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doubles shafted - again

Postby skipper » Wed Jun 23, 2004 12:28 pm

due to rain, wimbledon schedule is of course, screwed up--not like that doesn't always happen--but--why just penalize men's doubles by reducing all matches to 3 until 'at least' the quarterfinals? it's not like they have that many matches to play. there's far more singles matches that take far longer than most doubles. why not reduce all 2nd round competition to 3 sets only -singles as well as doubles? that will surely save time but will at least be fair to all players. and if the monsoons continue, adjust again. unfortunately can't do anything about the wasted time on the women's matches since they already only have 3 sets anyways....perhaps though they could put sudden death rules on some of those matches that go on uneventful forever....
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Postby FulhamFan » Thu Jun 24, 2004 8:08 am

I could give you two reason why just doubles.

1. Wimbledon is the only one that has best of 5 doubles. So it's not too big a deal to play best of three.

2. They've already had singles matched played whereas no doubles were played at all. Going from best of 5 to best of 3 in the middle of the tournament wouldn't of been good. You have to keep the same rules throughout the tournament for every match. Doubles will be best of 3 from the beginning so at least it's consistent.

otherwise I like best of five doubles. I don't know why more singles players don't do it. Your burden is shared. I'm almost sure singles practice is more strenuous then a doubles match.
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