Weekly Records Report - 8/15/05

Matches Played
Robin Vik took the title at the Graz challenger and extends his lead.  With several months left in the season, he is already at 82 matches on the year.  Rafael Nadal takes his third title in a row, this time in Montreal, and moves into 3rd.  Challenger veteran, Juan Antonio Marin of Costa Rica, got in 8 matches by qualifying for and winning the challenger at San Marino.  He jumps all the way to 4th.

Winning Percentage
Even with Nadal's third title in a row, he is still nowhere near Roger Federer's winning percentage.  Aleksandar Slovic has not played much this year but he has played a few futures events in Serbia and qualified and won Serbia & Montenegro F5 which gets him on the list in 3rd for the moment with a 13-2 record.