1997 Davis Cup Zonal Results
After beginning to compile all of the available Davis Cup, it became apparent that I could not do any better than the Davis Cup site.  I did manage to summarize the results for Groups I and II.  For Groups III and IV, I just left links to the Davis Cup site.
I was not able to get my hands on the actual match results.  If anyone has information on that please let me know.

ROUND 1 (February 7-9, 1997)

Group I:
American Zone Group 1
Venezuela bye
Canada d. Bahamas 4-1
Chile d. Ecuador 4-1
Argentina bye

Asia/Oceania Zone Group 1
New Zealand bye
Indonesia d. Philippines 3-2
China d. Uzbekistan 4-1
Korea d. Japan 5-0

Euro/African Zone Group 1 (May 2-4, 1997)
Belgium bye
Denmark d. Hungary 5-0
Great Britain bye
Zimbabwe d. Ukraine 5-0
Israel bye
Slovak Republic bye
Croatia d. Morocco 4-1
Austria bye

Group II:
American Zone Group II
Peru d. Cuba 3-2
Colombia d. Puerto Rico 3-2
Paraguay d. Haiti 5-0
Uruguay d. El Salvador 4-1

Asia/Oceania Zone Group II
Chinese Taipei d. Singapore 5-0 (Feb 21-23)
Iran d. Pakistan 3-2 (Feb 21-23)
Lebanon d. Saudi Arabia 5-0 (Feb 18-20)
Thailand d. Hong Kong 5-0 (Feb 14-16)

Euro/African Zone Group II
Norway d. Nigeria 5-0
Slovenia d. Georgia 3-2
Portugal d. Egypt 5-0
Yugoslavia d. Lithuania 3-2
Ivory Coast d. Latvia 5-0
Poland d. Ghana 5-0
Belarus d. Ireland 4-1
Finland d. Greece 3-2

ROUND 2 (April 4-6, 1997)
Group I:  Winners to World Group qualifying round
American Zone Group I
Canada d. Venezuela 5-0
Chile d. Argentina 3-2

Asia/Oceania Zone Group I
New Zealand d. Indonesia 5-0
Korea d. China 4-1

Euro/African Zone Group I
Belgium d. Denmark 3-2
Zimbabwe d. Great Britain 4-1
Slovak Republic d. Israel 3-1
Austria d. Croatia 3-2

Group II:
Americana Zone Group II
Columbia d. Peru 4-1
Uruguay d. Paraguay 3-2

Asia/Oceania Zone Group II
Iran d. Chinese Taipei 4-1
Lebanon d. Thailand 5-0

Euro/African Zone Group II (July 11-13, 1997)
Norway d. Slovenia
Portugal d. Yugoslavia
Poland d. Ivory Coast
Finland d. Belarus

Group II Finals (September 19-21, 1997)  Winners promoted to Group I in 1998
Americana Zone Group II
Columbia d. Uruguay 4-1

Asia/Oceania Zone Group II
Lebanon d. Iran 4-1

Euro/African Zone Group II
Norway d. Portugal 3-2
Finland d. Poland 3-2

Group II Relegation Round  (April 4-6, 1997)   Losers relegated to Group III in 1998
Americana Zone Group II
Cuba d. Puerto Rico 4-1
Haiti d. El Salvador 4-1

Asia/Oceania Zone Group II
Pakistan d. Singapore 5-0
Hong Kong d. Saudi Arabia 4-1

Euro/African Zone Group II (July 11-13, 1997)
Georgia d. Nigeria 5-0
Egypt d. Lithuania 3-2
Latvia d. Ghana 4-1
Ireland d. Greece 3-2

Group I Relegation Round 1 (July 11-13, 1997)
American Zone Group I
Bahamas d. Venezuela 3-2
Ecuador d. Argentina 3-1

Asia/Oceania Zone Group I
Philippines bye
Japan d. Uzbekistan 3-2

Euro/African Zone Group I
Hungary bye
Great Britain d. Ukraine 3-2
Israel bye
Morocco bye

Group I Relegation Round 2 (September 19-21, 1997)   Losers relegated to Group II in 1998
American Zone Group I
Argentina d. Venezuela 4-1

Asia/Oceania Zone Group I
Uzbekistan d. Philippines 5-0

Euro/African Zone Group I
Ukraine d. Hungary 3-2
Israel vs Morocco??

Group III and Group IV Results
American Zone Group III
Asia/Oceania Zone Group III
Euro/African Zone Group III
American Zone Group IV
Asia/Oceania Zone Group IV
Euro/African Zone Group IV