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French Riviera Tennis Tour

Postby matblesteau » Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:06 am

French Riviera Tennis Tour

"You are a tennis player and you want to play more matches - you feel the need to intensify match play and competitions during the summer break? You are a coach and you want your players to stay in shape, while facing some of the best competitors in France?
FRTT will give you the opportunity to take advantage of the French Tournament system and to play up to 8 official “amateur” tournaments in about 4 weeks.
European tournaments - especially French ones – propose the best competition in the world. These summer events host nationally ranked players (many of them currently playing college tennis is the US). Even though tournaments range in size and quality of competition, the level can be equivalent or better than “top 10 NCAA”.
Depending on your level, from one week to a month, FRTT will provide everything you need so you can focus on one thing only: your game and your matches.

-Transportation and transfers in France
-Housing and food
-Coaching and practice
-Tournament registration and entry fees
-French ranking and License certification

Feel free to navigate on our website to get more detailed information about us and don’t hesitate to contact us directly."

Jean-rené Lisnard.
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Re: French Riviera Tennis Tour

Postby tarigarringer » Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:09 am

Great deals you have here.:) I'll try to contact you if my husband will agree on the tour that I have been asking.:)
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