Weekly Records Report - 9/9/02

Matches Played
Sorry for the lateness of this one...
As Juan Giner continues to struggle at the challenger level, Jan Hajek, a young Czech, rises to #2, reaching the quarterfinals in the Kiev challenger.  He now has 78 matches played.  Fernando Verdasco climbs back into the top ten after defeating Hajek and reaching the semifinals in Kiev.  Giner still stands 9 ahead of the rest of the pack.

Winning Percentage
Cristian Villagran of Argentina lost in the semifinals, retiring in the second set so he goes 2-1 on the week but remains in second place in the percentage standings.  Villagran is now 31-4 on the year.  He stays ahead of Andre Agassi who reached the finals at the US Open and is now 46-8.  The rest of the standings remains pretty much the same.