it definitely allows one to place shots with pinpoint accuracy. A maneuverable racquet with a 16×19 string pattern, this Pro Staff model is an exceptional standout and worthy of the man who now uses it around the world.

Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 90

WRT7102 ProStaff Six One 90 Front 300x300 Wilson Tennis Rackets Reviews   New Steam Wilson Racquets For 2013


Head Size: 90 sq. in. / 580.64 sq. cm.

Length: 27in / 68.58cm

Strung Weight: 12.6oz / 357.2g

Balance: 8 pts HL

Swingweight: 327

Stiffness: 65

Beam Width: 17.5mm / 17.5mm / 17.5mm /

String Pattern: 16 mains x 19 crosses