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Postby rhubarb » Wed Jun 16, 2004 10:56 am

Steve, I realise this isn't your error at all, but I just wondered whether anyone else has noticed that amount of tournaments played is often incorrect on both the Entry and Race listings?

For instance, the ATP shows Federer has having played 10 tournaments this year, and 20 in the last 52 weeks, whilst it's actually 9 and 18 respectively. The numbers for Roddick, Coria and Moya in the race rankings also appear to be wrong. I didn't check any further down as that was bad enough!

It's not a big deal, but if the ATP publish this data, why don't they go to the trouble of cross-checking against their own player information and get it right?

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Postby Steve G » Wed Jun 16, 2004 11:17 am

In the "number of tournaments" header column in the rankings, you will notice an *. It is explained at the bottom. This column represents the number of tournaments which factor into the rankings, not the number of tournaments played. The note still doesn't explain some discrapancies...I should add one thing it:

Zero-pointers count as a tournament since they factor into the rankings. For instance, Federer's current total is: (from Fredde's site)

1. Roger Federer SUI 5610

Date Tourney name Level Points Seed Surface Round Entry
2004-05-24 French Open GS 75 1 Clay 3
2004-05-10 Hamburg MS 500 1 Clay W
2004-05-03 Rome MS 35 1 Clay 2
2004-04-19 Monte Carlo MS 0 0 Clay DNP
2004-03-22 Miami MS 35 1 Hard 3
2004-03-08 Indian Wells MS 500 1 Hard W
2004-01-19 Melbourne GS 1000 2 Hard W
2003-11-10 Masters Cup MC 750 3 Hard W
2003-10-27 Paris MS 125 3 Carpet QF
2003-10-13 Madrid MS 225 3 Hard SF
2003-08-25 US Open GS 150 2 Hard R16
2003-08-11 Cincinnati MS 35 3 Hard 2
2003-08-04 Montreal MS 225 3 Hard SF
2003-06-23 Wimbledon GS 1000 4 Grass W
2004-03-01 Dubai CS 300 1 Hard W
2003-10-06 Vienna CS 250 1 Hard W
2003-06-09 Halle WS 225 1 Grass W
2003-07-07 Gstaad WS 120 1 Clay F
2004-02-16 Rotterdam CS 60 1 Hard QF

(grrr, couldn't format this nicely)

Add to that the one event not in his best 18 (Masters Cup is extra), Basel, and you have 20. The difference is Monte Carlo which he did not play so he gets a 0. Since that 0 factors into his ranking, it counts, even though it is not a "tourmanent played"

Got it? :D
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Postby rhubarb » Thu Jun 17, 2004 1:09 am

Thanks Steve. Darn, I forgot about the missed mandatory tournaments. Just me being thick then ;)
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