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Here are the Live Tennis Scores and Results:


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4 thoughts on “Live Tennis Scores & Latest Tennis Results

  1. This poll is people’s wishful thinking and nothing else. Come on you guys – Roger Federer having more chances of winning than Novak Djokovic?????? The results of this poll should go like this: Djokovic 50%, Nadal 30%, and the other 19% should be divided among Murray, Delpo, and Federer respectively. An the remaining (and even less than that) 1% should be given to a potential surprise winner.

    • uroshu I suppose your 30% prediction has gone down the drain already. The remaining very soon would too. You were basing them on a very shallow perspective and a freak 2013 season specially in terms of hard court results.

  2. Dear Federer , from one of your fans who loves Tennis because of you being part of it ? Sorry ?? todays game is not an encouraging nor a promising beginning for you  on a Grass court ?  you are ranked as the king on Grass ? Roger you need to concentrate 100 % , you can not afford to loose Serves and put yourself under pressure ? you should be exporting the pressure the other way round ? Wimbledon is approaching and its a thrill to the crowds to see you hold the title for the 8th; time ? please make it doable by practicing so well at positioning your serves to the T accurately , never loose your first and third set by all means to keep yourself always in demand actively ?
    I wish you the best Maestro.

  3. Federer seems to me to be half a step slow which definitely doesn’t lend itself to grass court competition, however great he has been in the sport. I doubt he’ll make it far at Wimbledon (with the caveat that I am not a fan of the man so my opinion could be influenced by that of course – yet I am a fan of top class tennis). Nadal is out at Queens to a low rank player and I think that the same applies to him as with Federer (again I’m not a fan, but my sympathies are warming to the guy as I read more of his off-court activities). Murray, my fan choice, still has the game to take grass court titles but we can’t ignore the next wave any longer – Stan W. is hungry for a place at the top table and has the game to force fading stars down the list.

    Bottom line? We’ve got some seriously interesting tennis ahead of us with a possible changing of the guard at the top. Luv it!!!

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