Weekly Records Report - 1/27/03 (revised)

Matches Played
Roko Karanusic is the new leader for most matches played with 15 after reaching the semifinals in Germany F1c.  Nicolas Almagro and Marcos Jimenez-Letrado, playing in the Spain #1 satellite, also have 15, while 5 players have 13, including Rainer Schuettler, the Australian Open finalist.

Winning Percentage
Andre Agassi has started off the year with a 7-0 record after winning the Australian Open.  Matias Boeker joins the undefeated club after winning his first event of the year, USA F2.  So does Nicolas Todero after winning a rain delayed Jamaica F1.  Frank Dancevic, who was undefeated after his first event, had his streak snapped by Boeker in the finals.  He is now 9-1.

(Note: this week's report has been revised to include the finals in Waikoloa, Jamaica F1, and Spain #1-week 3)